Review for Harry Potter and the Soul Gem of Anubis

Harry Potter and the Soul Gem of Anubis

(#) Wonderbee31 2010-12-18

Very good section, and enjoyed seeing Draco dressed down by Harry like he was, which is something to see, as the canon seems to show that he doggone seems to be very uncouth for what all is constantly implied by his station, though the Malfoy's remind me of what used to be calle "new money" instead of an ancient house. Will be curious what all Harry might be able to bring as far as maybe effecting things in the political arena,and afterwards when he wins. Will be fun to see if Ron can get over his pratitude early, though unfortunately, he never really seems to do so in canon imo.

Author's response

Yeah, I always got the impression that the Malfoy's were 'new money' as well. Lucius 'bought' his way into the upper tiers with his marriage contract to Narcissa.

The political stuff won't happen for a bit, probably after their Christmas hols as Harry has a few things happen to him first.