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AN: Please Read!

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Holy shit it's been a while :|

Okay, first of all, to the people who read my stories, I am so sorry for the horrible lack of updating. I'll be perfectly honest with you,I basically forgot about the fics, until one of you e-mailed me and asked if I was going to continue them. To whoever that e-mailer was, I thank you :) I've read over both photograph and the ripper and I feel that I just lost interest in them, you can see it in the chapters, they just became sloppy and really not good writing xD

So, i've willed myself to stop you all from suffering, as I truly feel bad for abandoning the stories, and i've made a decision. I really feel that the fics could've been a lot better, I also feel my writing has improved. So ermmm, i'm going to re-write the stories :) Not completely, but add things in and edit other things.

I just need your opinions on what story I should start on first, I want to focus on only one idea for starters, then i'll get to the other story once i'm finished.

So please, if any of you are still interested, review and let me know.

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