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Chapter Eight

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Hey guys :P sorry this chapter's so short!and pleease review? i can see people are reading it- please just tell me what you think- even if you think its shit! i wanna know ways i can improve my writing :) thanks!

Chapter Eight

Gerard’s point of view:

“Gee?” Rosanna’s voice says over the phone line.
“Hey.” I smile despite my current mood- it’s good to hear her voice again- we’ve always been good friends even though her family live hours away so we hardly ever see them.
“You okay Gee?” She asks. “I called earlier-“
“Oh yeah, sorry about that- I had a friend over.”
“Oh, the one Mikey says you have a crush on?”
Mikey. Is. Dead.
“Uhhhh…” I say, trying not to let my temper get the better of me.
“Ooooh! What’s she like?! Is she pretty?!”
“SHE. Is. A. GUY.” I say through gritted teeth.
There’s a little pause.
“…So you’re gay then, Gee?”
“What?!! No! I don’t fucking like him like him like that!”
“Oh. Okay. How’s your new school then?” Rosanna asks, knowing when to change the subject.
“Good actually.” I hear myself say.
I hear Rosanna gasp.
“Did I just hear- GERARD WAY- say school was GOOD?!”
“Uhh… kinda, yeah.” I admit. “it’s just I have this great friend, Frank; he’s cute, he’s funny, we’re into the same music and, yeah, he’s pretty fucking awesome.” Wait a second…did I just say CUTE?!
“So this is the guy you don’t have a crush on?”
“The guy you just described as cute, funny and fucking awesome?”
“Okay Gee, how much do you think about him?”
“Exactly the right amount.”
“And how much is that?”
“Did I tell you he plays guitar?”

Frank’s point of view:

It’s been two days since I went to Gerard’s house, embarrassed myself (and him) by telling him he looked amazing, watched a film I have no idea what about, and arriving home to a very angry Mom who banned me from the TV for a week.
It’s now Friday morning and for the first time this week, I’m late for school. Seriously, it must be some kinda new record for me.
Every day at school this week has been the same; the giddy rush of nerves and excitement to see Gerard again, the agony of being with him and not kissing those beautiful, pink lips, the worry I’ll say, or worse, do something that will wreck our friendship, the depression of knowing we can never be together and the overwhelming sense of happiness to have finally found someone so fucking perfect. It’s all pretty confusing.
I lose myself in thoughts of Gerard for a moment; his ghostly pallor, his AMEN obsession, his girly giggle….until I catch sight of my bedside clock.
It’s 8:45 am- school starts on five minutes.
I hurriedly smudge black liner under my eyes, fling on my favourite skeleton hoodie, grab my schoolbag (complete with dreaded PE kit), stumble downstairs and out the door, yelling a hurried “BYE MOM!!” on the way.
I hear a faint “Bye Sweetie!” as I dash down the street, dripping over my undone laces,
A faint drizzle is speckling the playground as I race across the deserted playground, through the empty corridors and bursting into registration.
“Sorry I’m late.” I pant at a fuming vulture face.
“This is not good enough, Mr. Iero!” she glares at me as I shuffle towards my seat at the back, next to Gerard who looks practically asleep as I flop down next to him.
No response. Maybe he is asleep- with his eyes open…
“Unnughh?” he blinks and turns to look at me, my stomach performing a familiar back flip.
“You okay?”
“Mmm.” He mumbles, yawing widely. “I’ve been sleeping really badly lately- I’m so tired!”
“That sucks.” I say. “So…looking forward to first lesson?” I tease.
“What’s first lesson?” he groans.
“Do you really wanna know?” I smirk.
“FUCK.” Gerard lets his head drop with a thump to the desktop. “Owww!” he straightens up quickly, rubbing his forehead.
I chuckle softly. “You’ve got pencil sharpenings in your hair.”
I lean forward and gingerly remove them, fingers trembling as they intertwine with the strands of onyx they’ve longed to touch.
“Thanks.” Gerard mumbles, ducking his head as the bell rings.
“Shiiit.” Gerard groans, the sound sending shivers down my spine.
I seriously need to get a grip!!
Uh- oh. PE with Gerard now…

hope you liked it! hope you guys have a good xmas- christmas eve tomorrow!! :D
Lucy xo :P
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