Review for Phoenix Eclipse

Phoenix Eclipse

(#) Cateagle 2010-06-09

That was an intense battle, and well-written. I quite enjoyed this first clash with the Dark Heir, I imagine that whoever's playing that role most certainly did not enjoy it; suddenly finding out that you have capalbe opposition is quite the shock to the proud. It will be quite interesting to see how matters evolve as well as to just -why- they wanted to scan Sirius Black's auror badge.

Author's response

They wanted to scan the Auror badge for the magical signatures on them so they could keep track of the Aurors on the Hogwarts grounds. There is a catch though one that will appear later in the story.

Yeah, the Dark Heir severely underestimated his opponent but Shyamal has a big oversight on his part. One that Owain will point out in the next chapter. Thanks for the review.