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Penultimate Party

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Gee’s POV.

The party was good. Frank and Jamie were getting on like a house on fire and I hoped to god they would get together, so Frank could be genuinely happy. I was draining myself trying to make him happy and battling with my own demons.
"Ugh! Fucking asshole!" I banged shut the door to bedroom door where I’d come to hide from all the fun and happiness. "Fucking shithole!"
A little chuckle caught me off guard and I whirled around, my fringe whipping me across the face as I stared wide-eyed at Gerard. He was sitting cross legged on the bed holding his sketch book.
"Who peed in your soup?," he smiled, his forehead wrinkled with concern.
"Who made my soup your business?," I demanded feverishly, my knees weak and my heart still racing.
"Well when you cook it in a public place, it makes whoever sees you cooking it business," he shrugged, putting down his pencil and laced his fingers together.
"I didn't ask for a recipe," I muttered.
"I know, I just wondered what happened to your soup"
"You don't care anyway," I was sure my eyes fired daggers at him but he seemed unmoved.
"What makes you say that?"
"You don't like soup," I smirked, crossing my arms on my chest.
"Oh come on, Gee. Cut the metaphors and your smart assness," he leaned back on his elbows and sighed.
"Smart assness is not a word"
"Whatever, just cut it"
"Says the guy who came up with soup as a metaphor"
"C'mon, just tell me"
"I told you, you don't care anyway," I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.
"Who died and made you in charge of what I care for?"
"Is this shit chat going somewhere or can I just go weep my little black heart in the bathroom now?"
"Not unless you tell me what's wrong," he said calmly, not taking notice of my over dramatic statement.
"I told you, you wouldn't care"
"And I told you, what makes you say that and then you said something about soup and asses. Can we get to the bottom of your insanity so you can go weep your little heart out in the girls dungeon?"
I swallowed a smile, correcting him, "My black heart. My little black heart"
"Of course"
I took a deep breath and dropped to the bed next to his, scratching at my knee. ‘Frank drives me insane.’
Gerard hummed with a little scratch of his foot against the floor as a background and a soft creak of the bed as he sat closer to me.
"We fight over nothing and I know it's all my fault but I can't help it," I shrugged, placing a finger into my drink and swirling at around.
"Maybe it's his fault too?," Gerard sat next to me, picking up his sketch book and smoothing back it's ruffled pages.
"But he can't help being Frankie," I sat back leaning against the door, "It's all he ever does. He's just being sweet loyal Frankie and I blow up"
"And that's it?," he chuckled, looking up.
He's not you. He can never be you. He would never be you. I gulped and looked back to the floor.
"I mean I know Iero and it's kinda hard to believe that him being a good guy is what sends you through the roof. He can be a really annoying dude"
I tried to hide my grin rubbing my nose randomly. Guys could be such girls. Frank could ramble for hours about how annoying Gerard was and how girly he was, in fact that was exactly what we did in our days of peace which happened rarely but that was how we bonded, by having a Gerard and Sam slam-o-fest.
"What did he do this time?"
"Tried to make me punch"
"Tried to make you punch? The fucker," Gerard snickered.
"I know," I nodded, "I have system-"
"Yeah, Juice first, then vodka or whiskey, and then some random Alco pop’s swirled together and lastly beer. Or if the drink is pink, then it beats both whiskey and beer"
"You remembered," I couldn't help but gasp.
"You made me memorize it, remember?" he swatted my arm.
"And he put the beer in first," I whined, "And then he dared to tell me I was making a fuss out of nothing! Nothing! I have a system! No one can mess with the system and hope I won't poke sharp shit up their ass!"
"You poked-"
"No of course not, I'm just saying," I laughed at the mental picture.
He laughed too and then we sat silently. The noise of the party crept through the crack under the door, "You should've"
"Oh stop, he's a nice guy.’ I cast a look around the room, inhaling the familiar smell of Gerard.
"You just-," he exclaimed then shook his head, smiling, "Never mind. My logic can't compete with yours"
"So you came? But left you girlfriend? Is she like…" I grimaced at the girlfriend bit, murmuring the next thing, "Beating kindergartners for smokes somewhere?"
Gerard sighed "Actually, I'm doing my art project – and we’ve kind of broken up."
"Oh, im sorry." I looked down at the colour stained floor, "I'm sorry I never actually helped you"
"It's OK. She wasn’t and isn’t the one I am in love with," he chuckled, "And you've been busy"
"Yeah," I perked up at the excuse, "I was busy but if you still need a hand...I could...I mean if you want...I could"
