Review for On Your Side

On Your Side

(#) CMR 2010-12-20

So Ms. Deeds is going to be the villain in this story I can't wait for the fighting. Will there be more villains in your story. I know this is off topic can you tell me what the deal with Tibor? I know He is after the zero list and is also Julius' brother. But why dose he want the zero list? I saw the last 3 episodes and it did't explain why he what to go back in time.

Author's response

Yes she she is and I can't wait to write about the fighting. I can't tell tell you if there will be more villains it has to be a secret :)

I don't know what happened for most of season 3 I never got to see the episodes because of the time change Teletoon had made I saw the first 4 or 5 episodes. So I don't know what happened at all in the season finale besides what was posted on Youtube sorry.

*season 2 I mean I know just as much as you do.