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Chapter 2

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D&J are briefed on their mission.

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"Like some important Academy files have been stolen man!" Al yelled as he threw the empty folder onto the desk it had a large red 'CLASSIFIED' stamp on the front.

"What kind of files were they Al?" Delilah asked as Julius looked in the folder as if he was going to magically find the papers inside it.

"Like I can't tell you that kiddos as you can see it's like classified." He replied pointing to the folder in Julius' hands.

"Well then how are we supposed to know what we're looking for?" Delilah asked slightly confused.

"You're right man you are like my best agents I can like trust you guys right?" He asked, and they both nodded in sync.

Al leaned over his desk and his voice turned into a whisper, he told the contents of the file to them and shock and fear spread across their faces.

"We have to get those files!" Julius said breaking the silence that had lingered.

"Where are we going and who are we dealing with?" Delilah questioned.

"Like we-"

"We believe it was Ms. Deeds, kittens." Scarlett answered, cutting in before Al.

"Why do you think that?"

"Because this was left behind sugar." She replied opening her hand to reveal a fortune cookie.

Delilah took the golden treat from her hand and cracked it open and took the little white paper out of it. In small red text it read 'If you want the files come and get them Delilah and Julius.'

"Ugh! She's taunting us!" Delilah exclaimed irritated, frustrated and angry about the note.

Julius put a hand on Delilah's shoulder to comfort and calm her down.
"It's okay Dee we'll get the files back, so where exactly are we headed?"

"I'll take this one Scarlett." Al said bitterly, still a bit peeved about the earlier interruption.
"Like with what's contained in those files we're like thinking she went to the main GIB headquarters in Ottawa man but we're going to send other agents to the affiliate places around the country in case they find something there."

"So come to the lab with me sugars." Scarlett said walking towards the lab doors.
The metal sliding doors made a whoosh sound as the trio entered Scarlett's gadget lab.

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