Review for My Confused Love [sequel to my drunk love]

My Confused Love [sequel to my drunk love]

(#) VendettaEmma 2010-11-07

Do I have to kill a bitch to get you to update this sooner!? Goddamit! Ha ha xD Great, nonetheless. I almost died of happiness when Asia called Bob daddy :'D. That last seen was pretty hot, my dear. Keep at it!

Author's response

Lol Emma! Your review totally made my day. I really wanted to make an effort to try to update this, even though I think it sucks, perhaps it's the only way to get the damn bouncy ball bouncin xD

I know right, I've been dying to write that part with Asia and Bob (: I luffed it, glad did you too :D

Thank you (:

and ps, you might have to choke a bitch xD