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Chapter Seven

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Frank realises something...

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heeyyyyy :P i've just written a frerard xmas oneshot (it's called fairy lights)- pretty cheesy but it was fun to write! so if you're feeling christmassy please read, rate and review it- it'll make my christmas xD
anyways, here's the next chapter- sorry it's kinda short! i'm trying to get at least 3 reviews on each chapter...the more reviews, the quicker the updates will be :) and for everyone reviewing it thaaaaank yoooou so much :D

Chapter Seven

Frank’s point of view:

“Tell her I’ll call her back later.” Gerard says.
I feel like my whole world has come crashing down. I just want to crawl under Gerard’s red duvet and die, but instead I swallow and say, as casually as I can;
“Your girlfriend?”
“Girlfriend?” Gerard looks at me, his greeny-hazel eyes locked with mine. “No, Rosanna’s just a friend. She’s actually my cousin.”
My heart leaps and suddenly I can breathe again. I didn’t even realise I was holding my breath until I exhale shakily.
“Do you have a girlfriend then?” I ask, my stomach tied in anxious knots of anticipation.
Gerard chuckles darkly. “Me? No way- who in their right mind would want to go out with me?!”
Then again, I’m not really in my right mind…
“I had a couple of girlfriends last year,” Gerard continues. “but I ended up just seeing them as friends.”
I have a nasty feeling I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat now, happiness and hope welling up inside me.
“How ‘bout you?” He asks. “Girlfriend? Someone you like?”
Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t say anything stupid…
“Umm… never had one actually.” I admit sheepishly, leaving out the teeny tiny detail the reason for this is that the only person I’ve liked so fucking much I’d kill for is sitting right in front of me with irresistible, slightly chapped pink lips and a stripy hoodie.
“Seriously?” Gerard looks kinda shocked.
“I’m not a freak or anything though.” I add quickly.
“Didn’t say you were.” Gerard smiles his inanely cute smile. “I just don’t get how no ones wanted to go out with you.”
He ducks his head and I swear I can see his usually chalk white cheeks pinken behind the strands of ebony hair.
Still Frank’s point of view:

After a couple more hours of talking about what happens when you die, zombies, arguing about Black Flag and AMEN and laughing, my eyes suddenly rest on Gerard’s bedside clock.
“Shit!” I gasp, jumping up. “ I gotta go- I told Mom I’d be back by half seven!”
Gerard’s alarm clock reads quarter past eight.
“Oh.” Gerard says, biting back a grin. “Sorry.”
“It’s not your fault.” I say with a sheepish smile as we both thunder down the stairs and into the kitchen where Mikey is sitting at the table, sipping coffee and reading a kerrang! Magazine.
“Hey Gee, hey Frank.” He says without looking up.
“Hi Mikey!” I gasp, grabbing my jacket off the back of the door. “Bye Mikey!” I add, as Gerard opens the door for me.
As I walk past him, our hands brush lightly against each other, making electricity zap through my veins.
“Um..bye then Gerard.” I pause on the doorstep to give him a quick grin. “Thanks for inviting me over- I had a great time.”
“Me too.” Gerard says, a smile playing at the corners of his soft, pink lips.
Suddenly he steps forward and envelopes me in a hug. I hug back and inhale the scent of Gerard- it’s similar to yesterday; charcoal, passion fruit shampoo, coffee and smoke, although today he smells more of happiness than fear. It’s a strangely reassuring combination of scents and it takes all my will power to let go and step out into the dark and the rain.
“See you tomorrow.” I smile, feeling kinda dazed.
“See ya Frank!” Gerard waves as I trudge down the overgrown garden path and out the gate where I turn to wave.
As I race through the rain I don’t even worry about how mad Mom’s gunna be.
I can only think about Gerard; his cute, girly giggle, his fascination with death, his sensitive, startling slightly wild greeny- hazel eyes, his dark sense of humour, his adorable button nose, his vivid imagination and love for music, the way he nibbles his lower lip whenever he’s unsure of himself and the way his ghostly pallor pinkens when he’s embarrassed.
This is when I realise that I, Frank Anthony Iero, am totally and utterly in love.
With a guy who I’ve known for 48 hours.
And who’s probably straight…

Gerard’s point of view:

I unlock the door for Frank and hold it open for him as he flings on his (amazingly awesome) black leather jacket. His hand brushes lightly against mine as he walks through and I shiver suddenly.
It is pretty cold outside.
“Bye Gerard.” Frank flashes me his lopsided, cheeky grin. “Thanks for inviting me over- I had a great time.”
“Me too.”
I surprise myself then by giving Frank a quick hug.
He smells of guitar strings, spearmint, smoke, popcorn and nail polish….
Frank releases me first. “See you at school Gerard.” he smiles, going down the path.
“See ya Frank!” I call as he reaches the gate, turns to wave and starts sprinting into the night.
I watch him running all the way down the street in the pouring rain, until he rounds the corner, out of sight.
I continue to stand in the doorway for a few moments, just gazing out into the rain.
“Gaaaa-aayy.” Mikey’s annoying voice cuts through my thoughts.
I slam the door shut with a bang.
“Aww c’mon Gee- it’s so fucking obvious!”
“What is?!”
“That you like him! And that he’s completely besotted with you!!”
“I- WHAT?!!”
“You heard.”
“What the? I don’t- I’m not- Frank-OH FUCKING HELL MIKEY!! I don’t like Frank like that! And he doesn’t like me that me either! Why would someone like him want me?!”
Mikey raises his eyebrows.
“I’m not fucking GAY!!” I yell furiously.
“You sure about that?” Mikey asks sweetly.
“Shut. The. Fuck. UP!!” I snarl, viciously pressing the “on” button on the coffee machine.
I need coffee, and I need it now.

hope you liked it! Rosanna will be properly introduced in the next chapter...who knows, maybe she'll help Gerard make up his confused mind lol
lucy a.k.a CosmicZombie xo
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