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Safety-Pin Kitten

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My Best Friend's Killjoy :D

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KillJoy Background Number 2 -

Real Name - Jasmine
Killjoy Name - Safety-Pin Kitten
Age - 13
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Red

Outfit - Black Skinny Jeans, Muse Tee-shirt, Goth Jacket, Converse
Accesories - Kitten Ears

Weapon Of Choice - Fake Kitten Claws, Safety Pins
War Paint - Kitten Whiskers
EXTRAS - Those fake kitten claws and safety pins are REALLY sharp

Background Story -

A once loved girl called Jasmine lived in a small home with her mum, dad and half-sister. She was happy up until the one day that changed her life forever.
A marching band came through called The Black Parade, stealing her family and everyone else in the small town as they did so. The young girl managed to hide until they had marched on.
Once alone, she began to search the ruined town for anything usefull to use... To use for survival.
Three hours later, she had found pieces of cloth, safety pins, small knifes and some string.
After sitting frustrated for several minutes, she finally thought of a plan.
She fashioned the pieces of cloth into wearable clothes, keeping them togethor with the safety pins. Then turned the small knifes and string into do-able kitten claws.
Food was even harder for her to get. She was starving but had no idea of what to do. Most people would use the sharp kitten claws to hunt down food, but Jasmine was a strict vegetarion and refused to eat any meat. Even if she was desperate.
With no sense of direction, she got up and started walking. Time meant nothing anymore. To her, it was just dark and light instead of night and day.
After days of stumbling along with no food, she reached a city. She tried to explain to people about her family and her town and how more people could be in danger... But if people didn't shake their heads at her dirty appearence, they ran away from her long kitten claws.
But she didn't give up. She kept approaching people to ask for help, and no matter how many times she was rejected, she carried on. She carried on, until finally, someone listened to her. A man with yellow hair and bright clothes.
So Jasmine poured her heart out about what had happened to her family, and once she started she couldn't stop. After months of holding it inside, she was finally letting it out. She started crying.
Jasmine found it strange that the man did not try to comfort her. Instead he grabbed her hands and whispered something under his breath.
And when she looked, she no longer had tacky pieces of string and knifes attached to her hands. They were real kitten claws!
"Safety-Pin Kitten," He called her "Don't rest until you have your revenge. Remember... Art Is The Weapon."
The man quickly gave her a hug and hurried away. Her body began to tingle, and when she looked down her tatty pieces of cloth had been replaced by black skinny jeas, a muse tee-shirt, a goth jacket and converse... Sort of like the clothes she wore before The Black Parade had taken everything from her... But the difference was, these clothes were held togethor by Safety Pins.
After days of stumbling around, wondering what to do, she met another girl like her called The Artistic Accident. She told her all about Killjoys and told her that when she met the man with the yellow hair, she had officially become a Killjoy.
So Jasmine asked what her name was and her new friend smiled "Isn't it obvious? You're Safety-Pin Kitten!"
She drew on some kitten whiskers with a marker and set out to destroy the black parade, in a hope it would bring back the rest of her family.

[A/N] - I made that up for my best friend. The name she made up, I made up pretty much everything else. She doesn't even know I wrote this on here! But someone blogged saying they wished they had the creativity to write one... If you put down all your details, I can make you up a background story if you want :D
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