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Chapter 3

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Scarlett gives them their gadgets and they travel to the GIB headquarters.

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"Come over to the table, I got some swank gadgets for you lovelies." Delilah and Julius followed her Scarlett towards the huge metal slab table positioned in the middle of the room.

"Trackers for each of you like always, in case anything happens to you kittens; a pair of shoelaces that double as a sleek camera and a Swiss army knife with a few...Scarlett modifications." She said placing a tracking device in each of their hands and Julius grabbed the shoelaces and Delilah the knife.

The two teenage spies immediately left the academy in one of the many private planes the academy owned.

"I can't believe what's in those files; I'm surprised the academy is keeping them it seems like something the GIB would keep for themselves." Julius inquired.

"I know it seems kind of odd don't you think?" Delilah countered. "I can understand why Al reacted like that but I never have." She continued on before she could get an answer while concentrating on piloting the plane that was flying over Nova Scotia.

"Yeah me either the closest thing I've ever seen to that was when Scarlett wouldn't let him order anymore take out to the academy." Julius chuckled back to that memory.

Delilah didn't return a smile, she thought it was funny she just had more serious thoughts on her mind.

"More serious is what Ms. Deeds is going to use those files for; what is she planning?" Delilah said pondering the possibilities.

"Who knows, all I know is whatever she's plotting she needs to be brought to justice." He replied brushing of the seriousness of the idea.

"You're right; I should be concentrating on not crashing this plane, which is what you'd probably be doing right now." Delilah said a slight bit of humour streaking through her voice as she gave Julius a sideways glance and smile.

"Ha Ha Dee." He mockingly replied to her like he often did. "That is so not true." He objected.

"Isn't it though, every time you've piloted we've either crashed or almost have." She jabbed at him.

"Come on some of those weren't my fault a couple times we lost a wing." He replied sulking a little that she was bringing up his 'unlucky' piloting experiences, but feeling like he won the argument.

"You're right Jay I'm sorry for bringing it up again." She apologetically responded, noticing his sudden change in body language.

A sum hour later the two spies landed in Ottawa. There was a rental car at the landing site waiting for them. Delilah tossed the keys to him and chirped in.

"I flew the plane so you can drive."

A smile spread across his face as they both sat in the car. A short drive through Ottawa to the outskirts they arrived at the GIB headquarters. Like the academy it was hidden behind trees, but unlike the academy it was tall and rather industrial looking. As Delilah got out of the shiny blue rental car she pondered on a couple of thoughts how Ms. Deeds got into the building without being detected and why isn't the GIB trying to take her down she's in their own building. She expressed these thoughts to Julius.

"You over think too much Dee, she probably wore a disguise which just makes our job harder and it's just the headquarters most of the goons aren't here jus business people."

"I guess you're right Julius." She sighed, but she couldn't help but feel like something wasn't right.
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