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Chapter Ten

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things are getting a little tense...

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Chapter Ten

Gerard’s point of view:

“Mikey!! Where the fuck are my fucking straightners?!” I yell, emerging from the bathroom, a towel wrapped round my waist, my hair freshly blown dry.
It’s nearly seven and Mikey and I are getting ready to go to the movies, though, as usual, we’re (or rather I’m) running late- the movie starts at 7:45 and we still have to get ready, call for Ray and Frank and walk all the way to the cinema, so I really need to move it. Fast.
“I’m borrowing them!!” Mikey calls from his room.
“Well I need them!” I shout back, going into my room to find something to wear.
“Why? Trying to straighten your sexuality?” I can hear Mikey cracking up at his own joke.
“Fuck you Mikey! And hurry up!! We have to pick Frank up in ten minutes and I’m still not dressed!” I yell, tugging a black Misfits t-shirt over my head.
“Well, I’m sure Frank wouldn’t mind seeing you like that…” Mikey’s voice says slyly. I can almost hear the infuriating smirk I know is on his face.
Something inside me snaps.
I march furiously into Mikey’s room, unplug the straightners, snatch them out of his hands, then storm out, slamming his bedroom door behind me and leaving him with half straightened hair and a confused expression.

Frank’s point of view:

It’s seven fifteen and I’m sitting anxiously at the kitchen table, distractedly sipping a mug of coffee and chewing my nails nervously.
They should have got here ages ago…maybe they aren’t coming? Maybe they’ve got lost? Maybe they’ve been abducted by fluorescent pink aliens?!
I was ready by half six, nervous and excited to be seeing Gerard out of school again and also eager to prove I’m not a total freak like he probably thinks after I ditched him in PE- it was just so overwhelming, intoxicating being so close to him…I didn’t trust myself not to do something seriously stupid.
I’m dressed in my favourite red skinnies and studded belt, black flag hoodie and fingerless skeleton gloves, my hair freshly washed and straightened, my eyes outlined in smudgy black.. despite my best efforts I still think I look pretty shit, especially next to someone as gorgeous as Gerard…
Just as I’m beginning to give up on them coming, there’s a soft knock on the back door and I jump up and race towards the door, knocking over one of the kitchen chairs in the process.
I fumble with the lock, fingers trembling and yank the door open to reveal Mikey and Gerard standing on the doorstep.
Mikey is wearing scruffy blue skinnies, an iron maiden t-shirt, a red hoodie and scuffed vans trainers.
My eyes drift over to Gerard and my breath catches in my throat. He looks unbelievably gorgeous… he’s wearing scruffy black skinnies, a black Misfits t-shirt, a studded belt and an amazingly sexy leather jacket with safety pins and badges pinned to the lapel. His gorgeously dishevelled raven black hair falls forward, hiding his face as he gazes at his converse, but I can see a pair of startling greeny hazel eyes rimmed with black, a glimpse of ghostly white skin and an adorable sliver of his button nose peeking out from behind the ebony strands of hair.
I can feel my heart thumping crazily in my chest; he is seriously the most fucking gorgeous person I have ever seen in my whole fucking life.
“Uh…Frank? You okay?” Mikey’s voice brings me crashing back into reality.
I suddenly realise I’ve been staring at Gerard (please say my mouth wasn’t hanging open…) for god knows how long.
“Umm…yeah. Hi Mikey, hi Gerard.” I mumble, blushing. “I like your… jacket, Gerard.” I add as a lame excuse for my staring.
“ummm…thanks.” Gerard mutters without looking up.
“”Ready to go then?” Mikey asks, breaking the slightly awkward silence.
“Yeah, hold on a sec.” I duck back inside, grab my coat from the kitchen table, yank on my shabby black doc martens, and yell “Bye Mom!!”
“Bye! Don’t be too late back!” comes Mom’s reply from the living room where she’s watching TV.
“I love your gloves Frank.” Mikey grins at me as we set off down the street.
“Thanks- they’re like the Misfits ones.” I smile, sneaking a glance at Gerard . my stomach does a predictable back flip; he’s staring moodily at the pavement, hair still covering his face, but sill managing to look totally irresistible.
“Yeah, Misfits are cool.” Mikey agrees. “Do you like Murderdolls?”
“Never heard of them.”
“You might like them- they’re pretty awesome.”
I notice Gerard’s staying totally silent and intermittently shooting Mikey venomous glances. Strangeness.
“So where does this, Ray live?” Gerard’s voice cuts though Mine and Mikey’s conversation, soft and slightly husky. I can actually feel my knees weaken.
“Right over there.” Mikey points down the road to a semi- detached cream house.
We all walk in silence for a couple of moments, Gerard’s arm lightly against mine as we all walk three abreast on the pavement. My arm feels like it’s on fire, my mind whirling dizzily, my pulse racing.
Mikey knocks on the door of the cream house and the door opens almost immediately. Who I presume is Ray steps out onto the pavement, locking the door behind him. He’s dressed in grey jeans, a black hoodie and worn out red converse; his hair is a mass of light brown curls and his eyes are a kind, twinkling brown, making him immediately likeable.
“HI.” He says a little nervously, fiddling with the zip on his hoodie.
“Hey.” Mikey grins. “This Is Gerard and his boyf- I mean, uh… friend, Frank.”

Gerard’s point of view:

It’s almost twenty past seven when finally (bickering about my sexuality), Mikey and I push open the rusty garden gate that leads to Frank’s house.
“I’m NOT fucking GAY, Mikey!!” I hiss angrily at him as we walk up the path.
Mikey stops and looks at me, his expression serious instead of that teasing, irritating smirk. “I know that’s what you keep telling yourself Gee, but soon enough this whole thing with Frank-“ he breaks off and nods towards the house. “- will blow up in your face in you keep LYING to yourself like this!”
And on that positive note, Mikey knocks on the door, putting an abrupt end to our discussion.
I hear Frank open the door, but I keep my gaze on the doorstep, suddenly almost- scared?- to look up at him. Thanks a fucking bunch, Mikey.
Instead I hide behind my curtain of tangled black hair, confusing thoughts whirling round my brain.
“I like your… jacket, Gerard.” I hear Frank say slightly hesitantly.
“ummm…thanks.” I mutter, still not able to look up and meet those big, dark, intensely chestnut eyes.
What the hell is wrong with me?!!
Once Frank’s yelled goodbye to his Mom and pulled on his amazingly awesome doc martens with lime green laces, we all set off down the street.
I can hear the dull hum of voices, so I presume Mikey and Frank are having a conversation…unless it’s just the voices in my head again… but I’m too wrapped up in my own thoughts and pissed off with Mikey to pay attention.
By the time we’ve reached Ray’s house five minutes later, I’ve pushed any unwanted, confusing thoughts into a small, locked box at the back of my mind and made a decision.
I’m not gay.

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