Review for Heir of Sword and Stave

Heir of Sword and Stave

(#) jabarber69 2010-07-14

Hey nice one, really like the part with hermione and what he did to dracey-poo was hilarious....

and oh yeah about that idiot flamer, there are always idiots in the world, I usually will start reading a review and if the person is honest enough he will point out things that could be improved but if they start off ranting about the story, then I stop reading which in my opinion they should have the brains to stop reading a story if they dont like it, but to read it and then leave a flaming review then they have to be a raving lunatic and the kind of person that no matter what you do will never please them....sadly there are alot of arseholes like that in the my advice is just ignore them....and by the way great story!