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The Streets Of Paris

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Mysterious men and winding alleyways, quite an intriuging chapter ;)

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Thank you so much to the people who rated and reviewed! I'm glad you like this story so far, hopefully the second chapter will not disappoint you :) I also hope it's long enough, it seemed long when i was writing it, but if you all feel that it's too short, please tell me and i'll try write more lol :) Okay, so this chapter will introduce a few new characters ;) There's alot to this chapter, so you'll have to read it carefully to understand the next part! lol.. anyway, read on! :D xoxo

As she followed Celeste down the street, Evelyn closely took in her surroundings. The path was narrow and lay between two tall brick buildings. There were other girls around her, crouched down, standing up, hiding away in corners. The smell around her burned at her nostrils and made her gag mentally. It was true what people said about this place, the streets of sin and pain. There was no laughter or smiles; she could only see shame among the others and the loud crying of a woman echoed on the walls around her.

Celeste took her to a quieter alleyway where only three other girls stood crowding around a man. He was dressed very smartly in a shirt and tie and a waist coat tightly buttoned. His dark curly hair rested just above his shoulders and his brown eyes focused on each of the women before him. Evelyn’s eyes narrowed in on him in disgust, how could he take advantage of these poor women?

Celeste broke through the group of girls and tugged Evelyn with her. She slotted in the line and smiled whilst curtseying to the man; Evelyn followed her actions and curtseyed as well.

“Celeste?” The man asked narrowing his eyes on Celeste and grinning.

Celeste smiled lightly and Evelyn saw a tinge of red flow to her cheeks as the man gazed at her. He then noticed Evelyn standing shyly beside her and he nodded to her.

“And who might this fine lady be?” He gestured towards Evelyn as she shied away from the group. The three ladies turned to look at the girl the man seemed so interested in.

Celeste gently placed her arm around Evelyn’s lower back and pushed her forwards slightly. Evelyn could feel the fear rising inside her as the man’s eyes travelled up and down her body. As well as fear, Evelyn could also feel something else brewing within her; she felt self conscious of her figure as he stared at her. She had never felt this way before and it confused her.

“This is Evelyn,” Celeste introduced her and removed her hand from Evelyn’s back.

The man tore his eyes from Evelyn and looked to Celeste with slight confusion, “I do not believe I have seen her before?” He questioned while grinning.

Celeste nodded knowingly and returned the grin, “She is knew here, monsieur.”

The man’s grin widened as he returned his gaze to Evelyn, finally looking into her crystal blue eyes.

“Well, Evelyn, I would very much appreciate your company some time.” He bowed his head and whispered something to the three women standing beside Celeste. The women giggled lightly and retreated from the alleyway.

“I know this was meant to be a night for us, Celeste, but I’m afraid I have further business to attend.” He said sternly and began to walk to where the three ladies had left only a moment ago.

“But sir, you told me to-” Celeste started to speak when he held up his left hand stopping her.

“I know what I told you, but you will accept that I have changed my mind for tonight.” He said looking directly into her eyes. He lowered his hand and just before he left, he flashed a smile and a look of desire at Evelyn.

They both were silent for a while and Evelyn wasn’t quite sure why but she felt a thick layer of awkwardness floating around them. She turned her head so she could see Celeste’s face. Evelyn furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion, why did Celeste look so sad? Her eyes were rimmed with tears and her perfect lips were scrunched together. She didn’t understand what had just taken place, but she knew that whatever had made Celeste so upset certainly had something to do with that man.

“Who was he?” Evelyn’s quiet voice reached Celeste’s ears and she turned to face her.

“That was Raymond Toro,” She replied and casually swiped away a single tear that had escaped, “He is a very rich man.”

Evelyn nodded knowingly; she had already guessed he was fairly wealthy from what he was wearing. “Yes, but why was he here?” She questioned, not understanding why such a wealthy man would be lurking around in the grubby streets of Paris.

