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The Ripper

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A Vampire Romance starring the beautiful boys of MCR ;) Set in the early 1800's, France. A very different story to what i'd normally write, but what the heck! :D xo

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Hello lovely people who have decided to take the time to read this little tale :) i thank you very much! lol... okay, so i wrote this fic a while ago, and it was just dying to be posted on here! I'm still writing photograph, but i figured if i am to completely focus on it i should write the whole thing before uploading the next chapter. Sorry it's taking so long to uplaod, but i promise it won't be much longer. I just want to make sure it's perfect for you all. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story :) It's not the kind i'd usually write, its much darker than photograph and a completely sifferent kind of story all together! lol... okay, i'll let you read :)

December 4th 1878

The moon shone like an enormous, glowing pearl in the sky that night. Grey clouds ghosted against it, casting dark shadows on the earth below. The wind gently swept through the short black strands of little Evelyn’s Hair as she made her way home from the market. It had been slightly colder than normal that night, winter was crawling up closer each day attacking any warmth it could find. Evelyn could feel the winter nipping at her petite fingers that were numb and red from the cold. Quickening her pace she held on tightly to the straw-bound basket her mother had sent her away with. Evelyn was only eight years old at the time, and travelling through the streets of Paris late at night scared her. But her dear father had grown deathly ill throughout the past few days, and she was willing to help out with chores while her mother stayed at home trying to get her husband well again.

She walked on further, determined to get home with the medicine her father desperately needed. The lights from the city had faded as she came closer to a wooded area with trees stretching out from all angles. Evelyn was now surrounded in darkness. The darkness made her feel fear and caused her tiny heartbeat to quicken. If only she knew that the bloodthirsty creature lurking deep within the darkness was much more terrifying.

She hadn’t realised she’d been staring down at her feet until she had to tug on her little hooded coat as it slumped to the side. She’d loved that coat; her grandmother had made it for her, using rich red material that stood out among others. Red had always been Evelyn’s favourite colour, ever since her grandmother had told her the story of little red riding hood, that was another reason why she loved the coat. She looked just like little red riding hood whenever she wore it.

When she raised her eyes from the ground, confusion masked over her childish features. Her perfect eyebrows furrowed together as she took in her surroundings. Tall trees with sharp-edged branches towered over her small figure and almost seemed to reach out for her. She could see no movement within the woods; it was still and chillingly silent. Though her confusion was not caused by how dead the area looked, it was to why she was there in the first place. If she remembered correctly, she was meant to be following the brick path to her home. Evelyn realised then that she had not been paying attention to where her feet were taking her, and therefore they had led her deep within the sinister forest.

Her eyes darted around everywhere, searching for a path or trail back to the city, but there was nothing but dark woodland that surrounded her. How will I ever get home now? She questioned herself as the wind blew roughly against her, causing shivers to crawl up her spine. Warm, wet tears leaked from her eyes, she didn’t like it here, she didn’t like the dark and she certainly didn’t like being alone. She wished she was back in her safe, warm home with her parents beside her, caring for her.

Then as Evelyn thought of these comforting things she longed to be reunited with, she realised that standing there feeling helpless was not going to get her home. So, she started to walk forward again, not knowing where to go, but certain that if she kept walking she’d find someone who could help her get home. Her light footsteps that seemed so gentle to her, echoed through the silent woods. She tried to keep her eyes straight in front, refusing to look at the eerie trees. An owl’s shriek caused her heart to miss a beat and she gasped sharply. Her whole body froze as the owl swooped above her head and landed on an outstretched branch on one of the trees. The owl’s wide eyes stared at her curiously and it cocked its head to the side. Evelyn ignored the owl’s stare and continued further into the woods, occasionally glancing over her shoulder to see the owl following her close behind.

