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Bed Head

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Emilys Killjoy

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Real Name - Emily
Killjoy Name - Bed Head
Age - 18
Eyes - Brown.
Hair -Wavy brown with dark blue in it.

Outfit - Black skinnies, dark blue tank, and black hoodie with 'revenge' written on the back.
Accessories - Fingerless Gloves

Weapon Of Choice - Red raygun with black broken hearts on it.
War Paint - A black broken heart on each cheek, and a painted on blue tear drop.
EXTRAS -People wonder why she doesn't smile. She only shows her true self to the pepole she trusts

Background Story -
Emily was a small shy girl with only one friend. She trusted her friend with her life and told her every secret she had, things she'd never admit to her parents in a million years. The great thing about her friend was that she never judged her. Her friend was called, Lucy.
They grew up and shared some expierences with each other, first periods, dying their hair for the first time, their first dates... Stuff that normal teenage girls went through.
One day though, Lucy disappeared. Emily and Lucys parents looked high and low for her, but they never found her.
But soon, Lucy started noticing strange things. When the lights were turned off at night, as she tried to sleep, she heard whispering underneath her bed. She would quickly turn on her bedside table lamp and look underneath her bed. Nothing or nobody was there.
At school, while she was sitting alone in the canteen she heard someone crying her name. She would look behind her, all around here but no-one was even glancing her way.
Two years passed without Lucy. Emily began to stop trusting people. She went home and checked the post. There was a letter for her. There was no address on it. Someone had delivered it personally.
Emily opened it and the letter read.
I know everything.
From Anon.

Emily tossed it in the bin, thinking nothing of it. Probably one of her class bullies trying to scare her. Well, it wasn't going to work.
But she got another letter the next day. A completely different letter.
We need your help. Come straight to Battery City. We know where Lucy is!
~ Party Posion

Now Emily was scared, but she needed to find Lucy. So the next morning, she told her parents she was going to school and headed straight for Battery City.
Nearly killed by Dracs on the way, Emily passed out and awoke to find herself in Battery City, saved by the other Killjoys.
Party Posion helped her became an official Killjoy and now she sets out on her life mission to find Lucy again. Party Posion informed her that he knew the Dracs had got her, but he wasn't 100% where.
But Bed Head would not give up until she found her friend.
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