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Honey i'm home [Re-written slash]

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"When i get home, i always know he will be waiting for me.... making brownies?" Gerard's pov HOT FRERARD SEX for the new years!! Its my first slash so pleasee R&R xx :)

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A/N: Just to let you know this story is Re-written it's my first and would REALLLLLLLLLLY appreciate it if you could R&R thank youu :-))) but if you read this and think I am a slag ,I’m not xD trust me lol so please if you read and like, please also take a lil time to R&R :))

I jolted the breaks as my car halted to a stop, outside my...our apartment, I took the keys from the ignition and stepped out of the car, standing right into the middle of some sludge. I cursed as my black converse were now soaked through and my feet cold.

“Why can’t this fucking crappy snow go already,” I huffed to myself while rolling my eyes.

My car was really an old rusty banger, I have had it for so long and I love it but it needs a lot of work, too much work for me to afford.

I carefully walked to the door, trying my best not to slip on the sludge beneath my feet. I made it to the door, and pulled out my special card fingy, whatever it was and swiped it in front of the sensory pad. The buzz went off and allowed me to open the door, grasping the handle I let myself in.

I took to the stairs climbing two at a time, trying to get to my apartment as quickly as I could. When I got to my floor, I made my way to my door. I’m actually glad I went to work today, as today was more pay rise because of it being the new year, meaning me and Frankie could go out with Bob, Ray and Mikey like we hoped. Maybe we could ask Quinn and Bert, and make it a real good night.

I put my key through the lock and let myself in.

“Honey I’m home,” I called out as I stepped into the lounge, hearing my voice echo slightly.

“Oh hey babe,” Frankie spoke as he popped his head out of the kitchen, that guy really shouldn’t be in the kitchen too long.

“Why are you in the kitchen, you know you shouldn’t be in there,” I spoke as I made my way to the kitchen, raising my eyebrows at him.

“Oh thanks, whatever happened to hi, how are you? How has your day been?” he asked as he carried on mixing something. My guess it’s something that will probably explode in your mouth or give you food poisoning.

“Oh I’m ever so sorry, how will I ever forgive myself?” I said sarcastically while placing my hand on my chest.

“Shut up,” he said dragging me into a kiss.

“Hmmm you taste good, I like the apron by the way” I purred into his ear and licked my lips.

“Why thank you, and hey, don’t I always,” he said smirking and giving me flirtatious grin.

“Well yes but, you taste of Urmm chocolate.”

“Well that’s because I have been baking brownies,” he smiled.

“Y--you have b-b-been making-ohh” I gasped putting my hand on my head and pretending to faint, while using the kitchen side as support.

“Hey stop being so sarcy,” he giggled slightly. “You know you would be a good actor.”

“Really?” I asked standing back up and smirking lightly to myself.

“Sure you would, but I don’t want an actor for a boyfriend,” he cheekily grinned.

I just rolled my eyes and changed the subject, “So when are they going to be ready anyway ?”

“ I have some that are due to come out any minute,” he said as he kept his eyes on the cooker.

“Look at you eh the little cook, what’s with you all of a sudden?” I questioned looking him up and down, wondering if I was actually in the presence of my real Frankie.

However, his only reply was a tap to his nose, “Not telling.”

“Fine, are you still going to be using that melted chocolate?” I said as I made my way to the fridge, grabbing out a can of coke.

“yeah, I think I know what to do with this,” he smirked as he then turned to the cooker and got the brownies out. I sat on the stool sipping my coke, while admiring Frankie’s exposed petit bum.

Then I walked over to him and placed my hands on his perk little bum, leaning into him as he got the brownies on a dish.

“So when can I taste these brownies?” I whispered into his ear, while nibbling on his soft neck. “And more importantly, when can I taste you?”

He giggles “Soon, just be patient ok,” he smiled.

“Ok, I’m just going to the bedroom,” I said seductively before licking at his neck and removing my hands from his ass. “See you in there,” I smirked moving backwards a bit to enjoy the view of Frankie’s ass, then left the room.

As I entered the bedroom, I flopped onto the bed, kicking off my now dry converse, followed by my still damp socks. (Note to self: make sure to wear Dr Martens when going out in the snow). I then took off my black denim jacket and threw it over the chair by the window.

