Review for Before I Wake Up: Memories of Ada

Before I Wake Up: Memories of Ada

(#) jadesohma 2010-11-05

I am jewish and I almost cryed. It wasn't as powerful as anne frank or tell the children but it was sad. I loved (in a way) when she started to sing to her friend. I thought it was amazing. I have a holocaust story of my own. It about a guy saving a girl from the camp. I am a romance writter so there will be romance. I just thought this sound cool and keep writting^^

Author's response

Aww... well, I'm glad that you liked it. :) I'm glad I didn't mess up the Jewish traditions or anything. :)

I'll have to read your Holocaust story when I get the chance. :D

I wasn't thinking of adding anymore chapters or sequels, but maybe I will in the future. :)