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The Family Vault

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Harry discovers an ancient artifact in his Family Vault and is chosen by it. Eventually a DC Animated Universe crossover. First time posting here, still trying to work out the formatting.

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Summary: Harry discovers an ancient artifact in his Family Vault and is chosen by it.

Harry Potter and the Soul Gem of Anubis

Chapter 1 – The Family Vault

Harry was enjoying his time in Diagon Alley, even if it was because he had told the Dursley's off and inflated 'Aunt' Marge. Stupid woman and her vicious dog.

However, he decided that it was time to get some decent clothing and headed down towards Gringotts, intent on removing some money from his vault for shopping.

Harry entered the lobby of Gringotts and looked around for a teller. As he moved towards a short line, he was intercepted by one of the goblins.

“Mr. Potter, you are a bit early for your appointment, but I believe the account manager is available currently. This way, please.” The goblin gestured for him to follow and started walking towards the back of the bank.

“Excuse me, but what appointment? I was just coming to make a withdrawal so Icould get some school supplies early.”

The goblin turned back, “You did not receive a letter from your account manager requesting your presence, Mr. Potter?”

Harry shook his head, “No sir. I've never received any letters from Gringotts before.”

“Odd. I'll mention it to your account manager. Follow me please.” The goblin continued towards the back of the bank, then down a marble lined hallway past a series of doors and stopped at one labeled'Major Accounts' and knocked.


The goblin opened the door and gestured for Harry to enter, “Account Manager Karnak, Harry Potter has arrived. He states he did not receive a letter and was here simply to make a withdrawal from his trust account.”

An elderly looking goblin looked up from the papers he was looking at,“Verify that the letter was sent, Graknar, and check the others that we've sent to Mr. Potter and see if any of them have gotten aresponse.”

The goblin nodded and walked out, closing the door behind him. The elder goblin gestured to a chair, “Sit down, boy. I am Account Manager Karnak. I have been the Potter Account Manager for approximately seventy-five years.” He looked Harry over as Harry sat down, a look of confusion upon his face. “Certainly one of the scrawniest Potters I've met, lad.”

“Um… Account Manager Karn .. Karnak? What is going on?” Harry asked he got comfortable in the odd chair.

Karnak looked at Harry over the rims of his glasses, “That is a very good question, Mr. Potter. The last missive we sent you was to request your presence so that we could arrange your access to your family vault.”

Harry blinked in surprise, “I have a family vault?”

Karnak raised a brow, “Do you know nothing of your family, Mr. Potter?”

“My aunt and uncle despise magic, Account Manager, and refuse to speak of either of my parents.”

Karnak frowned as he rummaged through some papers, “That is highly disturbing. Then, if you will, allow me to explain the basics to you.”


Harry stood, “Thank you, Account Manager Karnak. Iappreciate you spending your time to tell me about my family.”

Karnak smiled, the teeth of a carnivore blatantly obvious, “It was my pleasure, Mr. Potter. Please let me know if you need any more information on the accounts.”

Harry nodded and left the office. Karnak leaned back in his chair thinking for a moment, he then made some notes in a folder and put it away.


Harry entered the family vault, eyes wide as he looked around, the cart attendant speaking as he did, “The belongings that remained from your parents house are on the left, Mr. Potter. Shall I leave you to browse for a bit?”

Harry looked back and nodded, “Yes, thank you. Is there a way to contact you or someone else when I'm done?”

The goblin nodded, “Just come out onto the platform and someone will come for you shortly thereafter.”

“Thank you again, sir.”

The goblin inwardly raised an eyebrow at the politeness,“Glad to assist, Mr. Potter. I'll see you shortly” The goblin turned and exited the vault as the door closed behind him, causing lights to come on.

Harry wandered around the stored furniture for a little while as he thought 'what if' thoughts before he flopped down on the couch. 'Comfy, very nice,' he thought to himself as his right arm reached down and plucked up a stuffed black dog from the floor. He looked at it in shock, 'That wasn't there when I laid down.'

He looked over the stuffed animal, examining the wear and tear on the old toy, grinning at the toothmarks on the ears. “I think I'll call you … Padfoot. That seems like it should be your name. I'll take you with me, I think.”

He set the stuffed animal on the couch and got up, moving to his parents trunks and going through them, setting some books aside to go through later and greedily taking all the photographs he could find in each trunk that showed his parents.

