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Chapter 1

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Delilah and Julius must go on an important mission to bring back important files that are dangerous in the wrong hands.

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Julius peered at his history textbook but he just couldn't concentrate on the words in front of him. Every time he tried to read even a sentence his thoughts would drift of into another world. It's not that learning about Canadian history bored him; it actually very much intrigued him.

Over the last couple days he started to get restless, he hadn't been on a mission with his partner in weeks. It was refreshing at first to just lay by the pool or watch t.v whenever he wanted but now it all seemed boring and like a routine, no excitement.

He glanced over to the desk beside him where his partner and best friend was sitting, curious if she was as bored as he was. No, he thought to himself even if she was she would actually be reading her textbook instead of sitting there like a lump. She was entirely focused on what was written in black and white in front of her. Her eyebrows knit together concentrating on studying for the test that was coming up in a few days that Julius well knew he wasn't ready for. He didn't really care he knew Delilah would stay up late with him the night before to cram everything into his brain. A few strands of her hair fell into her hazel eyes. She pushed them away when looked up at him and he realized he had been staring a little too long. He quickly
looked and so did she, he felt his cheeks burn a little of embarrassment which only Delilah could inflict on him.

He tried to read again and this time succeeded in reading a whole paragraph this time. He tried to continue on when Al rushed in to the classroom without a normal knock on the door. Al leaned in and whispered something in the teacher's ear. This interested Julius more than the confederation on Canada so he took his blue eyes off the text and put all his energy and spy eavesdropping in to trying to hear the inaudible speech. Al just as quickly left the classroom as he came in.

"Delilah, Julius you are excused for the rest of the class, Al needs you in his office right away." The teacher said with a certain amount of urgency in his voice.

They quickly grabbed their books and headed down the hallway to Al's office not even dropping their books off first like they usually did but this time felt different they had both noticed the urgency the teacher conveyed.

"Do you think this will get us out of the test if it's a mission?" Julius asked Delilah with his famous grin.

"Does that really matter right now Julius? This could be a really dangerous mission." She replied bitterly; brushing off Julius' attempt at a joke.

"I guess not, sorry."

"No, I'm sorry Jules I kind of snapped... I-I've just kind of been..on edge since the break, I think if this is a mission it'll be good for me."

"Yeah me too." He replied with a nod as he opened the door exposing a more then usual frantic Al pacing back and forth a very messy office with papers strewn across the floor and desks and everywhere in between.

"What's up big Al?" Julius asked as both of them threw their books on the nearby couch adding to the disastrous mess.

"It's-it's horrible man..if we don't...oh mannnn!"

"Al, Calm down." Delilah said comforting and guiding him to his black desk chair.

"This is one important mission kiddos and we need our best agents on it."

"What is it Al we can handle it whatever it is, like you said we're the best." Julius replied with a hint of smugness in his voice.

Delilah caught and gave him a quick jab in the side with her elbow.

"Ow! Dee!" He muttered.

"Sorry.." She giggled with the slightest of a smile.

"So back to the mission kiddos."

Al said cutting in right away with irritation in his voice.

[AN: Hi everyone! I used to write Delilah and Julius fanfics 3 years ago with the account Smiley02 and I noticed there hasn't been a lot of new stories so I decided to write one to many get the momentum going. So I hope you enjoyed the first chapter I hope it wasn't too boring but the second chapter will be a little more exciting so please review and tell me what you think. Thanks :)]
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