“He was in fact here to see me, but I suppose he has other duties that are more important than I.” Celeste spoke firmly and motioned for Evelyn to follow her as she began to walk down another street.

“You like him, don’t you?” Evelyn whispered the question, stopping Celeste from walking any further.

She sighed heavily, “It does not matter how I feel about him Evelyn, I must accept everything he does. It is not my job to love him.” She said and motioned again for Evelyn to follow her.

She wanted to ask more about the man, she knew Celeste had feelings for him, she noticed when he looked at her. But instead of carrying the conversation on, she followed silently behind and kept her eyes straight in front, afraid that if a man met her gaze he would want his way with her. She knew there was no point in trying to delay the job, because sooner or later she would have no choice but to get on with it.

Celeste led Evelyn through street after street, hoping they would come across an eager customer, but the other women had beaten them to it.

Celeste sighed heavily and suddenly stopped walking to lean against a brick wall.

Evelyn copied her actions and leaned against the wall beside her, “Have we finished for the night?” She asked, hoping the answer would be yes.

Celeste’s head turned around to face her, “Surely you cannot be serious?” She asked, shocked to hear such a question.

Evelyn felt her face heat up with embarrassment and her gaze fell to the ground, refusing to look into the shocked woman’s eyes.

“Evelyn, as you’ve probably noticed, we haven’t actually had any customers tonight.” Celeste spoke with a stern voice which made Evelyn cringe away from her. “We have yet to start the job.” She added whilst eyeing the scared girl before her.

Evelyn was about to plead that they return home and forget about the job, but the sound of gentle footsteps coming their way silenced her.

Both girls turned to face where the footsteps were heard, and their eyes fell upon a middle-sized man striding towards them. It was hard for them to make out his specific features, because of the dim lighting around them and also because of the silk, black cloak that hung around his muscularly built figure.

His shoulder-length blond hair dangled limply beneath the hood of the cloak, and his dark eyes were just covered by the thin material. Evelyn found this slightly uncomforting; she would much have preferred to see the man’s eyes. Ever since the incident that had occurred so many nights ago when she was just a child, Evelyn always studied a person’s eyes carefully, for she would never forget those hungry red eyes belonging to the creature in the woods…

The man continued to walk towards them until he was just in front of Celeste. He was still for a moment, then casually he slipped a crumpled up note into Celeste’s palm. The corners of his lips curled up into a sly smirk as Celeste accepted the money and shifted towards him slightly.

“Evelyn, I must go for now.” She spoke sternly. Her expression told Evelyn to refrain from protesting.

Without another word, Celeste linked arms with the man and silently headed down a dark alleyway. Evelyn hadn’t blinked since she saw the mysterious man, and so her eyes were slightly blurred from the bitter liquid that had built up inside them. She blinked a few times to normalize her vision, and when she could see clearly again she noticed that the man had turned his head to face her with a mischievous look on his face.

As he dipped his head toward her, Evelyn caught a glimpse of his piercing blue eyes that hid underneath the cloak. She didn’t notice it at first, but as he ascended into the darkness of the alleyway, his eyes seemed to flicker – or change colour – for a slight second. The brilliant blue had morphed into a deep, blood-red colour that she recognised too well.

Evelyn shook the thought out of her head. It must have been her mind playing tricks on her; she decided to go with that. After all, it was fairly dark, and her vision had been slightly blurred. Thinking back to that night – the night that haunted her dreams every time her eyes closed – sent a shudder crawling up her spine. The cloaked man was pale, she’d noticed that when he had given Celeste the money. His skin in comparison to hers was so shockingly pale Evelyn had guessed that was the reason to why he was covered up. But as she forced herself to remember the creature she had stumbled across in the woods all those years ago, she noticed there was a strange significance.

