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The Hogwarts Express

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The Golden Trio hit the Hogwarts Express and are off to Hogwarts.

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Summary: Harry is chosen by an ancient artifact that he discovers in his Family Vault.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters within this story. JKR and the people at WB do.

Harry Potter and the Soul Gem of Anubis

Chapter 2– Hogwarts

Harry, Hermione, and Ron settled into an empty compartment as Ginny went to meet up with some friends.

“Exploding Snap?” Ron asked as he rummaged through a bag.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she took out her Potions text, “Really, Ron. What are we, eleven?”

Harry grinned as he took out small notebook and a deck of cards, “No, Hermione, we're thirteen. We're expected to do silly things at times, especially on a long trip.”

Hermione affected asnooty look on her face and responded like the mature young lady she was, by sticking her tongue out at Harry and Ron, whereupon they all broke down laughing.

“Harry, where's Hedwig?” Hermione asked as she looked for a quill in her bag.

“She's on her way to Hogwarts, I decided to let her fly instead of making put up with the crowds and the train,” Harry responded as he tossed a card to Ron. He then reached into his book bag, removed a mechanical pencil and passed it to Hermione. “Use that; it doesn't splatter.”

“Oh, that's agood idea, Harry. Thank you.”

“Not a problem, Hermione. I've got a bunch of pencils, erasers and lead refills. I'm taking my notes in a sensible way. Forget the quills; they can't erase incorrect information,” Harry stated as his cards began to smoke. “Oh bloody ...” BOOM

Hermione snickered at the look on Harry's soot-covered face as Ron fell over laughing,“Serves you right for using that sort of language.”

“She's got you there, mate!” Ron managed to sputter between laughs.

Harry mock-growled at his friends as he cleaned up, “All right, enough of that. You win. I'm going to smell like smoke the rest of the trip.”


Hermione and Ron were going over Ron's Potions essay with a fine-toothed comb for errors as Harry paged between two editions of the their third year Potions text, comparing them.

Hermione noticed what Harry was doing and had to ask, “Harry, why do you have two copies of the Potions text book?”

Harry looked up from what he was reading, “What? Oh, one of these was my mum's. Ifound it the family vault along with dad's books and some other stuff. Dad wrote snide comments about the teacher in his and drew pictures as well. Mum wrote notes down about the potions. I'm just seeing if they've made any changes in the books since then. If they haven't, I'm going to use mum's book instead.”

Ron shook his head,“Whatever teacher they had, had to have been better than Snape, mate.”

“/Professor/Snape, Ron.” Hermione corrected.

“Well … what would be worse, Ron? Having Snape as a teacher or having him as a classmate?” Harry asked.

Ron choked on the chocolate frog he was biting into, “WHAT?! Merlin, I pity your mum, Harry. Having to put up with the greasy git for one class is horrible. But putting up with him in all of them?” Ron shuddered, “Terrifying.”

“It gets worse.” Harry said with a shake of his head.

“How?” Hermione and Ron asked simultaneously.

“Well, reading some of these notes … it looks like they were partners in Potions. And friends.” Harry replied.

Ron shuddered again,“Mate, no offense, but your mum must have been mental!”

Hermione smacked Ron on the shoulder, “Ron! There must have been a reason they were friends. I doubt Professor Snape was always … well … as grumpy as he is now.”

“Grumpy is one word for it, Hermione! Another is greasy, git, and a total and complete ...”

“Ronald Weasley, don't you DARE finish that sentence!” Hermione interrupted.

Harry just laughed.


Harry looked up as the door to the compartment slid open. He rolled his eyes to see Draco Malfoy standing in the doorway, with his flunkies, Crabbe and Goyle, behind him.

“Well if it isn't Potty, the Weasel, and the mudblood.” Malfoy.

Harry shook his head as he responded, “Mind your manners, young Malfoy. You shame House Malfoy with your speech.”

Malfoy turned red as he glared at Harry, “Who do you think you are, telling me what to do, Potter? You're nothing more than a jumped-up mudblood yourself.”

Harry finally looked up at Malfoy and rose to his feet, “Who do I think I am, Mr. Malfoy? I am Lord Potter, Head of House Potter. Mind your manners before I follow 'tradition' and … correct … them for you.”

“You can't threaten me, Potter. My father ...” Draco ranted.

“Your father is head of a minor house, Mr. Malfoy. House Potter outranks it. If that is not enough, I am also Lord Regent of House Black, of which you are a very minor member. Do not test my patience.” Harry interrupted as he looked steadily at Draco. “Now, leave and Iwon't offer you correction at this time.”

Malfoy turned a dark red, slammed the compartment door shut, and stomp away.

Ron looked at Harry in shock as Hermione tentatively spoke up, “Harry?”

Harry sat back down, reopening his mother's potions text, “Yes, Hermione?”

“What was all that about?”

“Wellllll, Ifound out a few things when I went to Gringotts. Things that I should have been told a couple of years ago.” Harry answered.

Ron spoke up, “Dad thought you didn't wear the ring because it would be too noticeable or you didn't want to deal with it yet.”

Harry shook his head,“I didn't even know about it until I went to Gringotts while Iwas staying at the Cauldron. Apparently they'd been trying to reach me about some paperwork.” Harry shrugged. “All it means to me right now is that, one, I can shut up Malfoy by reminding him of his manners, and two, I could afford to get rid of those horrid clothes of Dudley's and get something closer to my own size than'baby elephant'.”