Harry stopped rummaging through the photos in his dad's trunk, looking at one photo. 'Wow' he tilted his head as he looked at the picture, 'that one needs to be saved for later.' He flipped the picture over and promptly tossed it back in the trunk after reading the name on the back. 'I sure don't need anyone finding out I have apicture of Amelia Bones as a Hogwarts student … in lace. Though … if Susan turns out anything like that...' Harry shook his head and closed the trunk to remove the temptation.


Harry continued looking through the vault, gradually making his way through his parents belongings, and came across apedestal with a ring, bearing what Karnak had shown him was the Potter family crest, and what looked like a brilliant green cabochon cut emerald. Harry picked up the ring and put it on as Karnak had suggested and the ring sized itself to fit on Harry's finger.

'Hm, Karnak didn't mention a gem or anything,' Harry thought to himself. Harry picked up the glowing green gem, looking it over carefully before it leaped from his hand and fastened itself to the middle of his forehead, causing him to collapse.


Hello, Harry. It's nice to meet you.”

Harry opened his eyes, looking around. He was laying in a meadow with scattered trees and a blue sky above and in front of him was a pair of … loafers?

Harry scrambled to his feet, looking at the person in front of him, “Where am I? Who are you? And how do you know my name? And where the hell is my wand?”

The person standing before him chuckled, “My name is Charlus Potter, Harry, and I'm your grandfather. Your wand is on your physical body. As for where we are, you just put on the Soul Gem of Anubis and it brought your spirit inside of it for now.”

Harry shook his head, “I'm confused. You're my grandfather? I was told my dad's parents were dead.”

I am dead, Harry. Each Potter who has worn the gem over the centuries leaves a small piece of themselves in the gem to guide each new bearer. Your father never wore it, otherwise the Killing Curse wouldn't have worked on him. Hard to strip the soul out of someone who is armored against such attacks. Of course, Voldemort could have simply have killed him in another fashion. So it's not perfect.”

Harry blinked, “I'm still confused.”

Charlus laughed and put his arm around Harry's shoulders, leading him towards a small path, “I bet you are. At least I had read my father's journals so I knew about the Gem and some of what it could do. You are coming into this cold with no warning. First thing, aside from introducing you to the family, is to start your training on how to contact the Gem and tap into its abilities. Or you will be stuck here.”

Harry jerked to a stop, “Stuck here?? I can't be stuck here, I have to go to Hogwarts in less than two weeks and my body is currently lying in the Potter Family vault!”

Charlus laughed and pulled Harry along, “Then I suggest learning quickly, lad. Fortunately time runs at a different pace here.”


It took Harry several 'days' to learn the techniques to contact the Gem, establish control of it, and then return to his body. Harry then closed his eyes, settled into a meditative trance, and reached into the Gem.

Charlus Potter stood before him smiling, “You'd done it, Harry. Of course that is only the basics. We have much more to go over, but that can wait until you're at the Cauldron. Now go get some real rest. And don't forget my journals.”

Harry hugged Charlus tightly, “Thank you, Grandpa, for everything.”

He hugged Harry back and ruffled his hair, “You're welcome, Harry. I'm just sorry that James never wore the Gem. He should be leading you through this. However, I'm sure that I'm kicking his hind end in the afterlife.”

Harry looked up at Charlus, “But, you're here. How could you be there too?”

Charlus chuckled, “I'm simply a fragment, Harry. A shadow left behind to guide the next wearer of the Gem. In all ways, I am Charlus Potter. But the spirit of Charlus Potter is with his family.”

I'm confused again,” Harry shook his head.

Charlus laughed, “That's life for you, Harry. It's always confusing.”

Now scoot!”


Harry packed his grandfather's journal with the other items in the trunk, pressed the tip of his wand to the lock to shrink it, and left the vault. Shortly thereafter a cart arrived with the same goblin who had brought him down, “Ready to go, Mr. Potter?”

Harry smiled, “Yes, thank you. I think I've got everything I need from here currently.”

“Very well, Mr. Potter. Step in please. One speed only.” And with that, the cart raced along the tracks to the surface.

Harry stepped out of the bank, looked around, and made his way to The Leaky Cauldron to drop off the trunk before heading back out into the Alley to find a place that sold normal clothes instead of robes.


Harry staggered back into the Cauldron arms full of shopping bags and dropped them at a table and sat down, wiping his forehead. 'Bloody hell! Salesladies are relentless!'

“Evening, Harry. Want some supper while I have your purchases taken up to your room?” Tom asked.

