Review for High School

High School

(#) alligatorpie 2010-12-25

I love it! You're really capturing the awkwardness of falling for your best friend. When I fell for one of my friends, even though she and I are both bi, she had a boyfriend. I kept hanging out with her, and noticing all the little things she does, like how she leans back on her hands when she's smoking, but not when she's not smoking, and the exact color of her eyes, and the way she smiles, and on and on and on, and I kept awkwardly mentioning things, then mentally slapping myself. ANYWAY, now that we're done with that trip down memory lane...

I love this story, and I think you should update it... right now.


Author's response

thanks :D i love putting in the tiny details of falling for someone- it makes writing about it so much more interesting and realistic. i totally loved writing this story- its probs my fave i've written- even though it's my first frerard. i'll update tomorrow if i can :)
lucy xo