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Owls, Dementors, and Wizards Oh My

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Harry is already in the hospital wing! Poor guy can't catch a break.

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Summary: Harry is chosen by an ancient artifact that he discovers in his family fault. This is a Harry Potter / DC Animated Universe crossover.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters within this story. JKR and the people at WB do.

Author's Note: This chapter takes place approximately six weeks after the Superman Animated Series episode The Hand of Fate and hence, before the Justice League series.

Harry Potter and the Soul Gem of Anubis

Chapter 3 Owls, Dementors, and Wizards Oh My.

"Come on, Harry. Wake up." Charlus helped Harry to sit up, "Come on, lad. I can't fix this. You'll have to do it."

Harry blinked as he looked up at his grandfather,
"Wha--? What's going on?"

"Something is draining your magic, Harry. That's causing the basilisk venom and the phoenix tears, which were in balance before, to act up. One is causing you damage and the other is healing you, both at the same time. And it's causing you a large amount of pain," Charlus explained.

Harry simply closed his eyes and faded back into his body as another figure appeared next to Charlus, one that somehow seemed more real than the surroundings. He was dressed in Egyptian clothing which dated back centuries, if not millennia.

"He will not last much longer, Charlus."

"I know that, Asim, but what can we do? Harry doesn't have the strength to use the Gem right now, and we can't." Charlus replied.

"While I am unable to use the Gem to affect the abomination that is attacking young Harry, I do have other abilities. Do not forget, Charlus, I am in here in whole, not in fragment."

Asim raised the staff while chanting in a language unknown to Charlus before slowly fading into the background.


'Harry' opened his eyes and looked around the Hospital Wing as Madame Pomfrey made her way toward him, "Mr Potter! How are you awake? The pain killer and the sleeping draught should have kept you asleep for hours yet."

'Harry' raised an eyebrow, "I am not Harry, Healer. I am a ... guardian of his line. My name is Asim."

"What? How?" Madame Pomfrey stuttered.

"I have no time to explain, Healer." Asim looked around and his eyes stopped at a window. "As intelligent as Harry said," he mused aloud. Turning back to Madame Pomfrey, he continued, "Healer, please open the window and allow Hedwig in; she is needed to send an urgent message. NOW please!"

Madame Pomfrey hurried to the window and opened it to allow Hedwig in. The owl entered immediately and landed next to 'Harry'. Hedwig spent several minutes eyeballing him suspiciously. Harry/Asim whispered gently to her, until she finally settled down and stretched out a leg for a note.

"Such a wise and beautiful owl to know what is needed. But this message requires more than paper and ink, lovely one." Asim smiled, "It requires the aid of magic to find the one we need to heal your wizard."

Hedwig barked softly and nodded, waiting.

Asim smiled as he put his fingers on her wings, "Tiil vji demmif Nabu." Hedwig glowed for a moment before she took wing and disappeared out the window.

"That ... was more difficult than it should have been." Asim closed Harry's eyes and subsided into sleep.


Asim faded in next to Charlus and staggered before he caught himself with his staff. "The message is sent. I do hope that Hedwig is able to locate him soon."

Charlus helped Asim to sit down on a handy tree stump, "Who?"

"Nabu, an ancient and powerful wizard from my era. I can sense that his spirit is still on Earth. He will be able to assist Harry."


Madame Pomfrey explained to Headmaster Dumbleore what had happened. As he listened to her, Dumbledore cast diagnostic spells over Harry's sleeping form. "Fortunately, whatever that was did not affect his magic."

Dumbledore ran his fingers over his beard, pondering the situation, "Whoever was using Harry's body said that his name was Asim?"

"That is correct, Headmaster. His voice seemed to ... echo, and I would swear that English was not this Asim's first language." Pomfrey added as she turned to face the Headmaster.

"I know of no 'Asim' linked to the Potter family. However, despite my reputation, I do not know everything. Please let me know if it happens again, Poppy?"

"Certainly, Headmaster."


Hedwig, while not quite as capable of thought as many humans, was highly intelligent even without the familiar bond she had with Harry. Innate magic could aid a great deal with such things. She knew, without any doubt, that the person she was seeking was far away, yet she also knew that whatever that person in her familiar's body had done would allow her to find him even more quickly than she could have on her own.

It only took her a couple of hours to fly a distance that would have taken most jets up to eight hours. Hedwig barked in amusement at the look on the face of the guy in the blue and red pajamas as she passed him and swooped down towards the city the person seemed to be circling.. 'Slowpoke!'


Superman blinked as the form of a snowy owl passed him like he was standing still. "What the ...? Did I just get buzzed by an ...? Nahhh, couldn't have been. I think I need some of Lois' 'coffee of doom'."