I have been sharing this apartment with Frankie for two weeks now, it is still a little weird as I’m so used to being on my own, but it’s nice to have him here, really nice.

I got up and turned off the light, switching my bedside lamp on, laying my head back on my pillow as I hungrily awaited Frankie, he has been starting to get more, and more irresistibly hot these days, not to mention fuck-able.

I was cut off from my thought as Frankie walked in and slammed the door behind him; he had the brownies in one hand and the bowl of melted chocolate in the other. He smiled seductively walking over to me placing the two dishes on the side.

I raised my eyebrows and leaned forward, “What are you planning to do?” I whispered, at the same time moving a piece of his hair behind his ear, to focus more on his gorgeous hazel eyes, that had flecks of brown in the iris, just as I remembered the first time we met. He looked even more breathtaking tonight, and I had ideas for what we could do with the melted chocolate.

He licked his pink lips, making them look glossy and inviting before he answered, “Well what do you have in mind,” he spoke as he looked up to me with a grin on his face.

“You tell me,” I said before I hungrily pressed my lips to his firmly, cupping his face in my hands, deepening the kiss. I could feel his lips form a smile against mine, and then he prodded his tongue at my lips asking for access, I happily granted as his tongue twirled and explored my mouth. I then joined my tongue and swirled it round with his, tasting him more and making the kiss more passionate and deeper than ever.

I pulled him closer to me as he then climbed onto my hips, the kiss broke but began soon again, his lips moved more forcefully with mine, and as they did I roamed my hands down his sides. Then beginning to move my hands around his neck to untie the not to the apron, rolling it down to reveal his ink covered body.
He moaned slightly and then latched his lips onto my neck, just below my ear and nibbled, licked and kissed his way down to my collarbone.

“Ohh,” I moaned out as I felt tingles explode inside of me, as this was becoming more pleasurable by the second.

“You like?” he said with a grin as he looked down at me.

“Fuck yeah,” I panted.

He didn’t say a word, just smiled and went back to attacking my neck, He licked from my collar bone all the way up to my ear. He gave me some last kisses on my lips before undoing my shirt.

He was still on my hips, his growing warm erection just meters away from mine. He undid the buttons on my shirt and tore it off, slinging it on the floor afterwards. He placed his warm soft hands on my bare chest, gliding them up to my nipples; he then leaned in kissing all the way up to them, gently licking my nipples and running little circles around them with his talented tongue.

“Urhh fuck, ohh,” I moaned as I felt my growing erection stiffen and grow more. I could not help but buck my hips up as he did this, feeling his dick press against mine.

He then stopped his actions to reach for the melted chocolate. He smirked at me and all of a sudden was pouring some over my chest; I flinched slightly at the hot contact with the substance. He stopped and placed the bowl back on the table, making sure to leave some for later.

He wiggled slightly on me, as if getting comfortable, though I could see the teasing grin on his face.

“Frank,” I groaned.

He then licked the chocolate off my chest seductively, while dragging his erection up against mine slightly as I felt the friction. He carrued on licking the chocolate off untill it was all gone. Humming and moaning in satisfaction as he did.

“Hmmm so good,” he moaned while biting his lip with his eyes closed.

He then lifted my face to his and kissed me passionately, and as he did I could taste the chocolate, and it was good. I smiled and started to tug at his apron pulling down a little further to feel more of his chest against mine. I ran my hands down his tattooed body and bit my lip.

He looked so fucking good right now with him above me.

He grabbed my belt buckle, and started to quickly undo it, I helped him and slipped my jeans off so I was now just in my boxers.

I sneakily slipped my hand underneath the apron that was half hanging on his body, to reach his growing erection and stroke him teasingly.

“Hmmm ohh fuck,” he moaned. “T-tease,” he groaned.

I then removed my hand to flip him over, so he was on underneath me. I kissed his chest and licked my way down to his apron, that just barely hung on his hips. I licked just above the apron and flicked it a couple of times.

“Oh fuck Gee, fucking s-suck me off, I want to f—fucking feel you around me,” he moaned and I could tell he couldn’t bare it any longer.

