Review for Heir of Sword and Stave

Heir of Sword and Stave

(#) ROBERT_1958 2010-07-14

I am glad Harry & Hermione made friends with Neville.

I guess Hermione & Neville did not see Hedwig or Hermione & Neville would probly be awed that Harry has a Phoenix.

I am glad Harry got rid of Draco & Ron.

Good chapter.

I just wish the chapters were a bit longer.

I am looking for more.

Author's response

I always saw Neville as a character that Rowling could have developed to a much greater degree than the feeble one she did. plus, I'm not a Ron fan so I needed someone to replace him.

They didn't see Hedwig... until now. Check out the next chapter.

Plus, it's longer. And they will probably be longer than they have been now that he's at Hogwarts.