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Lie lies lies

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babys coming back - you can just tell i get bored writing these

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Sam’s POV.

And the way she said that. Left me with no doubt that she bloody would. I sat down heavily on the settee trying not to care about what she’d just said. Trying not to care my ‘boyfriend’ was staring at her ass.
‘Gerard. Stop staring and come here.’ I ordered, bored with being nice.
I found a delightful bottle of my hidden vodka stash and opened it up and drank some with a flourish… until Gerard pulled it away from me.
‘What the fuck?’ I said angrily.
‘You’re pregnant. You cant do that.’ He said moodily, and dumped the vodka on the table out of my reach. I rolled my eyes.
‘Give me the vodka Gee-tard.’ He shook his head stubbornly. I rolled my eyes, and leant into him, my fingers trailing on his leg and above. He didn’t look at me. Just stubbornly stared out of the window. I leant back and sighed.
‘You’d make a shitty dad anyway.’ I shrugged, flicking the TV on. He looked at me then.
‘No I wont.’ Gerard said hurt.
‘You would have.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
‘Are you stupid? Oh wait… of course you are. Look at me Gerard. Do I look pregnant? Am I fat? How many months did I say I was gone?’
Gerard looked at me, confusion and hurt in his eyes. I got right into his face.
‘Idiot. Im. Not. Pregnant.’ I grinned then, and my hand darted across and stole the vodka back, which I cradled to my self. Gerard didn’t say anything. His eyes just welled with tears and over flowed, pouring down his pale cheeks.
Its not like it mattered or anything. I mean – who wants a baby? They smell, they suck and no one likes them.
‘You… you bitch.’ Gerard said weakly, as though he had no strength to argue with me.
Evidently Gee-Tard did. I rolled my eyes. Opps.
Gerard stood and whacked the vodka out of my hands so it sprayed everywhere. I looked up at him to say something – to put him back in his place. But the look in his eyes stopped me.
He didn’t say or do anything more. Just grabbed his jacket and left. I wanted to cry, but I felt empty.
I’d lost everyone.
Even my own sister.

I trailed up the stairs, running my fingers over the pictures we’d taken since we were here.
Gerard and Georgia laughing, pulling faces at the camera. Mikey, Frank and Georgia dressed as pirates – the self proclaimed three musketeers.
A rare photo of me and Georgia, maxing it out on the sun longer, no Gee-tard or Frankie in sight. We were laughing, and you could see all our fillings but we were happy. That’s what counted. I glared at the vodka in my hand as if it was the cause of all my problems. I kinda staggered to the bath room bin and dropped it in, nearly falling backwards as something white and plastic flew out of it. I picked whatever the hell it was up and grinned, widely.
If im going down.
Then she’d going down with me.
Cos.. this sure as hell aint Dad’s!

~ Ohhh. Zing?
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