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Rag Doll

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Not written by me, written by Lily Smith :D

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Real Name - Lily Smith
Killjoy Name - Rag Doll
Age - 14
Eyes - Green most of the time, but they change to blue, brown, light brown and purple blue, but sadly not the color i want them, soft gold.
Hair - Light brown with dark brown, red and blond undertones, short right above my shoulders, wavy if im feeling lazy, straight or really curly if I'm not.
Outfit - Black ripped skinny jeans, Big white with black striped t-sirt, Leather jacket, Black dirty converse.
Accesories - Hippie head band, iPod with big earphones.
Weapon Of Choice - My little rag doll that follows me around, He is an endless supply of weapons.
War Paint - Under the eyes one big thick black line and one smaller one under it.

Background Story -
I'm an orphan, been with WAY to many familys already, one was hippies, goths that gave me the doll that did some weird magic on it to make it alive, artist, business people, insane abuser, so i finally got sick of it and i guess found you? or sumthin... so i look, act, and talk weird from all the people iv dealt with, and i always go, "once i met some one that worshiped this dead guy, so he dug up his grave and fucked him..." or something that goes with (or not) about what were talking about. Know alot of people
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