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the end (:

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The End =)

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‘Oh look!’ She said happily. ‘The whole gang’s here. Apart from you-‘ She pointed at Jamie. ‘I don’t know who the fuck you are. But ahh well.’ Sam shrugged waving something white and plastic around.
‘Any way – I was grovelling in the pits of my of destruction and I found this… and I have to say it shocked me.’
Gerard strode forwards and plucked the white object out of her hand, and laughed bitterly.
‘You’re not fucking pregnant. I know that, you bitch. So why the fuck are you here?’
Sam looked at me gleefully and I felt a dark hole in my stomach.
‘Well. You see, dearies. The test – this test? It’s not mine. It’s my lovely sisters. She came home drunk, last week, and I heard her and lovely Belle talking. And then I didn’t really understand what they were talking about… But now I’ve found this it all makes perfect sense…’ Gerard turned round to me, his eyes wide. He held a small white plastic pregnancy test in his out stretched palm. I looked at Sam venomously.
‘I’m going to kill you.’
‘What the bloody fuck going on?’ Frank asked, dropped Jamie’s hand and stepping forward to my shoulder.
‘Ah ah ah. Not good language for a maybe father?’ Sam cackled. ‘But then, that is the question. Who is the father?’ I took Gerard’s hand over the pregnancy test. He took a deep shaky breath and pulled me close to him. Sam wore a smug smile on her face. Frank looked from me to Sam to Gerard and back again.
‘What the hell is going on!?’ He demanded pulling me away from Gerard. The pregnancy text clattered to the floor between us and he looked at it, understanding and comprehension in his eyes. Mikey rushed forward and gripped one of my hands, while Gerard had a tight hold on the other. Belle hugged Jamie whose eyes were glittering, and Sam’s face was alive with malicious happiness.
‘Are you going to tell them, sissy, or shall I?’ She asked politely, while Frank picked up the test and threw it at her with all of his might. He looked at me and shook my shoulders slightly.
‘Gee? Little Gee? Scrabble Partner?’
‘Im… Pregnant.’ I whispered more to myself than my audience. Gerard kissed my ear, his tears mixing into my wet hair. Frank’s eyes widened and he put his hands through his hair.
‘Jesus. Fucking Christ.’ He took deep breaths as though calming himself, and looked at me through levelled eyes. Jamie took his hand but he kept his eyes on mine. Letting me know that he was my Frankie. My own Frank. My best friend. Mikey was there too, his hand squeezing mine. Mikey. Little Mikey. Good, honest, lovey Mikey. My best friend.
And then there was Gerard. My knight in a shining Misfits shirt, his palm sweaty and his hand and fingers entwined with mine. He was my one and only. The one I was going to marry one day. Belle, and Jamie. The new girls. The ones that showed promising starts of brilliant friendships.
My Dad. Gerard’s Parents. Mrs. Iero… And Sam. My sissy. Two minutes older than me – she thought she could have everything I could. But if im going down, then she’s going down with me. I felt plots forming in my head and then shook it of foggy thoughts as I realised people were talking to me.
‘Is… Is it mine?’ Gerard asked tentatively. ‘Or Frankie’s? I… I promise I’ll be with you no matter what sugar,’
‘Oh… I almost miss that name. Sugar. Did he whisper that to you like he did to me when we were falling asleep? Did he-‘
‘Shut the fuck up!’ Mikey yelled, letting go of my hand and pushing Sam, so she fell onto t he couch. She was drunk shitless, and found the whole thing incredibly amusing.
‘I… I love you sissy.’ I whispered to myself. I knew Gerard heard me because he responded by squeezing my hand.
‘Who?’ Frank asked gently, taking Mikey’s place. Mikey now stood furiously over Sam, who was slightly chastened after hearing my quiet sentence. Frank’s hand snaked into mine, and Jamie smiled at me, on the other side of him. ‘Is… It mine? Or Gerard’s?’
I looked at both of them. And I felt tears slide down my cheek, heavy as molten lead.
‘I… I…’ I gulped at the air, and Gerard’s other hand rubbed my back.
‘I don’t know.’

The end.

Soooo…. What do you think? Noughts & Crosses is officially over. I couldn’t think of any more troubles to put our dear characters through and I decided to leave you on one heck of a cliff hanger. I would love for you to rate and review guys.
And – ahhhhhh my baby is finally over! At least now I can concentrate on Blood Princesses’ sequel which is called ‘My Way Home Is Through You.’
Hit me up with what you think Should have happened in N&C.
Love you ickle studmuffins :P
Oxox Gee.
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