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Till the sun doesnt shine

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Just like a tattoo

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Gee’s POV

Two Months Later

Gerard made me cry.
He made me cry at night and sometimes during the day when I'll catch a glimpse of him and Sam walking hand in hand to their next class. I would run to the bathroom and sit there sobbing with my back against the cold tiles, cursing their souls to burn in hell.
Everything else didn't matter anymore, not even my family situation which if I took more notice of it will appear grim and cold. My sister was never home, and when she was, she was holed up in our room, putting artsy cute pictures up on her walls. No doubt ones Gerard had drawn for her, like he had all that time ago for me.
All I cared about was Gerard. My hate for him, my anger at him, my jealousy and yes, love too.

My mood changed 498349 times a day. I was up because he gave me a look when I passed him during lunch, I wanted to stab someone in the eye with a sharp pencil when he laughed over something Sam whispered in his ear. I was love bipolar and I hated how out of control I was over myself and off course took it out on Frank.

Poor Frank never did anything right. Either he bothered me by calling 489 a day or he upset me by calling just once. I yelled when he walked me to places, I cried when he was 5 minutes late for dates, I didn't talk to him for 5 days cause he called me sugar, and we broke up 6 times in the past month. I’d started being sick every morning, and sometimes through the day – but I soon stopped that by eating random foods I had cravings for. I was making my self ill and miserable because I didn’t have Gerard and the one person I though I could rely on had betrayed me.
I was making him miserable because he wasn't Gerard. I hated him not for he was but for who he wasn't, I knew it was irrational to want to turn him into a different person but I couldn't help it. I'd sink into a bitter misery every time I picked up the phone and heard Frank’s voice instead of Gerard's.
Not that Gerard didn’t try to win me back. He’d show up at my locker with a bright smile on his face, and some kind of present. I’d open my locker and love notes would fall out. Roses, candy, teddys – and as much as I wanted him back, I was loyal to my best friend Frank. Sam had hurt him too much, and pushed him a little to far for me to back to down.
Even though I still loved Gerard. I loved him more than I loved anything in the world.
I think I told him that once, after I got high once again. He laughed.
He thought I was cute when I was high.
And Frank was my rock. Even though I treated him as bad as I did, and even though he had his fits when he’d heard random information about Sam, we were there for each other. We’re were best friends, in mind, body and soul. I wondered why he didn't just break up with me, yet I was grateful. No matter what I threw his way, no matter how many fits a day I had. Laughing or crying he was there for me, understanding why I was the way I was, in his awkward boyish way he never actually dumped me, which made me hate Sam even more.
Gerard walked away, why he didn't?

Gerard walked into the front room of our house with Sam and they were talking quietly. Sam looked happy – Gerard looked bored. Frank and I were on the couch, with popcorn watching TV laughing at something. Sam saw us and he eyes narrowed.
‘Oh hey! Sam I’ve got something to show you!’ I said happily, tugging my shirt up, over my bra. Gerard looked like he’d been slapped in the face, his eyes roaming over the body he once know so well. Sam looked bored, until her eyes locked on the script over my chest.
‘What the fuck is that?’ Sam screeched, grabbing Gerard’s arm. Gerard tugged his arm out of her grip, and walked forward a little to read it.
Frank’s heavy tattooed arm wrapped around my shoulder pulling me close to him.
‘Franklin e Georgia – insieme per sempre, fino a quando il mondo finisce, e il sole non splende.’ Frank grinned at Gerard whose eyes had started glittering. ‘Il vero amore. We got matching ones.’
‘What the fuck does that mean?’ Sam asked, crossing her arms.
‘It… it means. Franklin and Georgia – together forever, until the world ends and the sun doesn’t shine…. True Love.’ Gerard looked into my eyes, and I tugged my shirt down and looked at the ground. What we hadnt told them was that, I’d also had Gerard’s name tattooed around my ankle. Gerard was the one for me always.
‘Thats fucking permanent you idiot!’ Sam complained, walking up to me and poking me in the chest. I pushed her back into Gerard violently.
‘Don’t even fucking talk to me Samantha. Him – I can forgive, because I love him. You? You’re nothing to me.’ I turned to Frank and kissed the corner of his mouth. ‘Come on Frankie. Lets go. We have a party to get ready for.’
‘Whose party?’ Gerard asked, grabbing my arm as I tried to walk away. I looked at him and he let go of me.
‘A friend of mine. You can come if you like. Oh and Sam – if you come – I will kill you.’ I left with Frank, laughing at his joke, on the way out.
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