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Artistic Accident

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KillJoy Background Number 1 -

Real Name - Hozzie
Killjoy Name - Artistic Accident
Age - 14
Eyes - Greeny Blue
Hair - Bright Red

Outfit - Pink Tartan Jeans, My Chemical Romance Top and Black Boots with paint splatters on.
Accesories - Rainbow Arm-Warmers, Gray Arm-warmers with random drawings on, Peppa Pig Hairclip and I Love Vampires Belt.

Weapon Of Choice - Multi-coloured raygun
War Paint - Red eye-shadow all around eyes with pink eye-liner and one purple line across each cheek
EXTRAS - Raygun is always tucked in belt and hair is always left loose.

Background Story -
14 years ago, an artist thought up an idea like no other. He was sure it would be the perfect creation. So he got to work on it straight away.
He spent the entire evening doing nothing but painting and sculpting and perfecting this creation of his. It took him days, weeks, months but evantually, he put down his brush and looked at his finished work.
He invited a critic to his home, to view this creation. But the critic did not improve, and the artist cast away his work.
He gave it to a scientist. His name, was Doctor DeathDefy, back in the day when no-one knew he even existed. He was excited about recieving something like this and immediately got started on experiments for it.
But, like most of his experiments, this one went wrong. He brought the artwork to life. Doctor DeathDefy didn't see this as a problem at first, and set her to work doing chores in his lab and making her help with other experiments when needed. After two years of making her work for him, he finally realised what he had done. Not only had he brought her to life, he had given her emotions and thoughts of her own. And soon, she demanded to be realesed.
At first he refused. But then she started turning violent and he sent her far from his laboratory.
Once alone, she set out to find her true family. She was sure that if she could only find the artist who had created her, he could give her answers to the questions she had.
Who was she?
Why was she created?
Why was she not wanted after creation?
But it was so difficult to find him. She was all alone, just an artistic accident walking along each street with no home to go to. She managed to survive off of natural resources and anything else she could find.
She finally managed to get a job. She had to stand on corners of streets and sell black and white newspapers to people passing by. It was a boring job and she didn't like how dull the newspaper looked. But she had to do it, because she knew if she could just earn enough money, she could reach her creator again.
One day, a man wearing a yellow mask with red hair stopped by to buy a newspaper. As she handed it to him, the paper filled with colour until it looked more like a giant piece of artwork.
The girl was stunned and stared at this man "Hello." He said "It's been a while since we last saw each other."
In an instant she knew. This was her creator.
"W..." She tried to get out her questions "Who am I?"
"You," The man smiled "Are my artistic accident. I will stand here and answer any questions you may have."
The Artistic Accident asked many questions about her creation, why she was not wanted and who this man was. He told her his name was Gerard Way and was trying to defend himself. He admitted after throwing her away he had given up on art and turned to singing... And saving the world.
Finally, the girl had one more question "What is my name?"
He smiled "You have known all along. You are the Artistic Accident." He handed her a multi-coloured raygun, with a warning to take care of herself.
And just as he turned to leave, he left a final warning "Art Is The Weapon."
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