Ron put his papers away and stood up, “I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to the loo.”

Harry nodded as he went back to comparing the text books, “Okay, mate. See you in abit.”


Harry and Hermione were discussing the changes his mother had made to some of the potions when the train began to slow down. “Isn't it a bit early for us to be at Hogwarts, Hermione?”

“It should be another thirty minutes or so if I remember correctly,” Hermione answered, looking out the window.

“Harry! Look at the window!” Hermione pointed at the window in shock. It was slowly frosting off, making it impossible to see through.

“Ron's not back yet either, hope he's okay,” Harry said as he drew his wand.

“What do you think is going on, Harry?” Hermione asked as she readied her wand as well.

Harry watched the rest of the windows in the compartment slowly glaze over with frost as well, “I'm not sure, but I really don't think I like it.”

Harry twitched a bit as he felt a prickling sensation coming from the Gem, “Whatever it is, I REALLY don't like it. It's getting cold in here.”

Hermione rubbed her arms as she watched the door of the compartment, “No kidding. This is insane!”

Harry jerked the door open, hearing screams from farther up the train car, “Hermione, stay here and lock the door. I'll be back as soon as I can.”

“Oh no you don't, Potter! I'm coming with you. You need backup.” Hermione stated firmly as she followed him into the hallway.

Harry and Hermione jerked to a stop as they saw a cadaverously thin figure with scabrous gray hands, and who was wrapped in a ragged black cloak, floating towards them. It seemed surrounded by mist. Hermione began moving back, shaking and whimpering quietly as memories flooded her mind.

Harry stepped forward, glared at the figure, and cast several spells at it, to no effect.“Damn!” Harry began backing up, taking Hermione with him, while continuing to cast spells at the figure in hope of slowing it down. He paused when he heard a voice from behind him.

“Expecto Patronum!”

Harry ducked as asilvery mist flew past his head, driving the figure back. He looked back and saw an adult brandishing his wand at the figure. “Sirius Black is not on this train. Leave now!”

The figure slowly backed away, fading into the darkness of the corridor. Hermione leaned against Harry's back, still whimpering under her breath as Harry turned and held onto her.

The adult passed alarge piece of chocolate to Harry, “Break that into two pieces, make her eat one of them and you eat the other.”

Harry looked up at him, his eyes narrowed, “Who are you?”

He smiled as he answered, “I'm Remus Lupin. Technically, Professor Lupin of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Now eat the chocolate, I have to check on the other students and the train personnel.”

With that, Professor Lupin moved past them, checking on the students as he moved towards the front of the train. Harry watched him leave.

Harry guided Hermione back into the compartment and helped her sit down. He sat next to her, slowly feeding her small pieces of the chocolate until she started to feel normal. Shortly thereafter, Ron ran into the compartment to find himself nose to wand with Harry. “It's me, Ron! Don't hex me, mate!”

Harry lowered his wand with a sigh, “Don't DO that, Ron. You scared the shite out of me!”

Ron grinned weakly as he looked at Harry's wand, “I scared YOU? Mate, I almost need new pants, thanks to you.”

Hermione opened her eyes as she made a disgusted face, “Really Ron, must you share that information with us?”

“Yes.” Ron grinned as both Harry and Hermione groaned and threw candy packets at him.

Hermione finished the chocolate that Harry had given her and looked at Ron, “Ron, what were those horrid things?”

Ron's face paled as he answered, “Those were dementors. They're the guards at Azkaban.”

“Azkaban? That place they sent Hagrid?!” Harry asked, shocked.

Ron looked even paler than before, “Merlin … I didn't even think of that, mate!”

Hermione sniffled abit, “Poor Hagrid. Being arrested for no reason and then sent somewhere that THOSE things are!”

Harry nodded, his eyes wide, “Bloody hell. That's worse than Durzkaban.” He thought for a moment, “Shite!”

“Harry!Language!” Hermione slapped Harry sharply on the shoulder.

“Ow! Stop it, Hermione!” Harry looked back and forth from Ron to Hermione, rubbing his arm lightly as he spoke. “I'd say the situation calls for worse language. Hagrid was arrested for something he didn't do, received no trial, and was put in Azkaban, just so the Ministry could 'be seen to be doing something'. We know Hagrid was innocent … how many others are there with no trial or just so the Ministry could be seen to be doing something?”


The trio stepped off of the train and headed for the carriages at a quick pace to get out of the rain. “Hermione, remind me to bring an umbrella next year!”

“Good idea, Harry! Wish I'd thought of that earlier!” Hermione answered as they climbed into a carriage.

Harry grinned, “I wish you had, too.”


Harry grinned and changed the subject, “We can go see Hagrid tomorrow, between classes sometime, and let him know that haven't forgotten what happened.”

Ron looked over at Harry, “You're not going to let this go, are you mate?”

Harry looked seriously at Ron, “No. I don't care how backwards wizarding law is; it was wrong to do what the Minister did to Hagrid.”

Hermione and Ron agreed and the trio worked on their plans until the carriage reached the doors of the castle.

Ron jumped out of the carriage and held the door open for Hermione and Harry to get out. Then, all three bolted for the castle.

They spent the remainder of the evening cheering for Hagrid -- when he was introduced as the new Care of Magical Creatures instructor, discussing whether or not Professor Lupin would try to kill or/Obliviate/ Harry as past teachers had, and laughing -- when someone hit the Weasley twins with a spell that made them talk backwards.
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