Review for The Ripper

The Ripper

(#) Paramour 2010-07-16

Oops, he recognizes her. And is that Mikey I spotted in the driver's seat of the carriage? ;) They're popping up in all sorts of places, aren't they? Ray at the beginning, Bobert in the alleyway, Frank in the last chapter and now Gerard and (possibly) Mikey in the carriage. Betcha they all share that dirty little secret of Gerard's.

Length was fine, no worries. I tend to write a lot less than you do XD


Author's response

I see you've pretty much picked out everyone in the story! lol, Mikey shall be in it very soon ;) and yes... some of them do share Gerard's 'dirty little secret' xD. I'm also seeing that you're good with the chapter lengths so far, which is a relief! Though i'll still try to make the next one longer :) Thanks for reviewing people!