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A kiss with a fist is better than none

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‘Is THIS why you ended it?’ Frank yelled into a bleeding Sam’s face. She moaned and held her nose, which was gushing blood. ‘You ended it with me – BUT KEPT SCREWING YOUR SISTERS MAN? You...

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A month and a bit later.
Gerard appeared at my door, looking angry, and upset. I didn’t really know what to do so I shut it.
*two minutes later*
‘Open the door Georgia.’ Gerard said through the glass. I did. I didn’t really know why I had shut it and I could see the confusion on his face as well.
‘Why did you shut it…?’ Gerard asked, stepping in and ignoring Sam who was giving us daggers.
‘I don’t know… Why are you here?’
‘Because I’ve come to see my girlfriend.’ He said spiffily and walked over to the couch and dropped his coat. I looked at him strangely.
‘I need to talk to you idiot.’ He laughed and led me into the kitchen away from Sam’s death glare.
I looked at him and hopped on the counter, watching him pace.
‘I love you okay?’ I nodded and looked down, trying not to think about how I felt the same or how much I missed him.
‘And you love me right?’ He asked, lifting my chin.
‘I… do.’
‘Good. Well. I see no reason for us to be like this any longer. Georgia Ellouise… do me the honour of being my sweetheart again?’ He kissed my lips soft and sweet before I could have any chance at an answer. I smiled internally.
I guess a ‘Hell Yeah?’ wouldn’t be out of the question?

A week later

Georgia’s POV
‘Hello, Mr. Iero,’ I smiled as he opened his door. ‘How are you doing?’
‘Im doing well thank you,’ Mr.Iero replied with a smile. ‘You here to see Franklin?’
‘I am indeed. Its his birthday tomorrow, and we need to talk about his surprise party tonight and make arrangements for trick or treating tomorrow.’ I said brightly, and Mr.Iero smiled.
‘Of course Georgia, he’s in his room, listening to music too loud and annoying his mother.’
‘Thank you Mr.Iero!’ I said with a grin and skipped up the stars.
I peeked through the crack in Frank’s door, and giggled. He was thrashing about with his guitar, topless, and an unlit cigarette in his hand.
‘Ohh, Frankie baby. You do look rather gorgeous.’ I said in a loud and posh voice, which caused him to whirl around in alarm. He grinned once he realised it was me, and put his guitar down and swept me into a big hug.
‘Hellooooo!’ He giggled, swirling me around while I laughed.
‘Okaaay, Franklin, please control yourself. Im here to talk about your maybe surprise birthday party. Frank threw himself down on him bed, and clapped his hands delighted, before patting the bed beside him.
‘Oh, oh, oh! Whatcha getting me? Did you get me what I wanted? Did you? Have a got a naked photo of the twins? Please, say I dooo!’ He sand joyfully.
‘Ahhh, Frank. No you don’t. It’s a joint present from Gerard, Mikey and me. And im not telling you what it is. But its like, bigger than you.’ I chuckled thinking of the Xbox we’d got him at home, all wrapped up. ‘I don’t know what Sam’s got you – but remember, it’s a surprise party yeah?’ Frank nodded solemnly.
‘Surprise party, yada, yada, yada, I don’t know about it, shocked and happy, we all get pissed and laid and I finally get over your sister?’ I looked down at my feet.
‘I know she’s a bitch for hurting you like that Frank… and im not exactly happy with her…’
‘It’s not your fault,; He said genially. ‘I mean, I must have been doing something wrong for her to just shit on me like that. Everything happens for a reason. Ya know?’ I grinned, and lay back on Frank’s comfy bed.
‘I guess so Frank. Im just pretty sore, she did that to you, being my best friend and all. Three musketeers and all that jazz.’ Frank grinned and leant down on his elbow, next to me. He swept my fringe behind my ear and frowned at a photo on the bedside table.
‘Yeah. Speaking of three musketeers, where is the third musketeer? Ole’ Little Way, hasn’t been around for a while.’ I frowned.
‘I haven’t seen him either. I mean I saw him last night, and he told me he had something to tell me, at the party, but other than that its been blank. Nada.’
‘You and Gerard alright now?’ Frank asked, with a smirk. ‘His birthday was pretty rough. Speaking of so was yours…’ He looked away blushing, and I know he was thinking about our almost kiss.
‘Yeah, its all going good. It’s a bit awkward sometimes…’ I confessed, sighing and gazing at the tattered posters on Frank’s ceiling. ‘I think he’s a lot more distant now than he was. But ahh well. What happens, happens, ya know Frankie?’ I said mirroring his speech from earlier. He grinned, and kissed my head before pulling me back up.
‘Okay – we have two hours before the ‘surprise party’. How’s about I own you at a bit of Pokèmon? ‘ I laughed and grabbed a game controller knowing it was well and truly on!

