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The Night Awaits

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Evelyn is faced with her past.

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Chapter Three

Evelyn wandered aimlessly through the dark, sinister streets, biting down on her bottom lip nervously. Her arms were folded tight across her chest to keep her warm, but also to keep to herself. She didn’t feel welcome here at all; some of the girls she’d passed had given her disgusted looks and scowled upon her revealing outfit. She guessed then that this must be the wealthier part of town.

Gerard hadn’t come back, so she assumed she must have upset him quite a great deal for him to change his mind. She couldn’t believe how worthless she was, this job was one of the simplest things to do, and she still couldn’t do it.

She kept on walking, no clue to where exactly she was going, but she was done thinking tonight, her mind was tired. Once she was in a more secluded area – a single alleyway in complete darkness with nobody roaming around in it – she sighed heavily and leaned back against the rough brickwork wall. Her eyes slowly slid shut, not having any strength left to stay open. She had no idea what time it was, but it was sure to be rather late.

The alleyway was silent, and even though Evelyn didn’t exactly like silence, it made it easier for her mind to drift slowly into the sleep that it so badly needed.

She wasn’t fully asleep, still half awake, when the dreadful images of the creature in the woods filled her head. It happened every night, but she still couldn’t get used to thinking back to it. She saw the light of the moon glisten off of the razor sharp fangs that slithered out of his lips as he was about to pierce them into the pleading woman’s throat. Evelyn flinched at the memory. But just before he could bite her, the dream took a different turn. Evelyn felt confused as she saw the creature turn towards her and drop the frantic woman, emotionless. He stared at her, still with his teeth bared, his hungry red eyes staring straight back into hers.

And suddenly she recognized something.

She felt a rush of desire as she looked into the creature’s eyes, a familiar desire. She didn’t understand, every time she had this dream it would be fear that took over her, not desire. The creature stalked towards her and stopped only a few inches away, Evelyn kept her eyes on his and cowered back as he towered over her. It was only then – with his face so close to hers it terrified her – that she could recognize the beautiful, prefect features that were formed into an expression of anger and frustration. An expression she had witnessed only hours before.

The dream continued to confuse her, changing the memory completely. She whimpered as he snatched her hand and drew it to his. He held it open and gently placed a thin piece of paper in her palm. She looked at him questioningly and he nodded his head toward her palm, grinning ravenously. She opened her palm slowly and found herself even more confused as she stared at the single, green note flickering in the wind. The creature was giving her money?

Evelyn reluctantly raised her head to look at him, soon to realize she was face to face with someone else. The once scarlet red eyes she had seen only moments ago were now the warm, soft caramel color that had her melting into his gaze. Gerard stared down at her with a wicked grin and raised his hand to her neck, tracing light patterns across her skin. Evelyn sighed closing her eyes and slanted her head to the side, giving him more access.

She was so mesmerized by his soft touches that she hadn’t noticed the silence that crept sneakily around them. The wind had stopped; she could no longer hear the rustling of the leaves and branches. The only thing she could hear was Gerard’s light breathing that blew across her neck sending shivers down her spine. Her eyelids slid open and she looked at him with pure desire. His eyes met with hers instantly and she smiled at him with relief that this time he was not upset or angry at her. He smiled back and traced one finger down her jaw line with apologetic eyes.

“So sorry,” He murmured and laughed darkly as her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and her innocent eyes watched him with fear. He dipped his head down to her neck and a low snarl ripped through his throat just before two gleaming white daggers slipped out from under his lips. Evelyn’s scream echoed through her ears and her heart beat frantically…

Her eyes were open in a flash and her breathing was heavy. She tired not to think about the dream as she calmed herself and took slow, deep breaths. She slid down the wall and let herself curl up in a ball on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest. Her back ached against the rough wall but she didn’t care, at that moment all she wanted was for her heart to slow and beat steadily.

