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So Happy Together

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Its all back to normal PS ITS NEARLY OVER

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I roamed the party, my head foggy trying to find my brother from another mother.
‘Georgie!’ A girl squealed and barrelled into me hugging me. I laughed and hugged her back having no idea who she was. She pulled back and revealed her self to be a plump brunette, with big blue eyes.
‘Jamie?’ I laughed at her tackle.
‘Georgie! Im, im with Frank!’ She laughed and then suddenly stopped. ‘Wait. Werent you with him?’ She looked at me worried, but I laughed.
‘No im not Jamie. You and him – you work. Me and him – he’s my best friend. Ever.’
‘I… I saw his tattoo.’ Jamie added tentatively and scratched the back of her neck.
‘We’re best friends Jamie. Like I said, you and him – you work. Treat him well, or else.’ I winked and she hugged me again.
‘Have you seen Mikey?’ I asked her while she squealed with happiness.
‘Yes. He was with Belle in the conservatory.’ Jamie looked al little upset for a second. ‘He’s been going down hill ever since Halloween. Belle doesn’t know what the hell to do. He’s drinking all the time, pills, you ask it, he’s probably on it.’ I sighed.
‘Well that’s going to change,’ I smiled. ‘See you later Jamie.’
‘Bye!’ She smiled happily, and I pushed through people to get to the conservatory.
Mikey was in the plush armchair, his legs out in front of him. He looked a lot different to how I saw him before. He’d grown his hair out, and it was slicked back from his face. He didn’t have his glasses on, and he had slight stubble on his jaw. He didn’t look like the boy I once knew. He looked… like a man, going through a hell of a rough time.
‘Micheal.’ I said, stepping into the door of the conservatory. He slowly moved his eyes to me, taking a large swing from the vodka bottle.
‘Why hello there,’ He said smoothly.
‘I don’t think this is a very good idea. Is this what you’ve sunk to? I haven’t seen, or spoken to you in months Mikey. Months. I needed you, you little fucker.’ He looked at me shocked and I pulled the vodka bottle from his hand and poured it into a nearby palm tree.
‘Still hanging with palm tree’s I see. Now look her Mikey. I love you. And I miss you. So stop being a wastoid and go back to being my Mikey Way.’ Mikey was still looking at me his expression shocked, his hand still grasping the air.
‘Have you got drugs on you?’ I asked, with a sniff as his expression closed off.
‘Give them to me Mikey. Now.’ Mikey looked at me his eyes wide again, and handed me a bottle of pills.
‘Now I’ve got something to tell you.’ He nodded dumbly.
‘I love your brother Micheal. And we’re back together. Frank is with Jamie. Im with Gerard. But there’s one thing missing to make me happy.’ He sat forward his long legs creaking.
‘Don’t even mention that girls name to me,’ I said quietly. ‘You hurt me by not telling me Mikey. But I accept that. Gerard is your brother and you’d stay loyal to him no matter what. I wish my own sister under stood that concept – but I need you Mikey. The three musketeers remember? Micheal, Franklin and Georgia Ellouise. I need you Mikey.’ Mikey grinned and stood, swaying on his drunken feet. Belle had been standing in the shadows and she grinned and clapped her hands. Gerard walked into the conservatory and kissed my ear. Frank and Jamie ran in and popped party poppers.
It was well and truly a party.
We were happy.
‘How…. Touching…’ A cold voice said from behind us all. We all turned round and the smiles were well and truly wiped from our faces.
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