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Chapter 6

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Delilah and Julius try to escape with the files.

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"Now that you know it's me Delilah and Julius I will tell you why I teamed up with Ms. Deeds and what we're going to do with the files that are now in our possession." He revealed to them still helpless and bound.

He walked over to the briefcase to fish the papers out which gave Delilah enough time to hatch an escape plan and whisper it to Julius while he had his back turned.

"Julius, can you reach into my front pocket on your left?"

"I don't know maybe let me try." He whispered back and he tried to bend his arm so he could reach; he was close but the pain his shoulder resurfaced and he couldn't go any further even though his finger tips were almost touching the fabric of her pocket.

"I can't do it Delilah, the pain in my shoulder."

"Yes you can."

"No Delilah I really can't!"

Delilah held his right hand and told him, "Jay I know you can do it please just try again."

She held his hand the entire time until she could feel his other hand in her pocket. A chill went down her spine feeling his hand feeling inside her pocket.

"I knew you could do it." She said hoping he could hear the smile in her voice.

"Now get grab the knife it has a laser on it so we can cut through the chain."

He grabbed the knife trying not to drop it or clank it against the chains as he slid it out of her pocket. If he did they were most definitely screwed for ever escaping.

The antagonist walked slowly over to the two young spies and started to pace back and forth, when he started to speak, Julius started to cut through the chains thinking his ranting would cover the sound of the laser.

Delilah noticed Ms. Deeds was talking on a cell phone while she was sitting on a makeshift table of boxes and plywood that was supporting the briefcase and masks. She wondered who she could be calling; her attention went back to the unmasked man standing in front of her that earlier to their shock was revealed to be the conman.

"I know you have many questions for me and I'm sure I'm going to answer them all. I'm not only working with the gorgeous Ms. Deeds but also names that should be familiar to you, Dr. Dismay who gave us the delightful drug that made our plan a whole lot easier, Wednesday gave us the clever disguises and DJ Hook was able to help us get into the GIB. Now I know you're asking why, will it's simple we all want to see you two gone from existence, we're just going to use these helpful files to get your precious academy shutdown with all of you sent away to jail for the rest of your lives how ironic. This is even better not only do we get to shutdown the academy but we get to personally dispose of you." He revealed devilishly rubbing his hands.

"Won't this destroy the GIB as well and mark you as a traitor of the organization?" Delilah asked trying to buy Julius more time.

The rage in the conman's eyes started to build and Delilah could see it.

"No! And you know why because what's written in these files isn't tied to the GIB so it doesn't do any damage if the papers are accidentally leaked to the government or the GIB it's self. It's perfect!" He yelled the tension in his voice escalating.

"Deeds did you inform everyone we're ready to start?" He asked taking a gun out of his suit jacket.

"Julius are you close?" She whispered as quiet as she could.

"Almost stall him for a bit more."

"They're arriving right now conman." Deeds informed him answering the question while getting off her cell phone.

The other 3 nemesises filed into the building.

"This place is so disgusting!" Wednesday shrieked.

"Look at gumdrop and lollipop all tied up! Ha-ha!" The good doctor exclaimed at the side of the two seemingly hopeless spies.

The conman proceeded to load the gun that was going to determine their fate.

"As promised Delilah you're first." He said placing the gun to her head for a clear shot between the eyes.

"Why do you get first shot at delicious and jelly bean?" Dr. Dismay proclaimed.

"Because I got them here!" He answered.

"But I got you into the GIB if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here." DJ Hook butted in.

"I like got you those fashionable disguises, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have even gotten into the GIB." Wednesday reasoned but not being able to get through to the three verbally duelling men.

"I got those files for you!" Deeds yelled over top of all of them and pointing to the papers in the conman's hands.

"I'm the one with the gun do you really want to argue with me." He retaliated back pointing the gun at each of them as a serious threat, his face beet red underneath the permanent iconic black mask.

He quickly turned the gun back to his man target Delilah the cold metal positioned on her forehead.

"Got it!" Julius whispered to Delilah, grateful for the argument that broke out giving him more time.

Delilah felt the chains give way but didn't take them off just yet knowing if she did he would shot her right away and Julius right after. She had to play with fire and luck if she was going to save both of them.

"Any last words Delilah?" He asked chuckling away.

Delilah was anxious in anticipation for the perfect moment when his finger was on the trigger.
"Yeah are you ready for your appointment with justice?" She asked using Julius' catchphrase as she kneed him in the gut making his aim skew off and shoot himself in the foot and making him drop the papers.

"Get them!" He yelled enraged and in pain.

"Quick Julius get the papers!" Delilah shouted over her shoulder while running towards the nearest exit.

Julius roughly body checked a vulnerable conman making him fall to the ground, giving Julius enough time to pick up the papers. As the other 4 villains came rushing towards him.

"Hurry Julius!" Delilah cried from the exit, the door wide open letting in a cold draft.

He safely made it out of the door with Delilah and they the best they could to barricade it to give them more time to run and call for help. They continued to run until they got a ways into the forest giving themselves a great enough distance away.

"That was really close but I’m glad you're okay." Julius puffed slightly out of breath, pulling Delilah into a warm embrace.

"Yeah I'm happy we’re both alive too." She responded sweetly, and then she felt a warm trickle going down her hand at the base of Julius' neck.

"Julius you're still bleeding a little from the fall, here." She said concerned tearing a sleeve off her shirt to give to Julius to put pressure on the wound to keep from bleeding just until they could get to a hospital.

"Thanks." He replied grimacing at the pain that shot through his body from touching the wound.

"I'm going to alert Al and Scarlett to come get us." She said pressing the red button on her tracker that sent a signal to the academy that the mission was over.

Julius sat down in front of a large pine tree continuing to apply pressure to his head and flipping through all the pages he picked up.

"Dee...I think we're missing a page." He said dumbfounded, he couldn't believe he missed one.

"Is it an important one?" She questioned rushing over and grabbing the papers right out of his hands.

"Aren't they all important?" He replied looking over her shoulder just to make sure he didn't count the pages wrong.

"Julius we have to go back and get it!"

"We can't Delilah, Al and Scarlett will be coming to get us soon we don't have the time. Who knows what could happen if we do go back and I don't know how much longer I can hold out with your shirt plastered to the back of my head." He said listing of the reasons why they couldn't go back to get the paper.

She glanced over to the opening of the trees.

"Then I'll go by myself and you stay here, and when Al and Scarlett come you tell them where I am so they can get me quickly even if I'm not in trouble." She tried persuading him.

"No! I wasn't letting you in the vents at the headquarter and you know how well that could of turned out what makes you think it's any different this time."

"This time I'm not listening to you." She replied reaching into the left pocket of his blue jeans and taking the knife out in case she needed it.

"Delilah, wait I have to tell you something." He started standing up so he could look into her big hazel eyes.

"What is it Julius, if you're going to try and make stay by saying you care about me I know Julius. I care about you too but I have to get this paper back." She interrupted, and then she did something unexpected she gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

As ran from a stunned Julius she bellowed over her shoulder. "Don't worry I'll be careful Jay."

Julius put his free hand on his cheek where Delilah kissed him and uttered the rest of the
sentence under his breath. "I love you."

Delilah kept sprinting, the trees beside and in front of her started to blur into one giant streak of green she stopped when she came back to the old warehouse where her and Julius had been kept what seemed like hours ago. She noticed for the first time night was starting to fall and the moon was peeking from behind the trees on the opposite side of the warehouse.
She hesitated in front of the door not sure what she was going to find on the other side. So just to be careful she whipped out the knife and whipped the door open.
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