“My pleasure,” I said licking my lips and then taking off the apron. When I did, his hard dick was revealed and he was now completely naked, and completely irresistible.

I clasped my hand around his base, and pumped his dick up and down while massaging his balls with my other hand.

“Oh fuck Gee, please take me I-in your mouth,” he begged.

And as soon as those words escaped his lips my mouth was around his dick. He bucked his hips up and placed his hands in my hair. I licked his base all the way to the tip of his dick, I slid my tongue down to his balls, and took them into my mouth, and I heard him gasp in pleasure. I sucked him all the way down moaning is satsifaction, tasting a little bit of the pr-cum before he climaxed. I took as much as I could and swallowed.

“Ohh, that was I-incredible,” he gasped through panted breaths, while he scrapped back the hair that had stuck to his face.

I nodded and lay on my back as Frank then reached down, pulling my boxers off so we were both naked. I then reached over to the table and got some lube from the draw, I squeezed the cold substance onto my fingers. I then looked at him as if asking permission, he nodded eagerly and I then slipped one finger into him preparing me, he scrunched his face up a little in discomfort, and then I slipped another in and another. Finger fucking him until he soon adjusted and was ready.

I then added more lube to my hands and covered my dick with some; my erection hovered over his entrance before I went in. I leaned over and gave him a soft kiss before I entered. Slowly pushing in as I could see the pleasure on Frankie’s face take over.

I took slow thrusts to begin with, and then started to quicken, while he held my waist in place, digging into my hips moving me further in. Once I could tell he had gotten used to the slow pace i was thrusting into him faster.

“ohh ohh ohh that’s it Gee right there, ahh hmmm,” he moaned as he grabbed my waist, pulling me deeper in and roaming his hands down my back, while wrapping his legs around me, and bucking his hips in bringing us closer together.

“Ohh yes!” he shouted as we started to get louder and quicker.

“Ohh ohh yes, Frankie so g-good,” I moaned arching my back, and feeling his hands run down my neck and trace my chest. I reached for my his cock which was now starting to get hard and pumped him slowly. He flashed me a quick smile before I continued my thrust, with his hair stuck to his face, his eyes screwed up tight and his mouth wide open and glossy.

He ran his hands down to my bum and cupped it pulling me further into him, banging into him as i could hear our moans fill the room. I could feel myself beginning to build up, I was so close.

He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me down giving me a quick chast kiss, and moaning my name out loud. He then moved his hands down my back making the sensations even more heated.

“Ahhh F-Fran-fuck, Ohh i'm gonna--” I muffled as my load came shooting into him, and soon after he was doing the same onto the both of us.

I then pulled myself out of him and flopped beside him, he gazed into my eyes and giggled.

“What?” I asked.

“You were moaning like a whore,” he sniggered, while facing me on his side.

“Hey,” I snapped as I playfully spanking his ass, “You weren’t so quiet yourself.”

“That’s ok babe, I know you liked it,” he smirked.

“Oh I loved it,” I said as I took his hand in mine and kissed the O of the halloween that was tattooed on his soft and hot nuckles.

He sat up and began to clear us both up and pull the covers over the both of us. I then reached for a brownie and so did he, i dipped the brownies in the melted chocolate and fed him them, which he then did the same and they weren’t that bad.

“How the hell, they are good h-”

“Like I said, it’s for me to know, and not you,” he giggled.

“Fine,” I said, as he leaned in and gave me a long breath-taking kiss, tracing my spine with his fingertips, giving me tingles all down my back.

I giggled slightly into the kiss as I returned it “You’re so good,” I praised him.

“I know,” he smirked.


“Yeah but you like my cock,” he grinned.

“Yeah I do, now lie down,” I commanded. He did as I asked and snuggled up to me, he laid his head comfortably on my shoulder then gazed into my eyes.

“I love you,” he said smiling sweetly, no grin, no smirk just a little cute smile placed on his lips.

“I love you too,” I replied, and curled my arms around his waist, pulling him into a cosy embrace.

“Happy new year babe,” he smiled while snuggling up to me and closing his eyes, as I did the same, maybe staying in was really better than any night out on the town.

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