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Toxic Neon

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What I wrote for Toxic Neon :3

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Real Name - Brittani
Killjoy Name - Toxic Neon
Age - 21
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Bright Red With Black Bangs

Outfit - Black Skinny Jeans, I Am A Monster Shirt, Hot Pink And Black Converse.
Accesories - Hot Pink And Black Skeleton Gloves

Weapon Of Choice - Hot Pink Raygun With Black Hearts
War Paint - Red eyeshadow, X over left eye, One Hot Pink Stripe Under One Eye
EXTRAS - Looks innocent but is completely physco and uses this to her advantage

Background Story -

Orphaned at the age of 13, and with no other family members to go to, Brittani knew she didn't want to spend her time in care. So she ran away, far away, until people gave up looking for her, assuming she was dead.
Her innocent looks didn't help her at first on the streets. Some men got dirty ideas, but she soon learnt how to defend herself and used her innocent looks to her advantage. She learnt how to get their attention, take them down dark alleyways and suddenly pounce. She'd steal all their money, and leave them dead. Nobody even suspected her.
But it wasn't like she was a bad person. These were men suspected of murder anyway, not innocent people.
That was how she lived her life. Untill one day, a short man with black hair met her. He was different, Brittani could sense it... Not that Brittani used that name anymore. She didn't use any name, she had already forgotton it.
He offered her a place to stay for the night, and she decided to accept. If this guy turned out to be dodgy, she knew how to sort him out anyway. So what did it matter?
This guys place was amazing! He had loads of rooms, a giant TV... Everything that her parents had had. Brittani grew sad at the memory. Her name might have disappeared, but every fact of her parents remained.
The man noticed her sadness, but didn't comment. He just showed her to her room and said goodnight.
When she woke up, she smelt something funny. She sat up and saw something neon green, dripping down from the ceiling.
"Hey!" She yelled, as she watched it sizzle the floorboards.
The man came running and saw the neon green stuff and straight away, he said "Walk around it." He warned, so she quickly climbed out of bed and edged around it.
"What the hell was that!? Why was it burning the floorboards!? Why was it even there in the first place!?" She asked, as he dragged down the stairs.
"I can't explain all that right now, you just have to get out of here!" But when he opened the door, three draculoids stood there.
"Prepare to die." One said.
The man quickly shut the door and pulled Brittani back up the stairs. "We'll have to escape this way." He said, opening a secret compartment in the floor.
"What the heck is going on!?"
"I'll explain later, Killjoy!" He cried, pulling her in and jumping in after her. The compartment was made into a slide. Brittani screamed as she slid down and landed with a thunk on the floor.
She quickly got up, before the man could land on her. He stood up and held out his hand "Hi. I'm Frank. You are?"
"I don't know." She replied, near tears "I don't know my own name!"
"Well, if you become a Killjoy..." He said "I can give you a name.."
She quickly agreed "Okay. I think I will name you... Toxic Neon."
She was confused "What!?"
"Killjoy names are different to real names." He said with a shrug.
He warned about all the troubles in this new world, and gave her a hot pink raygun with black hearts on to protect herself.
Toxic Neon smiled at him, and left through the window.
She now dedicates her life to kicking Draculoid ass.
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