Review for The Bestest HouseElf

The Bestest HouseElf

(#) Cateagle 2010-11-20

A beuatiful one, Mike, and a much more deserved and appropriate ending for Dobby than in canon. I quite love it that he managed to pretty well terminate his former master's line, using their tool against them, before he died; that's exceedingly appropriate. It would be amusing to read the DMLE report on what happened to Malfoy Manor.

I do wonder how much more Dobby could've helped them if the author had thought of it (I reckon he could've made camping in that tent much, much easier for all concerned). But, then, I disagree with a number of JKR's choices in "that book".

Author's response

Thanks, Evan. I've often wondered the same thing about the elves in general and especially Dobby with his fanatical loyalty to Harry. I may have to keep that in mind if I ever do a DH-rewrite (yeah, like that's gonna happen grin).