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Killjoy Backgrounds

(#) scottyxdoesntxknow 2010-11-11

Hi I'm so sorry, but I was wondering if I could do this still? I tried finding you on but I can't quite figure out how to navigate it yet lol...anyways, I'm sorry if it's too late.

Real Name - Aria
Killjoy Name - Aria51
Age - 16
Eyes - Dark brown
Hair - Black with red streaks. Curly.

Outfit - Neon blue skinny jeans, Hot pink shirt, and purple jacket. Black converse. Hello Kitty necklace and rainbow jelly bracelets. Orange bandana tied around neck.

Weapon Of Choice - silver ray gun with the words live and die written on them.

War Paint - yellow stripe under cheek. Gold eyeshadow on the eyes. Black lipstick that makes one of those heart shapes on the lips.

EXTRAS - Asserative one. Doesn't like to be pushed around, had enough of it growing up. Lives up to her own standards, but also the sympathetic one.