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Chapter 5

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Delilah and Julius try to bring down Ms. Deeds and take the files but fail

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"Think that's her?" Julius asked in a hushed tone turning his head towards Delilah's, their faces inches apart. Both of their cheeks started to flush a light crimson colour. Julius became a bit flustered and cleared his throat.

"Shhh." Delilah interjected brushing off the tension that just happened pretending it never did.

She tilted her head to the side, signalling that an important matter was happening below. They both tried to peer into the white office through the small extremely dusty metal slits.

"I can't see anything." Julius said slightly irritated trying to get his shoelaces untied so he could put it through the slits so they both could see.

"Here are the files we need." Ms. Deeds directed to the man behind the desk in her sultry voice, he was the owner of the gruff voice they heard earlier in the vent. His voice sounded familiar to Delilah but she just couldn't place it.

"It's defiantly her."

"She looks hot as a blonde." Julius remarked.

Delilah rolled her eyes in disgust and tried to elbow him in the ribs the best she could in the tight metal space.

"Nice try Dee, I win this time." He remarked with his gorgeous smile that Delilah could feel herself getting lost in already.

"Good work, the rest of you can leave now." The man behind the desk said opening the briefcase with one hand and shooing the other unimportant suited business people away.

"Come on we have to stop him from reading those files." Delilah exclaimed still speaking in hushed tones inching forwards on her elbows in an army crawl.

"Let's kick it!"

Delilah hopped down from the vent first onto the white desk, only inches away from the unnamed business man and the papers in his grip. She was so tempted to just snatch them out of his grip but knew it could lead to greater consequences later and who knew how good his reflexes were. Julius came down shortly after with the same thoughts as Delilah had but he wasn't worried about what could come later like she was, so he went for it. He swiftly went to seize the powerful papers but his judgement of his opponents reflexes were wrong not only did he miss objective of getting the papers but his arm ended up being strongly pinned behind his back in one unexpected move.

"Julius Chevalier and Delilah Devonshire, how expected but unwelcome of you." Ms. Deeds said in cheerful but sour tone at the same time still always with a bit of sultry mixed in.

"You know who she is don't you?" Julius directed towards the man responsible for the growing pain formulating in his shoulder that he couldn't get away from; the grip on his wrist tightening with each wiggle or struggle.

"Of course I do," he redirected throwing Julius aimlessly away, the pain going from his shoulder to his as he hit it on the sharp corner of a small filing cabinet adjacent from where he just was.

Delilah quickly rushed to his side, like a mother to her injured child.

"We're working together!" He continued cackling like a hyena, his eyes flickered to a dazed Julius holding the palm of his hand to his head checking for blood.

"Why would a GIB employee be working with a known criminal?" Delilah questioned, getting to her feet knowing Julius would be okay.

"You'll see soon enough, Delilah and Julius." He retaliated mystery and a slight bit of craziness in his voice as he took two syringes out of his suit pocket and stabbed it into Delilah's arm but not without a fair amount of a struggle and a kick to the face that would defiantly leave a bruise.

After the clear and mysterious liquid had been injected Delilah immediately fell limp and unconscious in his arms. He dropped her to the floor and stepped over her ready to take care of Julius as well; Julius was still seeing stars but knew he had to help her. He stood up ready to try and fight this guy knowing what and who was on the line. An instant headache took over his body he groaned in pain but knew he had to push through it, not only for Delilah and himself but the academy and everyone in it. He tried to give a left hook punch to his face but missed delirious with pain. He heard him laugh and the pain of being kneed in the stomach before blacking out and falling on the carpet beside Delilah, the blood from his previous fall leaving a stain on the crisp white as snow carpet. Ms. Deeds who hadn't done anything the entire time gathered all the files and stuffed them back into the briefcase as he injected Julius with the liquid just to make sure he wouldn't regain consciousness before he was supposed to.

They discreetly took both spies and the briefcase with them to a second location, a big abandoned warehouse further out on the outskirts then the headquarters had been; a place Ms. Deeds had set up in case anything like this happened and this was Delilah and Julius ruining her plans again.

"After we get rid them we'll go back to the GIB and expose what you've 'found' to everyone!" He said excitedly chaining Delilah and Julius back to back chairs.

"Who's everyone?" Deeds questioned. "How badly are we going to ruin them?" She continued on rubbing her hands together manically thinking of how great it would feel to finally get rid of those pesky agents.

"We're not only going to tell the GIB we're going to tell the whole country maybe even the whole world, expose them to everyone!" He revealed as he finished chaining the agents by putting several padlocks on the chains.

"Thank goodness for the syringes Dismay gave us or else we wouldn't have a chance at this working." Deeds chimed in being optimistic as usual.

Delilah started to gain consciousness as Ms. Deeds uttered this sentence, both of them naïve to her recovery. Her brain started to process what had happened to her today up to this point and she had an epiphany of thought. She tried to get up and look for Julius but found herself restrained to a hard wooden chair with big thick chains that were digging into her forearms. Trying to move had made the chains clank against the chair, she wasn't sure if it was intentional but it made a great alarm she had to admit it was smart a better choice than rope; she and Julius were trained for that they could get out of the tightest rope in under a minute.

"You're awake…" He said stating the complete obvious. "…perfect you'll be awake to see your partner die…or I could be nice and spare his life but take yours and make him watch." He continued leaning into her a Cheshire grin spreading across his face.

She didn't respond she just turned her head away from looking at his cold malicious eyes through her bangs.

"I thought we were killing them both!" Deeds yelled none too discreetly from behind him.

"Shut up!" He yelled back. "Alright I'll take your quiet response as the latter." He whispered in her ear, making a chill run down her spine.

"Accomplice wake him up!" He demanded over his broad shoulders.

He walked away and Delilah could hear the click of Deeds high heels coming closer with each step and then she heard the sound of skin hitting skin. The first time didn't work and with each she heard it she shuttered, until she heard him groan from the other side and she felt a wash of relieve that he was still alive. She didn't doubt he wasn't but it was always nice to be sure when couldn't see him breathing in her sight.

Once he had regained all control of his body the best he could, the man did what any villain did anytime the two were captured they told them their entire plan in full detail.

"Since you're both going to die anyway you might as well know my plan and see my face so it's the last one you see when you die." He started off with then continuing to peel his face off which indeed was a rubber mask as Deeds did the same; they both threw the masks onto the briefcase that was still holding the precious files inside.

"I should've known." Julius exclaimed staggering his words in pain.
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