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Not written by me, written by Raven from :3

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Real Name - Raven.
Killjoy Name - Twitch.
Age - 16.
Eyes - Hazel/Green.
Hair - Black and shoulder length with red streak in side fringe.

Outfit - White button up shirt, black leather jacket, black skinnie fit jeans and doc martens.
Accesories - Fingerless biker gloves, black shades.

Weapon Of Choice - Flip out shaving razor.
War Paint - Black and red eye-shadow above eyes, heavy black eye-liner and two red lines running over each eye to collar bone.
EXTRAS - Always has a silver lighter tucked into front pocket; superb for burning you alive. (Not psychotic at all)

Background Story -
Not born in America, age 14 she ran away from home and family to live up her dream in the great US of A. She always dreamt of how she'd make it to the Big Apple and start a career in music; alas when does anything go to plan?
Turned away without a even an audition she was forced to live in the gutters, become one of the pitiful creatures looked down on, even by the lowest of the low. Never more than a scavenger. An animal.
That was before they took her.
Covering her mouth as she screamed and throwing her into the back of a blacked out car. Unseen. Undisturbed. No one cared anyway.
The last she can remember from her real life was the gentlre shushing of a male voice, a hand caressing his tear-damped cheek. His final words would echo in her head for as long as she exists.
"C'mon Killjoy; make some noise."
That was then. Before she felt the pain that sent her into a dreamless, numb sleep. Before she awoke to stainless steel scalpels and bright surgical loghts.
Before she cut everyone of their throats and enjoyed it
Now she was a predator. Created to lure in prey. Created to slaughter.
Now she was a true Killjoy. A Killjoy with a taste for blood and revenge.
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