Sam’s POV

Frank was an hour late for his own fucking birthday party. I mean, not that I care or anything, it just was annoying, having a party for someone who wasn’t even there, who was missing all the free booze. I walked into the kitchen and downed a free vodka shot someone had left on the side. Finder’s keeper’s as the say. Gerard walked in the kitchen took one look at me, and walked straight back out. I flipped the bird at his back, but he turned around and caught me. He glared and strode towards me again, and shut the kitchen door behind him.
‘Why do you continue to push me?’ He demanded, slamming his beer down and looking for another. I shrugged and picked off another vodka shot.
‘Unlucky I guess.’ I said not looking at him.
‘You are fucking….urgh.’ He said throwing his hands up in defeat when he couldn’t find a beer. I glanced at him, rolled my eyes, and pulled him towards me by his collar, slamming his lips against mine. You could tell he was shocked but he went with it.
‘Look – Sam stop.’ He protested when I broke off and continued my relentless attack on his shirt buttons.
‘This… shit between us… its fucked up and it has to stop.’ He said, and I slipped him out of his shirt.
‘I don’t give a fuck,’ I smiled, kissing him again. This time he didn’t protest and picked me up by the hips and put me on the counter. My fingers tangled in his hair, and I felt so alive. More alive that I’d ever felt before.
But that didn’t last too long.
Gerard was yanked off of me, and onto the kitchen floor. Frank, Georgia and Mikey stood there, Mikey shaking his head, Georgia a pale white, and Frank looking at me in brass anger.
‘Hey.’ I said, and giggled the vodka inside not doing anything to help the situation. Frank glared at Gerard on the floor, and dived on him. Mikey tried to pull him away but ended up being thrown in himself.
Georgia circled me, her eyes narrowed. They darted from my tousled hair, my gaping shirt and my flushed face,
‘How. Could. You?’ ‘Um. Hey?’ I giggled again. Georgia wailed and picked up Gerard’s discarded beer bottle and threw it at me. I tried to cover my face, but she was there raining down on me, kicking, scratching biting, punching...

Gee’s POV.

‘I HATE YOU!!!’ I screamed at her, not noticing the boys stop fighting and watch me lose it. And lose it i did. I well and truly fucking lost it. I hit my sister, i wanted to make her bleed to feel the hurt i felt inside.
‘Georgia! Gee, Baby! Stop! It was a mistake! I love you and only you!’ Gerard said pulling my arm back. I turned around and punched him straight in his nose. Micheal grabbed my waist and pulled me away.
‘Is THIS why you ended it?’ Frank yelled into a bleeding Sam’s face. She moaned and held her nose, which was gushing blood. ‘You ended it with me – BUT KEPT SCREWING YOUR SISTERS MAN? You make me fucking sick. You really fucking do.’ Frank stepped away from her, and looked around the kitchen, where people had begun to gather. I struggled against Mikey and looked him deep in his guilty chocolate eyes. He hugged me hard whispering ‘Im sorry. Im sorry. Im so fucking sorry...’
‘Did you know?’ I asked. Mikey closed his eyes and bowed his head, a tear leaking from the corner. I covered my mouth with my hand and pushed him away from me. Frank took my hand and we both pushed through the crowd. Mickey wailed behind us, but i heard nothing until i was in the relative safety of Frank’s truck.
‘Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me!’ He sang drunkenly, to himself, holding me in his arms. I had cried my self out, and now i no longer felt sadness – i felt sheer rage.
‘We’re going to get them back Frankie.’ I said ferociously, his eyes widened when they saw my set face. I noticed Gerard looking at us through the window, his lip bleeding and a cut on his head seeping blood into his eyes.
‘And i know just the way to do it...’ i whispered against Franks willing and soft lips. He grinned seeing Gerard’s face in the window too. He pulled me on top of him and we both laughed.
‘Trick or treat!’
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