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And i was like - Baby baby baby NO!

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Sorry for the justin bieber title. it made me laugh ^.^

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Sam’s Pov.

Ouch. Ouch. It hurts, my face hurts so much. Gerard keeps giving me reproachful looks. He has a fat lip and i think he’s going to have a black eye. He’s an idiot. Its all his fault... its all... my fault?
Was it wrong to want something she had? Was it wrong to love the fact that she didn’t know, that she kept on loving the idiot no matter what? It was wrong. I knew it was wrong. I knew i was wrong... but i couldn’t help it. Gerard was watching the window, and i joined him wondering what he was looking at. A steamy car – my ex boyfriend. My ex sister. Having the so called time of their lives. Frank and Georgia got into their seats, and he wrapped a tattooed arm around her. She cast her face back to the window, and wiggled her fingers in our direction. Gerard let out a harsh and hurt breath.
'You should have thought about that.' Mikey said from behind us, taking a long and bitter swing of vodka. 'But you didnt did you? You dragged yourselves down... and me with you. So thanks brother.' Mikey tried to down his vodka but Belle rushed in and took it off him. She gave me such a look – that if looks could kill, I’d be ten feet under and still digging. I flipped her the bird.
‘You don’t know shit bitch…’ I slurred, waving my bottle in her direction. Gerard groaned.
‘I’m so fucking stupid! I love her!’
‘No. You love me.’ I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. ‘Of course you do. That’s why you fucked me, while whispering sweet nothings into little sis’s ear.’
‘She’s not you little sister. You’re fucking twins!’ Gerard held his head in his hands. ‘I don’t fucking love you. You drive me insane.’
‘In a good way right?’
‘Fuck no!’
‘Well. You’re gonna have to be with me for a while now, cos, cos, other wise people will just think you’re a right fucker. Well. More than they do anyway. Ya get me?’ I shot him the Westside sign. But he looked at me, hurt and pain in his eyes.
‘Tell me one good fucking reason?’ He said angrily. I glared at him, and my mind went into overdrive.
‘I didn’t want to tell you. But im pregnant.’ I smirked evilly. ‘And you cant leave me you twat. You just ruined my sister’s life.’ He looked at me shocked.
‘Really?’ he managed to choke out.
‘Yes.’ I lied, regretting the words leaving my mouth. Gerard hit his head with his hands.
‘We’re not telling anyone yet, okay? This is between us.’ Gerard worried, tugging on his hair, watching Georgia and Frank laughing in the car. I narrowed my eyes on them.
She did not have the fucking, right to be so damn happy all the time!
‘Take me home Gerard,’ I said smiling into his cheek as I walked over and hugged him. He shook his head. ‘Look, it’ll be alright okay? Just, take me home.’
‘Okay.’ Gerard agreed through his tears. ‘Okay.’
I loved Gerard, my heart burned for him, what I failed to understand is whether I cared for him all along or did my feelings surfaced just cause I couldn't have him… Whatever it was, I had him now. I had him right where I wanted him.
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