Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) twistyguru 2010-06-02

Another good chapter in a fun and interesting story. I'm eagerly looking forward to the scene where Lucius presents the box of robes and snapped wands to MoldieButt.

Your point about dirty wounds is well taken (I speak as a former ER doc). If they're not cleaned out well at the outset, they can go really, really bad. Hmm, probably had a sadist/surgeon (heh, like there's any other kind) clean it out the second time. Personally, I never liked having people wiggle on me, so I (almost) always used a big IV slug of happy juice first...of course, I caught all manner of shit for that from my fellow docs, but nobody wiggled while I was working much.

Keeping Fawkes around would be a goodness, especially since abandoning Dumbles for Harry would give Harry another extra bit of Light street cred. Don't want him bonded to Harry? How about bond Fawkes to Neville? That'd be an interesting twist that I don't think I've ever seen.

Of course, Fawkes bound to Luna would be interesting, too....

Author's response

Thanks Doc. I'm glad you're enjoying the show. That scene should be filled with fun...for us.

My daughter used to whine about my cleaning her scrapes before bandaging them, until I got fed up and showed her that scar. I explained exactly how it came about and how it still hurt. She hasn't given me a problem (in that area) since.

I had a little chat with FireLemming about that, and we agree with you. Fawkes needs to stick around for a time. His being there could both provide support to Harry's cause, and at the same time, help them obtain information on Dumbley's doings.

She suggested Harry. I really didn't want him bonded to Harry, because he's got enough on his plate just now. He's got to train over sixty of his friends in the Jedi arts, plan an attack against one of the most dangerous psychopaths since Stalin, Help Bones reform the government, invent a way to eliminate the 'other' dark lord, force the sheeple to think for themselves and keep the whole mess under wraps. An accusation by Dumbledore of 'Stealing his familiar through dark magicks', would definitely turn the world firmly against him, despite his control over The Prophet, and likely they would support Mr. Twinkles again.

Neville was a candidate, and like you, I'd never seen that before, but he's nearly in the same position as Harry, so we decided on Luna.

More coming next week.