Both the cloaked man and the creature had been extremely pale, and she had seen the specific colour of red in each of their eyes, though only for a second in the cloaked man’s eyes. A fresh wave of fear rippled through her body as she picked out the similarities between the men. She did not want to think of this, especially out in the dark, late at night and completely alone. It reminded her of that night…

Before her thoughts travelled any further into the memory, she shook her head and decided to start walking back to the house, hoping Celeste would catch up with her or that she’d meet Adelaide on the way.

The streets of Paris were uncomfortably silent at this time of night. It caused Evelyn to walk faster, she didn’t like silence. The icy-cold breeze that blew around her raised Goosebumps on her skin, she hadn’t realised just how cold it was until her teeth began to chatter vigorously. The sharp clattering of her teeth almost echoed in the silence of the street. Apart from the gentle whisper of the wind, it was the only noise that reached Evelyn’s ears.

She couldn’t remember exactly how to get to the house, especially after Celeste had led her so far away from it. She just hoped she would recognise a path or corner and finally find her way back, but she’d already been wandering for a while now and her eyelids were straining to stay open.

The faint sound of a horse’s hooves clip-clopping on the pebbled road caused Evelyn’s head to jerk up. She stopped walking and slowly turned to face the black carriage towed by an insignificantly jet-black horse travelling clumsily towards her. For some reason, she couldn’t seem to look away from it. As if there was some force that had her gaze locked to the mysterious carriage that was now slowing down to stop right in front of her.

Evelyn – still locked in a trance – stood motionless. She only snapped out of her gaze when the carriage door opened with a harsh click. She could see that the inside of the carriage looked very luxurious with silk patterned cushions and red velvet curtains. Then she realised that something was blocking her view from the carriage, the passenger.

Her eyes travelled upwards to meet a warm pair of glazed, hazel eyes that were shadowed by a few slick, black bangs fallen loose from the man’s hair. His eyes were beautiful, unlike any pair of eyes she had ever seen, she could stare into them for hours. Evelyn was about to marvel at the rest of his perfect features when his soft, velvety voice stopped her.

“Good evening,” As he spoke the words, she watched his tinted pink lips form them.

Suddenly she had forgotten how to speak. His alluring presence had emptied her mind and distracted her from what to say or do. So she nodded in response and smiled politely.

She watched his lips as he began to speak again, “I, um…” He murmured while stepping down from the carriage to the pebbled road. He kept his gaze from her and swallowed hard, as if ashamed of what he wished to say.

It struck Evelyn then what the man was trying to say. She realised all of a sudden exactly why the carriage had stopped in the first place. It was time to start the job. A wave of fear rippled inside her as the wind started to wisp around her more fiercely. She thought she was getting away with it tonight, that she was going back to the house still intact. She had hoped God would spare her just one more night of freedom, obviously her pleas had not been heard.

The man took a few more steps closer to her, until they were merely inches apart. Evelyn sucked in a deep breath as he gently took her hand and placed a single note in her palm, enclosing it as he let go. She gulped nervously as déjà vu flooded her mind with the images of the cloaked man and Celeste.

It was only then - from thinking back to the cloaked man – did Evelyn notice the black cloak shrugged around the beautiful man’s shoulders, flowing in the wind like a giant curtain around him. It seemed very coincidental that the two men were dressed similarly, but Evelyn tried hard not to dwell on that fact. It was already making her feel uneasy that the man in front of her looked strangely familiar.

As she studied him closely she could see that he looked rather nervous. Why that was the case, she didn’t know. After all, shouldn’t she be the one to be nervous? She shook her head irrationally; it was time to make a decision. Either she could return to the house with the evidence that she had served a customer and make Emilia happy, or she could refuse the angelic face staring down at her, almost pleading.

The loud ringing of the horse crying out in pain as the coachman snapped his whip against it broke the silence and train of Evelyn’s thoughts. She hadn’t exactly noticed the coachman, but when she narrowed her eyes to study him, she nearly gasped when he turned to stare at her with the same melting, hazel coloured eyes as the man in front of her. Confusion spurred in her features, were they related or something? There was no way any two random people could share the same perfections.