The sudden sound of harsh whispers caused her body to halt. Her head turned sharply in every direction, searching for where the whispers were coming from. When she looked forward again something shiny caught her eye, she focused in on the tall figure standing before her in the distance. As she looked closer she saw that there were two figures in fact, one was almost towering over the other. The taller figure was a man, she could see his limp, black hair hanging around his face like a curtain, and the shiny object she’d seen was held tight in his grasp. Evelyn realised then just exactly what the shiny object was. The man slowly brought the knife closer to the other figures throat. His black cloak swayed with the wind and his top hat tipped forward as he bent his head downwards so it was inches away from the other person’s. As she stepped a little closer, Evelyn could make out the other figure was a woman with beautiful golden locks weaving down her back. She wore a silk emerald corset dress that hugged tightly around her waist. Black lace ribbons tied the corset together, making her waist look so tiny. Evelyn couldn’t understand how the woman was able to breathe with a corset that tight. The man kept travelling the knife up the woman’s slender body until its tip was just touching her shoulder blade.

Their faint whispers were hard to make out from where Evelyn was, so she took another few steps closer.

“You should be thankful my dear, for I am merely doing you a favour. I’m setting you free from this hell you are living in, you will no longer have the burden of selling your body to others.”

The man hissed in the woman’s ear. Evelyn noticed that the woman had a look of fear in her eyes and she whimpered as the man pushed her roughly against the hollow tree.

“Shh… Do not make a sound and I promise you, mademoiselle, I shall make this quick and painless.”

He whispered against her exposed neck as the knife slithered closer to the side of her face. He pressed his lips to her soft skin and her frantic pulse vibrated through his body, he could almost taste her heartbeat.

Evelyn’s breath caught as she listened to the things he was saying, and she understood then that something horrible was about to happen. The man put the slightest bit of pressure on the knife as it slid behind her ear and the woman gasped.

“Please monsieur, please! I will give you anything you desire, I will obey all that you command… Please do not take my life!”

Evelyn watched as the woman begged for mercy, her eyes letting out droplets of tears as she tried to convince him to spare her life. But her pleas meant nothing to him; all he was focused on was the tiny beads of blood that were appearing from the pressure of the knife against her flesh.

“Oh come now precious, do not lie to me. What has a whore got to live for?”

He hissed again and smirked as he pierced the knife through her delicate skin. He did not wish to hear her cries, so he quickly sliced the blade across from ear to ear. Blood seeped from the gash and his eyes grew wide with desire. Her limp body fell against him and he couldn’t stand waiting any longer.

Evelyn stood and watched with wide eyes, horrified at what she was seeing before her. He pressed his mouth to the slit in her neck and lapped up every drop of blood. The smirk he had once worn was now spread on his thin lips again and exposed his darkest secret. Evelyn’s gaze zoomed in on the razor-sharp fangs that bore into the woman’s neck, gleaming white in the light of the moon. She could see the blood trickling out of the side of his hungry mouth as he devoured the liquid; his eyes clenched shut savouring the euphoric feeling.

He knew he had to leave now before people started to get suspicious of the missing woman, but as the metallic taste poured into his mouth he just couldn’t find the will to stop. Though he was sure he had heard footsteps close by before he had ceased the beautiful woman. Tastes as good as she looks, he thought.

Evelyn kept shutting her eyes tight and opening them again, assuring herself it was all just a dreadful nightmare and that she would soon wake up; but she knew there was no waking up from this reality. She had never dared to imagine that such a creature roamed the earth; a creature who craved human blood like a drowning man craves the air. This would haunt her for the rest of her pitiful life; never would she be able to clear the image of the innocent woman from her head. She started to retreat backwards, not wanting to witness the scene any further. As her foot stepped backwards it accidentally landed on a thin twig and snapped under her light weight. It hadn’t seemed loud to her eyes, but the creature just a few metres in front of her had heard the snap loud and clear.

His head immediately shot up from his meal and turned to where the sound had come from. When his deep red orbs fell upon Evelyn’s petite figure, his body stiffened. The little girl in his eyes was a definite threat to his being; he could certainly predict that she would run away from here and tell the people what she had seen. He couldn’t let that happen. A low snarl ripped from his blood-covered lips and he stalked towards the innocent child. Just like everyone, his frame towered over her and he looked down into a pair of petrified, icy-blue eyes. Although his rage was overpowering every feeling he had, he simply could not find the guts to kill the angelic girl below him. Her short black hair rimmed around her cherubic features, and in some way he felt fond of her.

He kneeled down gently in front of her and watched as her body tensed with every move he made.

“Run little one, run away now or I might have to rethink my decision to let you go.”