Once she had finally calmed herself and was breathing evenly, she allowed herself to wonder about the dream. She didn’t understand how after all the nights that had passed since then, that tonight the dream decided to change. Usually she dreamed exactly what had happened that night, not that the creature got fed up with the blond woman in his arms and turned to her instead. The part that she really didn’t get though was why Gerard was there. It didn’t make one bit of sense.

The faint sound of light footsteps coming in her direction caused her to jolt upright. She turned her head to where the footsteps echoed and felt her eyes widen. She stood up quickly and straightened herself out, smoothing her skirt down and tucking back the strands of her hair that had fallen out of place. She gingerly glanced up at him as he stopped in front of her.

Gerard cleared his throat and loosened his tie with shaking hands, “I was looking for you…” He murmured and his eyes darted everywhere refusing to meet hers.

She bit her lip and quickly thought up a lie, she couldn’t exactly explain to him that she’d stopped to see why the coachman was snarling at her. It seemed a bit incredulous. “I slipped and my shoe fell off, I went to put it back on again and when I turned around you’d gone.” She rushed and stared at him with apologetic eyes, though he wouldn’t notice. She couldn’t help but study his features again; just to be sure that she’d seen him in her dream. Yes, she thought, it had definitely been Gerard.

“I was you looking for you too,” she carried on lying, “But I’m not exactly familiar with these streets.”

He nodded and clucked his tongue. Evelyn felt a shiver of fear crawl up her spine; she knew she was in for it now. It was obvious that she was lying, and now he was going to be furious with her. He looked at her and grinned as he slowly brought his hand up to her cheek and gently stroked it, “I never forgot those eyes. They were the bluest eyes I’d ever seen, perfect and crystalline.”

Evelyn’s eyebrows furrowed and she stared at him questioningly.

He chuckled lightly and then sighed, “Your eyes, my dear. I have never forgotten them, after all this time. I thought I’d never see their beauty again,” He continued to caress her cheek with light touches and waited for his words to sink in.

Evelyn studied his mesmerized expression and repeated his words in her head.

A few seconds past, and it finally hit her…

Her sharp intake of breath caused a sly smirk to cross over his lips and he watched as she stared up at him with horrified eyes. Her breathing quickened and she slapped his hand away from her cheek, stepping away from him and forcing her back into the wall. He took a step toward her and she screamed, “Get away from me!”

Gerard growled impatiently and reached out for her. She thrashed against him and opened her mouth to scream again. His hand quickly clamped down over her mouth and silenced her scream. “Be still,” He whispered harshly and stared down at her with his haunting hazel eyes. He clasped both of her hands into his and held them above her head tightly. She squirmed in his hold and whimpered behind his hand, but he stood there grinning and waited for her to relax enough.

Evelyn couldn’t believe he was right here in front of her, holding her roughly against the wall, staring at her with those hungry eyes. She felt exactly like the poor, innocent woman he had ceased and she had watched as he held her up against the hollow tree; and now it was her turn. The dream she had had only moments before he’d found her was obvious now; her mind had been giving her clues, and she had ignored them. Her mind had been screaming at her from the moment she saw the carriage, screaming at her to run; but she had ignored it and listened to her heart. Her stupid heart had gotten in the way of things and fuzzed up her memory, it had led her to believe that this man was kind and gentle, that he cared. Cared? It all seemed so infuriatingly idiotic now, why on earth had she believed that any man who pays women for pleasure, cared at all? She should’ve listened to her mind, it hadn’t told her to accept Gerard’s money and step into the carriage, her heart had. Her heart and her feelings were hypnotized by his charm and good looks that she couldn’t see under the mask of it all.

Now she was trapped in the arms of the creature she feared every night in her bed, she had waited for him to find her because she was certain he would, and now he had. Suddenly she stopped thrashing, she stopped fighting against him and held her breath. She had given up. Her life had been a painful mess that really wasn’t worth fighting for anymore. Both of her parents were dead, they had suffered from the disease her father had and Evelyn blamed herself for their deaths every day. That night her mother had sent her out to get the medicine for her father, and it was expensive. It was the last little amount of money they had, so it was her job to make sure it was spent well.

