Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) siaru 2010-06-05

Welcome back.

Can we call the rodent Squirenius?

It's a pity Nagini wasn't brought along with the troll, else Padma would already have her half-adder.

Siriusly... I really like how you've got Black and Stark bonding; the SOB (sick) needs a hobby. With a Time-Turner, he can even be his own Wonder-Dog sidekick.

Stark just found out he needs to get more proactive in TechnoMagic. A combination of shrinking charms, minerals and nanites in a spray-bottle, and he wouldn't have been unequipped for this incident; he could label the bottled product Armor-All.

Here's hoping Lucius ends up having a good long chat with Sirius once he's back in the UK. Malfoy, all his pride aside, is a follower-type; he just found out that following Riddle has a higher price than he can pay (quite aside from Riddle being a loser). Maybe, if he's given a better leader, he can be rehabilitated. Since you've made Sirius an Alpha (and I'll be interested in whether you can bring off that recharacterization, as he struck me as being more a follower himself), maybe he can lead Lucius towards a more progressive and protective stance. If you're in the spandex crowd, nobody expects you not to wear a mask. Or do you have a more operatic career in mind for him?