He growled at her and Evelyn obeyed willingly. She retreated away from the man, but kept her eyes locked with his. It was as if a force had compelled her eyes to his until he was out of sight. She would never forget those eyes. She ran as fast as the swooping wind around her and nothing could make her stop, not even when the basket had slipped from her grip and her red coat had caught onto a branch, tearing it from her back. She kept running, for only time would tell if she’d be staring into those bloodthirsty eyes again.

August 31st 1888

Looking into the mirror she met with her own brilliant blue eyes staring back at her. Her long black locks slithered all the way down to her hips, and it made a curtain around her perfect face. There was nothing different about her, nothing different appearance wise, but something had changed. As she looked at herself in disgust, she wondered why she had become this person, why did this nightmare have to fall upon her? And after tonight, she would never be able to restore her true self.


A deep voice growled from behind the door. Evelyn sighed rolling her eyes and reluctantly stood up from the dresser. She quickly went to the door and opened it before it could be forced open by all the banging coming from the other side. The person she came face to face with was someone she was not ecstatic to see.

She studied the woman’s face closely, taking in each dominant detail of frustration and hatred. Emilia had been spiteful towards Evelyn from the first day she had wandered into the house. Every word that left Emilia’s worn out lips was full of anger and rage. Evelyn had never met another like her; she had never met someone with such hatred towards everyone who stepped out of line. Her dark hair was straw-like and broken. Her bright green eyes were filled with such sorrow and sadness that made Evelyn uncomfortable whenever she looked into them. Her slumped figure showed just how tiring her life had been over the past few years, and Evelyn took a bold note of that. Standing in front of her was a beaten down woman with nothing left to live for, and Evelyn knew this was her future also. She would be a slave to men for the rest of her godforsaken life.

“Lyn, I need you out there now. Nicolette is unwell, and you know the men won’t take anything from someone so sick.”

Emilia furrowed her eyebrows together in a straight line, letting Evelyn know she was serious and would not tell her twice. Evelyn swallowed the lump of fear that had risen in her throat as she took in Emilia’s words, it was her turn.

“I am not sure if I can do it, I’ve never acted the way the rest of you do towards men.”

She whispered truthfully as fresh tears sprung to her eyes. Emilia would not hear of such nonsense, she grasped a handful of Evelyn’s thick black hair and yanked her head downwards.

“Do not start this rubbish! You came her begging to me to let you stay here and so I did willingly, on account that you pay half of the rent. Now tell me my dear, how on earth are you meant to pay your bills with no job?” Emilia whispered the question harshly into the tearful girl’s ear.

“But this is not a job! This is a sick way to make money, and I know you get no pleasure doing it!”

Emilia roughly pushed Evelyn’s head upwards again and gave her no time to react. Her palm snapped fiercely against Evelyn’s right cheek knocking her weak body to the floor.

“How dare you speak to me in such disrespect! You will go out to the streets tonight and you will do the job!” Emilia screamed looking down on the girl’s fragile body as she wept and clung to her cheek.

“What makes you so certain?” Evelyn whispered after she had composed herself enough to stand back up.

“If you want to remain living here you will.”

Her words stung like bitter lemons, though they stung because it was the truth. Emilia knew Evelyn would do anything to keep herself off of the streets, she knew she feared the darkness and therefore she would do the job. Evelyn shook her head in disgust and took one last look at Emilia before swiftly walking past her towards the door.

“Evelyn!” She heard Adélaïde’s voice calling out to her as she gently closed the door behind her. The fresh air cooled her nerves for tonight and she tried to smile at her friend. As she came running towards her, her golden locks bounced on her shoulders and her blue eyes were bright with eagerness.

“Hello Adélaïde, it is lovely to see you again.” She smiled brightly and felt the slight twinge of pain from Emilia’s hand on her cheek just a few moments ago.

“Indeed, where have you been? I haven’t seen you at the house in a while?” She looked at Evelyn questioningly.

“Yes, Emilia sent me away to deliver a letter. It was a long trip.”

Adélaïde nodded in response and linked arms with Evelyn as they walked slowly down the street together. “So, this will be your first night?” She asked knowing that Evelyn had been worrying about the fateful day for a long time.


“Are you nervous?”

