Review for Honey i'm home [Re-written slash]

Honey i'm home [Re-written slash]

(#) emo-girl 2010-12-24

haha you did it!!! im proud of you baby!!! im proud of my little slut! i hope you wasn't thinking about me when you wrote this... getting a little horny esp. when you think of me right? haha anyway really good one shot, I'm still gonna sit you down and teach you thow to write the best pervy slash ever!!!

P.S. you forgot to mention that im your lover and we are getting married... how could you!!! i thought you loved me... :(

Author's response

yes of course i was thinking of you when i did this :) haha thank you yeah u should help me out more :D

yes we are getting married and having children, and of course i love you xx :)