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Chapter Nine

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Frank's having a bad day...

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MERRY CHRISTMAS hehehe! here's the next chapter and thank you guys sooooo much for all the reviews! i love them :D keep them coming :D things start to heat up a bit after this chapter... XD
anyway, enjoy!

Chapter Nine

Frank’s point of view:
Gerard and I slowly make our may to the changing rooms, Gerard nibbling his lower lip worriedly, me wondering how the hell I’m gunna cope with Gerard. In. SHORTS.
“Looking forward to your first PE lesson, freak?” Liam spits as we go through the doors into the boys locker rooms.
Gerard ducks his head, letting the strands of ebony hair hide his expression, chewing his lip viciously.
“What the fuck did you just call him?!” I snarl, surprised at my own anger and confidence.
“I called him a FREAK, because he is one.” Liam smirks infuriatingly at me. “Just like you.”
“Fuck off!” I growl angrily.
“Oooh! Sticking up for your freaky boyfriend, Iero?”
“YOU-” I start towards Liam angrily, but I feel Gerard’s grip on the back of my hoodie, pulling me back. I turn round ads he looks pleadingly at me, shaking his head and mouthing “Don’t”, though his eyes are full of hurt.
I wrench my hoodie out of his grasp, trembling with fury at seeing Gerard looking so vulnerable and slam my gym bag down on the bench, teeth gritted as I pull of my stripy red t-shirt.
I try my best to look away from Gerard as he changes, or I know I’ll just end up staring…but it’s just too tempting…
I steal a sneaky glance at him and catch a glimpse of perfect, slim, smooth chalk- white stomach and my own somersaults, goose bumps spreading up and down my arms.
“Grrr- Urgghhh!!!” I cry in frustration, throwing my PE bag into my locker. Why did I have to fall for someone so perfect?!! Not to mention straight…
“What’s up?” Gerard looks at me, his startling eyes full of concern.
“Uhh..nothing…” I mumble, embarrassed at my sudden outburst. “…Headache.”
“Poor you.” Gerard says sympathetically, tying the laces of his gym shoes.
“Ready?” I ask Gerard.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He sighs. “I seriously want to kill the person who invented PE lessons.”
I chuckle as we slouch into the gym hall.
“Ughh! I hate PE clothes- they make me look even worse than normal!” Gerard groans, plucking at his grey polo shirt.
It takes all my self control not to say something I’ll regret.
I do anyway.
“Don’t be stupid Gerard.” I say, and before I can stop myself- “You’d look good whatever you wore!”
What the hell happened to not saying something I’d regret?!
“Ummm… thanks.” Gerard smiles shyly, ducking his head.
“Okay, boys!” Our sadist PE teacher, Mr. Morgan booms and everyone’s chattering stops. “Today we’re going to be concentrating on sit ups- everyone pair up and get as many done as possible!”
I look at Gerard.
“Wanna pair up then?” he asks, nibbling his lip.
“Okay.” I hear myself say.
Sit ups with Gerard? This can’t go well…
Gerard’s point of view:

“Go!” Mr. Morgan yells and I do my first press up, Frank’s hands on my ankles to make sure I don’t cheat, as instructed by Mr. Morgan.
As I come up, Frank’s face is alarmingly close to mine, our noses practically touching; I jump slightly.
“Hi.” I say smile nervously, letting a high- pitched, nervous giggle escape my lips.
“Hey.” Frank replies, but he looks distracted, worried, playing with his lip ring, his eyes darting towards the door.
I do another sit up, my face even closer when I come up. I can see every detail; his deep, intense chestnut eyes, the three tiny freckles on his nose, his dark, spiky lashes and the tiny scabs on his lips where he’s bitten them enough to cause them to bleed.
My stomach performs an involuntary back flip, which I ignore. It’s probably all the exercise. Yeah.
A couple of sit ups later, he jumps up, mumbling something and runs from the room; luckily Mr. Morgan’s back is turned.
I stand up too, worried and make for the door.
“And where do you think you’re going, Mr. Way?!” Mr. Morgan’s voice booms, stopping me in my tracks.
Still Gerard’s point of view:

As soon as games has finished, I change at top speed and hurtle out into the yard; it’s break now, so I dash towards the back entrance of the science corridor, the place Frank and I usually hang out.
Sure enough, as I round the corner, I spot Frank, slumped on the steps, chewing his nails, plugged into his ipod.
“Hey.” I say softly, sitting down beside him on the steps. “You okay?”
“Mhm.” Frank sighs, pulling out his earplugs. “Just…got a lot on my mind right now. Sorry I ditched you in PE.” Frank gives me a small, sheepish smile, still chewing his nails. He looks lost and confused and I have a sudden urge to put my arms round him and give him a huge hug.
But I don’t.
“It’s fine. What’s up?”
“I really can’t tell you, Gerard.” Frank sighs. “But thanks.”
“Why not?” I press, taking out a half empty carton of cigarettes and offering one to Frank. I’m genuinely worried about him- even though I’ve only known him a few days, I feel like we’ve been best friends for years.
“Thanks.” He says, lighting his cigarette and mine with his purple lighter. “But… yeah, I’m really sorry but I can’t say Gerard. I really wish I could.”
“You’d hate m-”
“GEE! FRANK!” Frank’s cut off by a yell a couple of metres away. I look up and see Mikey running towards us.
“Hey Mikes, what’s up?” I say as Mikey plonks himself down between me and Frank.
“How would you two like to come and see “The last Zombie” with me and Ray at the movies tonight?”
“What, is he your date?” I smirk.
“No, I’M straight…unlike some people I know!” He looks pointedly at me.
I roll my eyes. “Whatever Mikey. Who’s this Ray anyway?”
“You know, that guy I told you I’ve made friends with? The one who loves Iron Maiden? I told you about him a couple of days ago?”
I hesitate. “Uhhh…”
“Honestly Gee!” Mikey rolls his hazel eyes. “You never listen to me these days- you’re so wrapped up in your own little world!”
“Sorry Mikes.” I mumble. It’s true; I’ve been totally wrapped up in confusing thoughts I shouldn’t think.
“But, yeah, do you wanna go?” Mikey pleads. “Pleeaaase? It’ll be fun!”
I look at Frank, who still looks distracted, but isn’t chewing his nails quite as viciously as before.
“I’m up for it if you are.” I say, taking a drag on my cigarette, my stomach tied in sudden knots of anticipation to hear his reply for some reason I can’t work out.
“Yeah, fine.” Frank grins faintly, just a ghost of his usual cheeky smile, rolling his eyes. He has really nice eyes actually, big, deep, dark chestnut with dewy lids and spiky lashes.
Seriously, I don’t get how he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

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