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Chapter 4: If I d ie before I wake

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So, I've had four memorable deaths happen to Hannah, Jane, my mom, and my brother.

All of them are very sad and will stay in my heart forever. I always wear the necklace from Hannah, my mom's ring, and my brother's belt that seems to strangely fit me.

I also look at the picture book Jane had made when this whole thing began. She had drawn her own political cartoons, not even knowing that they were political cartoons.

Way back in the 30s, she had drawn a picture of the American flag in a very miniature version in the bottom left corner. She had drawn a huge German capturing a Jew right next to it.

I knew what it meant. It meant the U.S. was paying no attention to us, while the Germans were capturing us.

Everything had started out kind of a blur for me. It almost seemed as if the Germans were our friends at first. They were just moving us to the Ghettos.

However, once they started these 'actions' as most refer to them as, I got the sense that they weren't our friends.

I was still dreaming. I started thinking about what would happen if I were to d ie before I woke up.

What would happen? Would my father survive?

If I did d ie before I woke I would want him to have my love for all his life; no matter how long or short that would be.

I finally hear the voices of the Germans from downstairs. "Out damned Jews!"

I know my dad was probably worried about me. Not being in the bunker and too ill to wake up right now.

I hear the Germans getting closer. I was afraid because I couldn't wake up. I felt like I had what was called 'pink eye' and on both eyes too.

I don't know what will happen if I would d ie before I wake. However, I might just find out real soon.
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