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Chapter 4

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Delilah and Julius sneak into the GIB headquarters to try and find Ms. Deeds and the files.

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Delilah peered through the glass of the shiny metallic building.

"There isn't a secretary or anyone in there, want to in through the lobby and then continue cliche spy style?" She asked her partner who in return gave her a look of cluelessness.

"Through the ceiling vents Jay." She told him.

"Oh gotcha!" He enthusiastically exclaimed he opened the glass door like gentleman for her then stepped inside himself.

The interior of the building was just as polished and metal looking as the outside, all the walls were bare and metal looking with only several sliding doors on one side with no indication of where they led to, the floors were gray marbling and the only furniture was a desk with a computer resting on top. Delilah looked around trying to find an accessible vent. While Julius was thinking about how sterile it looked, like a spaceship or a hospital but thought he'd rather be in a spaceship than a hospital; he hated hospitals.

"That's where we need to get." Delilah said breaking the silence and pointing towards a vent located right about the desk.

"Okay we'll have to stand on the desk to get up so I'll climb up first then I'll pull you up."
They agreed on Julius' plan and he hopped up onto the desk he tried to lift the vent grate off but it was screwed to the ceiling by four little shiny circles.

"Hey Dee." He called below to her.

"Yeah?" She asked looking around making sure no one was coming out of one of the several doors.

"Can you pass me the Swiss army knife Scarlett gave you?" He asked but was really telling her to pass it to him.

"Yeah sure." She called back taking out the red knife from the pocket of her tan capris pants.

"Thanks." He said taking the knife from her and started using the screwdriver to unscrew the four screws. He gave the knife back to Delilah, took the grate off and with ease pulled himself up into the large square hole.

"Your turn." Delilah heard Julius call to her.

Then atop of the desk she was ready to be hoisted up she heard the unmistakeable whoosh of a sliding door opening.

"That must be the secretary coming back, hurry pull me up!" She harshly whispered above.
Julius pulled Delilah up beside him without breaking a sweat as the secretary had just sat in her leather desk chair.

"That was really close now let's try and find Ms. Deeds!" Julius said still continuing the whisper Delilah had started.

"Pony up!" Delilah exclaimed leading the way through the vents until they came to a crossroads.

"If she's in disguise how do we know if we found her?" Julius asked.

"Well, she's not the best actress so even though she's in disguise her voice and mannerisms will be the same." She countered.

"So we have to look through every room in this huge building?" Julius replied looking at her as if she was crazy.

"Yes, I know it's a lot of work but you can use your camera shoelaces to look through some rooms and we can split up and communicate along the way to cover more ground as well."

"I don't think it's a good idea, partners aren't supposed to split up I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you, I couldn't help you Dee." He asserted with a lot of concern in his voice.

"Jules, I'll be fine nothing will happen."

She started to crawl away from Julius making a slight clanging sound with each little movement she made. Julius grabbed her around her small wrist.

"Let me go Julius!"

"Why do you have to be so stubborn?"

"Because I know I'm right that I'll be fine, do you not trust me?" She retailed jerking her wrist out from his strong grip.

"Of course I trust you it's just-"

He paused for a moment, Delilah just stared into his deep blue eyes urging him to continue on and feeling a little bit frustrated with him that he didn't trust her enough to let them go solo for awhile.

All of that melted away when she got swept away by his looks like she did often.

"Did you hear that?"

She didn't even hear his soothing voice asking her a simple question.

"Dee did you hear that?" He repeated waving his hand in front of her face.

Delilah immediately snapped back to reality, realizing she was day dreaming about Julius again, she hated when she did that.

"Huh? Hear what?" She asked confused and slightly embarrassed she could feel a shade of red creeping across her face.

"That noise it sounds like a....laugh and talking."

She sat quietly for awhile hoping to hear the noised Julius was talking about, and then she heard it a high pitch laugh echoing through the vents followed by a gruff voice talking.

"It sounds like Ms. Deeds' laugh, which way do you think it's coming from?"

"Follow me; I hear it coming from this way." Julius uttered over his shoulder, crawling the opposite way Delilah had a short time earlier.

With each inch they moved the laughter kept getting louder. They finally came upon the vent that revealed Ms. Deeds disguised as a blonde business woman, a rather weak disguise but seemed to be fooling several GIB employees dressed in tailored suits. The cluster of people were standing in a completely white outfitted office and settled upon the desk was a black leather briefcase with locks on either side that Ms. Deeds was keeping the incriminating files in.
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