Evelyn thought about her question and furrowed her eyebrows. How could she not be nervous? Of course she knew Adélaïde was only trying to ease her nerves, but it still seemed a strange question. “Very.” She answered simply and let her eyes drift to the ground avoiding Adélaïde’s.

“Do not be, I will look out for you. I will make sure you get the easy men tonight.” She grinned lightly and nudged Evelyn playfully.

“I should hope so.” Evelyn let her smile spread on her lips and they continued down the street.

When they reached a dark alleyway Adélaïde led her to a group of girls she recognised from the house. They all wore the same outfits, tight corsets bound around their wastes and skirts hitched up high enough to reveal the garters. The only thing that was different about them was the colour of each dress. Evelyn too was wearing the dastardly outfit, and she certainly did not appeal to it.

“Ladies, you all know Evelyn?” Adélaïde spoke loud and clear so the group would stop chatting and listen to her. She gestured towards the frightened looking girl whose eyes darted around studying each of the spiteful faces in front of her. The women nodded simultaneously after eyeing her up and down a few times. “This is her first night in business girls, so go easy on her will you, please?”

Cackles of laughter echoed on the brick walls and Adélaïde rolled her eyes knowingly. She patted Evelyn’s shoulder and leaned her head down to whisper in her ear, “Do not fear them, they may taunt you a little but just ignore it. They act this way to every new girl. I also need to warn you that some of the men that will have you tonight are not what you would call ‘caring’. They do not care for you, no matter what they say, do not believe it. Ten minutes should be enough for them, if they insist for longer you must tell them no. I understand you need the money Lyn, but I’ve been hurt plenty of times by these men, and I don’t want them to hurt you.” She squeezed her arm tightly for assurance and started to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Evelyn’s voice cracked with fear and her eyes were wide.

“I must serve my customer.” She grinned licking her lips tentatively.

“Oh Adélaïde?!” One of the women called to her in a singing voice. Adélaïde turned around swiftly and narrowed her eyes on the woman.

“What is it, Celeste?” She asked in a bored tone as Celeste calmly approached her.

“I really do not think I have to explain who is waiting for you by the bridge, do I?” Celeste raised her eyebrow knowingly and watched the small smile playing on Adélaïde’s lips.

“He is here?” Adélaïde asked with growing excitement. Celeste nodded and gestured for her to go to her waiting customer. She glanced back at Evelyn and smiled lightly.

“You will be fine Lyn, do not worry. But I must go now, so you have to try this on your own.” She told Evelyn before swiftly running off around the corner.

Evelyn bit her lip nervously. How was she meant to do this on her own? She had never done anything like this before. She had never been with a man, ever. And tonight she was expected to induce the pleasure of every man that walked by. She felt so scared within that moment, not only for herself, but for Adélaïde as well. Who was this man she was going to meet with?

Celeste could see the questioning look upon Evelyn’s features, “He is one of Adélaïde’s more regular customers.” She answered the awaiting question.

“Who is?” Evelyn asked pretending not to know what the woman was talking about.

“Frank Iero, the man who is waiting for Adélaïde.”

“A regular customer?” Evelyn did not quite understand.

Celeste nodded, “Yes, he comes here only for her. Every night at the same time, he waits for her at the bridge.”

“Why? Does he love her?” Evelyn asked intrigued to know more about this stranger her best friend was running around with.

“No, no. He…” Celeste trailed off struggling to find a word that would not make Evelyn fearful. “He desires her, nothing more. You must understand Evelyn; none of the men here have enough love in them to love one of us. They see us only as something to satisfy them when they need it.” Celeste explained sighing in frustration. Evelyn noticed that she had the same great sadness in her eyes as Emilia’s. “I know it seems unfair and you may think that the reason we do this is because we enjoy it. Though I can assure you child, we do not see or feel any pleasure in doing this. We do it only for the money.”

Evelyn took her words to the heart. She really felt so deeply sorry for this woman. Celeste was very beautiful, with her envious red curls and perfect full lips, yet she was broken also. Her heart had been crushed by doing this so called job, and she had no choice but to go through with it. Evelyn reached out to her as she saw the revealing tears fall to her cheeks. She hugged her tightly, assuring her that she understood everything.

When they broke apart Celeste sniffed lightly and swiped the tears away. “Come now, it is time.” She whispered and took hold of Evelyn’s hand leading her further down the alleyway.

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