Hedwig dove down towards the tower. Her magical nature allowed her to bypass its protective spells, as she was simply delivering a message. She squeezed through the open window and flew towards her prey.

Hedwig landed on top of a helmet. Ignoring the wide eyes of the two people in the room, she began to peck at it.


"Yes, Kent?"

"Is that an owl pecking at my helm or was something in the breakfast past its expiration date?"

"It appears to be. And I do NOT allow food to expire in this kitchen!" Inza replied, glaring at her husband.

"Yes, dear."

Kent Nelson stood up and walked over to the odd owl on his helm, "May I help you?"

Hedwig looked up at the human, "PRECK!"

Kent looked back at his wife, and then back at the large bird, "I'm sorry, I don't speak owl." His lips quirked in a smile as the owl appeared to huff in disgust. She then pecked the helmet again. "You have a message for Nabu?"

Hedwig bobbed her head up and down as the human FINALLY realized what she was telling him, then hopped off the helm and glided over to the coffee table where Inza offered her a cup of water. Hedwig began to drink after giving a soft chirrup of thanks.

Inza laughed softly, "Nothing is ever normal around here, is it my love?"

Kent rolled his eyes as he picked up the Helm of Nabu, "No, but this has got to be the strangest way we've started a day since 1969."

Kent put the helmet on and began communicating with the spirit inside, the ancient wizard Nabu. 'Nabu, you appear to have a message. There is an owl here looking for you.'

'An owl? Who in the Wizarding World would send a message to me?' Nabu replied before taking over Kent's body.

Nabu looked at the owl, automatically checking for enchantments. He raised an eyebrow under the helm, as he recognized both the seeking spell and the magical signature of the person who had cast it.

"I am Nabu. What is your message, friend?" Nabu intoned as he stepped closer to Hedwig.

Hedwig looked him up and down, chirruped as if unimpressed, and then released the message that Asim had put in her mind. Master Nabu, your aid is required to save a child from two horrible fates. The most important, at the moment, is a soul portion that is leaching his magic. Come immediately.

"How very interesting. Asim had great skill at magicks dealing with the soul. I must wonder why he is asking for assistance." Nabu mused out loud.

nza sipped her tea, "Well, you won't find out sitting here, will you? Just make sure to return Kent in one piece, hmm?"

Nabu bowed, "As you wish, Great Lady."

"And don't you forget it."

Nabu looked over at Hedwig, "Shall we go save your wizard, young owl?"

Hedwig flew to Nabu's shoulder, perched carefully, and let out a squawk as they both disappeared in a flash of light.


They appeared outside the gates of Hogwarts in a flash of light that attracted the attention of the dementors. Kent looked at the castle and shook his head, "Ahh, Hogwarts." He looked at Hedwig, "It's been some time since I've been here." His musings were interrupted by the dementors at the gate as they moved towards him. As they began to circle him, Hedwig took off towards the school.

"Soul drinkers? At Hogwarts? What in the name of Order are they doing here?" He watched them circle, until one dared come closer and reach for him. Dr Fate smiled grimly under his helm, raised a hand and intoned a spell which caused his hand to burst into white flame as he touched the dementor. The dementor was quickly engulfed. Seconds later, a few gray ashes settled to the ground.

"Return to your island, demons. Do not leave it or come to my attention again lest you be destroyed. Do not tempt Fate." Dr Fate pronounced. He watched the dementors flee, careful to make sure that none remained behind. Once they were gone, he gestured and disappeared in another flash of light.


Albus Dumbledore entered the Hospital Wing and made his way to the matron's office. He glanced over at the bed where Harry was lying, his friends Ron and Hermione there with him. Hermione was reading her class notes to Harry. "Ah, Poppy! Your message stated that Mr. Potter's owl had returned? Will he be able to assist young Harry?"

Madame Pomfrey shook her head and sighed, "There was no response, Headmaster. I'm not even sure if she was able to find him."

Hedwig bristled at the insult, but held still, keeping a protective eye on her human and his friends.

Albus shook his head, his eyes no longer twinkling, "Then we must send him to St. Mungo's, though I hesitate to do so."

Madame Pomfrey glared at him, "Headmaster, St. Mungo's would have even less of an idea on what to do than I have currently."

"If you have a better idea, Poppy, I would be more than delighted to hear it." Albus replied.

Any response that Madame Pomfrey might have made was cut off by a bright light appearing in the middle of the Hospital Wing, that quickly took the shape of an ankh. A second after that, a figure in gold and blue stepped through it.

"Good evening. A rather lovely snowy owl requested my presence. I am Nabu."

Hermione and Ron gaped at the figure for a moment before Hermione blurted out, "Holy cricket! You're Doctor Fate!"
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