Review for I'll Be There [Re-written]

I'll Be There [Re-written]

(#) emo-girl 2010-12-23


really good one shot, your description is good and clear, you don't write WAY too much which i like but you don't write too little which is also good.

I like the idea of gerard been able to change and stuff.

WHY THE HELL WAS YOU STILL UP AT 3AM!!!! i was asleep then woman! god granny's should be asleep at 7pm not 3am that's for the young people... hehe...

anyway really good can't wait for more!!! love u xx

Author's response

haha thank you, but as soon as i did it i wanted to re-do it, i might re-do it into a christmas one-shot insted of frankie on his birthday :)

but thanks anyway :)

and i dunno i was just wide awake and really bored, i was in a writing mood, i didn't even know what i was writing, i was doing whatever on the spot lol

yeah i am going to post my 'hold your breath kid' and some others >.