Harry looked up, nodding, “Thanks Tom, I'd appreciate that. I thought Madame Malkin's was bad for shopping!” Harry shuddered, “She's got nothing on the ladies at Gladrags!”

Tom laughed as he waved his wand at the bags, causing them go floating up the stairs, “What would you like to eat?”

“Whatever you have ready, Tom. I keep telling you that I don't need anything special.”

“Bah!You're skinner than one of the benches here, lad. I'll have my m'wife bring out a couple of pasties for you, and a bowl of stew.”

“Well… since they're your WIFE'S cooking, ok.”

“Impudent scamp!” Tom laughed and went to get the food from the kitchen.


Harry sat at the small desk in his room and reached over to Hedwig's perch, scratching her lightly under the breast feathers while she slept.

Harry picked up a quill, dipped it the ink well, and began writing.

'Dear Professor McGonagall,

If possible, I would like to change one of my elective courses. Please drop Divination from my schedule and add Ancient Runes in its place.

If this is not possible due to scheduling conflicts, please change it to Arithmancy instead.

Thank you,

Harry J. Potter'

He sat for a moment and thought, grabbed another piece of parchment to write on.

'Dear Hermione,

Just a note to let you know that I'm currently staying at The Leaky Cauldron until it's time to go back to Hogwarts on September 1/st/. Also, I've written Prof McGonagall to let her know that I want to drop Divination and take Ancient Runes or Arithmancy instead, depending on which is available for scheduling.

Hope you had a good vacation!


Harry let the ink on both letters dry before sealing them and setting them aside for Hedwig to deliver later.


It took Harry a great deal of self-control to not go back to Quality Quidditch Supplies and order one of the Firebolts. Fortunately his grandfather Charlus managed to help talk him down, though he still spent a spare hour or two almost drooling over the broom as he finished the majority of his shopping for Hogwarts.


That's WONDERFUL! I'm sure that you will enjoy either class. But why didn't you drop Care in order to take both classes? I'm sure they will be more useful than Care in the future! I've included the book list for each class so that you can prepare. I'll set up a study schedule once we know the class schedules and you, Ron, and I can study together and you and I can study either Runes or Arithmancy as well.

See you soon!


'Mr Potter,

While it was at virtually the last minute, I have managed to adjust your schedule to accommodate the removal of Divination and added Ancient Runes. Enclosed, you will find the texts required for the class.

Good luck,

Professor Minerva McGonagall'

Harry cheered to himself once he read the letter and immediately wrote to Hermione.

'Hey Hermione!

Got into Ancient Runes! Thanks to your letter, I've already got all the books for both classes. I can always try to go through the Arithmancy books in my 'oh so large amount' of free time. Bet Wood has us on the pitch 8 days a week!

See you soon!



Harry got up, showered, and dressed before heading out to ogle … er, look at the Firebolt one last time. He also hoped to run into the Weasley's and or Hermione at some point today as he had yet to see any of them this summer.

Ron and Harry spent some time talking about the broom and discussing what could be wrong with Scabbers while Hermione just tapped her foot impatiently before the topic turned to classes.

“Um, Ron … I … I dropped Divination for Ancient Runes,” Harry confessed after Ron started talking about how easy Divination would be.

Ron goggled at Harry, “You what?? Why did you do that, mate? I thought we were going to go through it together?!”

“I'm still in Care, Ron. We'll be in that class together. But … well … while at Gringotts I found out about the Potter family vault and found my mom and dad's schoolbooks and notes while looking through the stuff saved from Godric's Hollow.” Harry replied.

“Oh Harry!” Hermione hugged Harry tightly, “Are you ok?”

Harry hugged Hermione back, then released her and nodded, “Yeah. Trying not to dwell on 'what if', you know?”

Hermione nodded and stepped back as Harry looked over at Ron again, “Both of my parents took Ancient Runes. I … well, I guess I thought it might give me a chance to know something about them. I have so little information about either of them.”

Ron blushed, “Sorry, mate. I wasn't thinking.”

Harry smiled and punched Ron lightly on the shoulder,“It's okay, mate. Let's head over to Magical Menagerie and get him checked out.”


Harry spent the rest of the day, after Scabbers was checked out, at The Leaky Cauldron with Hermione and the Weasley's. Aside from a few pranks and a disturbing overheard conversation indicating that yet another person was going to try to kill him, it was a good day.
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