He looked thoughtful for a moment, looking down at his desk and then up at me again, "Are you sure?"
"Sure," I grinned awkwardly, "I don't go out often nowadays"
"Cool," he nodded, "Then 8 at my house would be OK? Tomorrow?"
"Totally," I agreed, closing the gap between us, "Do you have a concept already?"
"Actually," he paused, ‘I do. Its… betrayal. And um. Lost love.’
"Oh OK," I felt the wind knocked out of me, "No problem"
"Are you sure you wanna do it?," he bit his lip, pausing for a second.
"Friends help friends, right?," I smiled a little.
"Right’ He paused and looked a little upset, ‘Georgia, Sam told me she was pregnant.’ I looked at him shocked.
‘She’s pregnant? With you? Oh my gosh…’ I trailed off and tears pricked at my eyes. He grabbed me and held me to his chest.
‘No. No, no, no! She’s not. She’s lying. That’s the only thing that stopped me from breaking your door down and begging you to take me back. I did what little I could – but I thought she was carrying my child. I…’ Gerard trailed off and I sobbed into his chest. This being the first time I had completely cried in front of anyone but Frank since the truth had come out.
‘I… I love you Gerard.’ I said to him, kicking myself at letting it out. ‘The reason Frank hurts me so much… its because he’s not you.’ Gerard was silent for a while.
‘I love you so fucking much Georgia. Im, im an idiot. Im more than an idiot. I… I cant even describe how I feel for you.’ I looked at him, in his honest hazel eyes and I felt everything I’d once felt come rushing back. I cried into his chest. And Gerard patted my hair murmuring things into my ear.
‘Get the fuck off her!’ Frank said from the doorway. He strode over and tried to pry Gerard’s hand off of me. Gerard shook his head, a slight smile on his face.
‘ Frank. You were my best friend. And I’m so, fucking sorry for all I put you through. I know you loved Sam. But she’s not good for you. Either of us. And I know you care for Georgia. Heck, its love right? Till the sun doesn’t shine? If you can look me in the eye and tell me you love her as much as I do, I’ll leave. But if you cant, Frank. I’m taking her back. Along with our friendship. I’m getting that back too.’
Frank looked at Gerard stonily.
‘I love her Gerard. But not nearly as much as you ever could.’ Frank smiled, and held out his hand for Gerard, who grasped it and they both laughed and hugged.
I smiled through my tears, and they both hugged me. My boys, who loved me more than I could imagine. My little Frankie, who was there for me when no one else was. And Gerard. Who made mistakes – but was willing to call himself up on them and do anything to get me back.
‘You’re a bunch of idiots.’ I sniffled. ‘Now, Frankie. Piss off and get with Jamie. She wants you bad.’ Frank smiled at me and kissed my head.
‘You know me too well Lil Gee. I’ll see you later.’
‘Bye Frank.’ Gerard and I both said. We looked at each other and then looked down. I grinned to myself, and kicked my shoes off, wriggling out of my tights. Gerard looked a little alarmed.
‘Georgia, what are you-‘
‘Look.’ I pointed my bare leg at him. He couldn’t help looking down my leg and trying to peer up my skirt – but I forgave him. He is male after all.
‘My ankle, idiot.’ I smiled. He laughed.
‘Its almost like old times.’ I smiled back at him, and watching his face, as he saw my ankle. He name. The word ‘ Gerard Way - Forever’. He looked at me, and smiled shakily.
‘I got that after we were over.’ I said quietly. He nodded, and took his top off. Now it was my turn to look at him strangely. But before I even had a chance to say anything – he pointed to his heart. I peered at his milky white chest and gasped. There was a name. Over his heart. Small enough that you wouldn’t see it if you didn’t look. It was my name. My name. Over his heart.
Georgia Way. My soon to be wife.
I looked up at him, my eyes filling up again.
‘I got that after as well. I wanted… I wanted to make you my wife.’ I smiled at him.
‘I’m always for you Gerard.’
We hugged and we both cried a little, talking over the good times and our old jokes. Frank walked in a couple of times to give me a status report on Jamie – the last one being him running in and wooping, shouting that he’s got a girlfriend.
I’d say it was the best night of my life. The boy I love was in my arms. The boy I adored was in my life, always there for me, no matter what. But there was one thing missing.
I pulled away from Gerard a little and looked at him. His eyes were a little tired, but they had that familiar sparkle. The one I had missed so much.
‘Is Mikey here?’ I asked him quietly. He smiled ever so slightly and flicked him hair out of his face.
‘Some where. Belle made him come.’ He said softly. I wriggled away from him and he looked at me reproachfully. I giggled.
‘I’ll be five minutes. There’s something I need to do.’

Whats gonna happen?
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