It was the night Evelyn had seen Gerard in the woods, torturing the blond woman before finally killing her, and when he gave Evelyn the chance to escape such a horrible death she took it gladly. He told her to run, so she ran. She kept on running even when the basket had slipped from her grip, and her little red coat had caught onto a branch and tore itself from her body, she kept on running. When she eventually got home she realized the medicine was gone. So her family couldn’t afford to buy more, leaving her father helpless and awaiting his death. Her mother caught the disease not long after her father had passed, and Evelyn was sent to live in the orphanage in Paris. She grew up there, and when she turned sixteen she left to get her own home and job. But it wasn’t as easy as that. Evelyn searched for a job everywhere, but no one would take her.

And this was where she had finally turned to. Her lifelong friend Adelaide had introduced her to Emilia and she got the job she dreaded her whole life, but she desperately needed the money.

Her eyes filled up with glistening tears and they soon trickled down her cheeks, smearing her cheap eye make up. Gerard stared at her with furrowed brows, a confused expression plastered on his features. There was something about this girl, there always had been, from the moment he saw her. She had an affect on him no one else had, and he didn’t like it, as she cried now it made it hard for him to hurt her. She was softening him up, making him feel sorry for her. “Stop crying,” He hissed trying to sound demanding.

He sighed in defeat when she cried harder, rivers of salty tears washed down her face. He kept his hand firmly over her mouth, he knew if he let go she would either sob or scream. He looked down on her and found it strange that she wasn’t so small any more.

He still couldn’t believe it was her, but from the moment he looked into her eyes, he knew it was. His eyes traveled over her figure now, taking in everything new about her. Her ebony black hair was longer; it waved all the way down to her hips. Hips; that was another change. The last time he had seen her she was nothing but a bag of bones; he looked at her now and saw perfect curves.

As his eyes drank her in he found himself wanting her even more. Though now the want for her blood was not as strong as the want for her body. He craved her; he knew he had to have her. That’s what her job was, after all.

Her body shook against him in silent sobs, her eyes clenched shut. He shook his and leaned in toward her neck, his lips brushed against her ear as he spoke, “I’m not going to hurt you,” He whispered soothingly. As he softly pressed his lips to the hollow of her neck he felt her body tense. He breathed her scent in, savoring her delicious smell, and gently pressed his body against her. He heard her breathing quicken and he smirked against her flesh; she wasn’t getting the better of him.

He decided to go along with this little game of seduction; it wasn’t going to do any harm. And why not let her enjoy the last few minutes of her life? He moved his lips back to her ear, “I gave you my money woman, now pay up.” He spoke harshly and she flinched.

Her eyes were wide with fear and still rimmed with tears, she shook her head pleading with him to stop, but he didn’t care. He still had her pinned to the wall, so there was nothing she could do but endure whatever pain was coming to her. Gerard stared at her with curious eyes, but he tore his gaze from her immediately when he felt the strange feeling in the pit of his stomach again. He could feel himself giving into her tears as he watched her cry, and he couldn’t do that. He wasn’t a gentleman, he was a monster who killed people and craved there blood. He wasn’t supposed to feel sorry for the victim.

“Gerard!” A harsh whisper cam from the dark archway he had walked through to find her. His head turned to the direction and he put more pressure on his hand over her mouth.

A tall figure emerged from the darkness and Evelyn’s eyes lit up, she was saved. This man, whoever it was, would find her held up at her own will and he would save her from Gerard. She smiled beneath his palm and narrowed her eyes at him, he was about to get caught in the act.

Though her smile soon faded when she saw the long black cloak flowing around the stranger in the wind, and Gerard smirked knowingly.

“Brother,” Gerard stated and nodded toward the man. Brother?! Evelyn exclaimed in her head as she watched the two men exchange glances. She had thought she was in luck, that this man would be her savior forever, how wrong she had been. “May I ask why you are here?” Gerard hissed between his teeth.