She focused back to the man in front of her, wondering what to do. When she had met the rich man, Raymond, she knew exactly that her decision would be to refuse him; but for some reason she felt differently towards the man in front of her. Her mind was screaming at her to refuse him, that he was dangerous and she should know exactly how much; yet her heart screamed louder.

The man quickly glanced over his shoulder to the coachmen waiting patiently. The coachman nodded his head toward Evelyn with a sly smirk, encouraging the man to make a move.

He looked down at Evelyn questioningly, and without think about it any further, she nodded her head and a smile slowly crept onto her lips. Her mind had lost the battle, and she had given into her pounding heart.

As she climbed into the carriage the man held her hand gently to help her inside. The moment he let go, she began to shiver. It was freezing inside the carriage, possibly even colder than outside, which didn’t make sense. She snuggled closer to the silky pillows and folded her arms across her chest, in order to keep warm. As she breathed she could see the misty air escape from her lungs and into the air. The man must have seen her shivering on the seat because he gently curled his arm around her shoulders and smiled lightly when she looked up surprised.

Evelyn was confused, Celeste had said that the men were rough and cruel, and that they didn’t care how you felt, they just wanted satisfactory. Whereas this man obviously cared a little bit since he was trying to comfort her almost. Maybe she was lucky, she thought to herself, maybe this man was different from the others, and that he really did care.

She clenched her eyes shut and tried to rid that thought, she didn’t want to get her hopes up and then for them to be crushed down. Why would this man be any different from the ones that Celeste and Adelaide had talked about?

He shifted in his seat slightly and opened his mouth to speak, “I-I’m Gerard. Gerard Way,” His voice was dry and cracked as he stuttered. He stared straight ahead, avoiding her eyes all the time. Even when they were stood outside, he barely looked at her. Evelyn wondered what he really wanted; she could see there was something more.

She was a bit shocked that he had actually introduced himself; she had imagined the men would just want a quick service and that would be then end of it. It seemed strange to her that he had taken her to the carriage as well; she could’ve done the job in an old alleyway like Celeste. But she didn’t want to seem rude, so she straightened up and turned to face him.

“…Evelyn… Evelyn Leroux.” She said in a timid, quiet voice. Then, for the first time, his eyes properly met with hers, staring straight back at her. Suddenly his eyes went wide and his eyebrows furrowed, he leaned away from her. She didn’t understand his actions, had she done something wrong? Was she not supposed to reply or introduce herself? She looked at him questioningly and was about to explain to him that tonight was her first time, that she didn’t know the rules properly, but as soon as she opened her mouth he snapped his head forward and refused to look at her any longer.

Evelyn felt scared then. Would she be punished for upsetting him? She hoped not, she prayed that once the carriage had stopped and they went outside, she would get a chance to explain to him. And hopefully he would understand. But as the carriage started to slow to a stop, she glanced at him for a second and saw that his frustrated expression had not faded, she began to loose hope.

He did not help her out of the carriage this time, and he didn’t dare look at her. He slammed the carriage door shut and stalked off towards a long, dark street, expecting Evelyn to follow. She walked quickly to keep up with him, and then she heard a low, hissing snarl from behind her. She turned to see the coachman staring at her with narrowed eyes, and his lips were curled upwards at the corners forming a sly smirk that sent shivers down her spine. He chuckled darkly and motioned for her to follow Gerard before snapping the whip across the horse’s back again, and galloping away from her.

She turned to walk again and tried hard not to think about the strange way the coachman stared at her and snarled. But when she looked forward her eyes searched the street and she stood frozen. Gerard was nowhere to be seen, he obviously hadn’t noticed that she’d stopped and he’d kept on walking. What was she to do now, run away? Forget about him? She was even further away from the house now, in fact, she had no idea where she was.

So she stood in the middle of an unfamiliar street, waiting to see if Gerard would come back for her. But also hoping silently that he wouldn’t…

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