Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) twistyguru 2010-08-14

Another interesting (and well written) chapter--I find myself eagerly looking forward to further updates in this story, even though I never thought that the premise would work. You're doing a great job managing it, though.
One thing: 'deosil' is the clockwise counterpart of 'widdershins'. (Yes, I'm just now catching up on several chapters at once, due to the demands of RL).
Oh, and the buckyball-coated desk is too funny! Snape will NEVER EVER figure it out, as it is completely outside of his frame of reference.

Author's response

Thank you for your kind words. It's rare that a crossover can work without getting silly, which is why I took so long setting things up.

I looked everywhere for 'deosil' and never quite found it. I'd heard it before and had forgotten where. Damn!

Snape and Buckyballs: Precisely!