The man had a serious expression on his face and it was obvious he did not care whether he had interrupted his brother. “Gerard, I’m afraid you’re not going to be ecstatic about this,” He sighed but a childish grin crept along his lips. Now that he had stepped into the light Evelyn could see him properly. He had lighter hair than Gerard, a chestnut color, and he was slightly taller. His facial features were the things that resembled they were related. Their lips were the same, thin and pink, and his jaw line was straight and it stuck out like Gerard’s. When she looked into his eyes, she gasped in realization. They were same as Gerard’s, that was plainly noticeable, but the thing that shocked her was that she’d seen them before. He was the coachman. He was the man that had snarled at her as she’d left the carriage, trailing behind Gerard.

“Mikey, what are you talking about?” Gerard narrowed his eyes on his brother and urged him to continue. Mikey and Gerard, such innocent name for such evil men, Evelyn thought. Mikey’s grin widened, he seemed to like the way he was infuriating his brother.

“Hush, hush Gerard, you’re frightening the poor girl,” Mikey cooed and gestured toward Evelyn. Gerard rolled his eyes and Mikey laughed darkly, “You never did have much patience did you?”

Gerard growled he was done with patience, “Just tell me what you’ve done!”

Mikey stared at him straight on, “If you insist,” He licked his lips tentatively and walked closer to Gerard. Evelyn tried to ease her breathing, she didn’t understand what was going on, but she didn’t want to be a part of it. “I suppose I may have crossed my boundaries, taking a bite… But leaving the blood.” He whispered then and awaited his brother’s reaction.

Gerard’s eyes widened and his lips curled back from his teeth. A low snarl ripped through him, making Evelyn shudder. She watched with fearful eyes as he got angrier by the second, and as she looked closely she could see the warm hazel color melting from his eyes and being drowned out by the blood-red. It was the first time she had seen his eyes like that since the first night she saw him, ten years ago. “You didn’t…” Gerard shook his head at Mikey and growled as he spoke.

“I’m afraid I did Gerard, and they’re on the loose.” Mikey stated seriously, the grin swiped from his face.

Gerard’s eyes widened at the plural, “They?!

Mikey sighed and rolled his eyes impatiently, “Yes, they. Now come, we must hurry.”

“You idiot! What were you thinking-”

“Now’s not the time to act stubborn, Gerard. You can lecture me later, but right now we have two inexperienced Vampires on the loose, and we have to get to them before it’s too late.”

Evelyn’s eyes widened, vampires? She had only heard myths and stories about such creatures her grandma had told her to scare her. She looked at Gerard and Mikey and saw that neither of them seemed to fit into that category, apart from drinking human blood, they looked fairly normal to her, except exceedingly beautiful. The stories her grandma had told her described the creatures to be horrible and bat-like, but the two men in front of her could easily be mistaken for humans if it were not for the deep red orbs that stood out so evidently.

Gerard’s mouth closed tight and he nodded. He looked back to Evelyn and raised a brow, “What about the girl?” He asked cocking his head to the side. Mikey chuckled once, his teasing attitude returning, and shrugged his shoulders, “Bring her, she’ll make a good meal after our little trip.”

Gerard grimaced slightly and leaned into Evelyn to whisper a threat in her ear, “You make one sound little girl, and I’ll have to make a meal of you before my brother does.”

Evelyn gulped and sighed in relief when he lowered his hand from her mouth; breathing through her nose for a long period of time irritated her. He kept a firm hold on her hands though and it didn’t seem like he would be letting go. So she would be dragged through the night by two hungry vampires, searching for another two. She still didn’t quite understand what was going on and why they had to hurry, she just knew to keep her mouth shut and follow on.

Mikey gestured for Gerard to follow him and he darted for the dark archway.

“Come my dear,” Gerard whispered to her. “The night awaits.”

Sorry this took so long, things in my life are pretty crazy at the mometn! anyway, hope it was worth the wait :) R&R
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