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Chapter Twelve

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vaulting coffee tables, embarrassing dreams and blackmail

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hey guys :P thank you so much for all the great reviews- they mean a lot! :D here's chapter twelve- sorry it's a bit short, but i hope you like it! remember to R&R :)

Chapter Twelve

Frank’s point of view:

It’s Saturday lunchtime and I’m slouching round the house, listening to Black Flag on my ipod and daydreaming about Gerard.
Mom’s out all day, so I’ve got the place to myself; so far I’ve eaten a peanut butter and honey sandwich (imagining Gerard eating it with his soft, pink lips…), watched a trashy romantic movie (picturing me and Gerard in it…) and sat by the phone, chewing my nails and wondering about calling Gerard to see if he wants to hang out, but at the same time not wanting to seem needy.
since when did i become such a girl?!
Just as I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to survive a whole day without seeing Gerard, the phone rings.
I sprint towards it, vaulting the coffee table on the way.
“Hello?” I say hopefully, willing it to be Gerard’s voice that replies.
“Hey Frank.” My heart sinks a little; it’s Mikey.
“Oh hey Mikey. What’s up?”
“Not much really. You doing anything later?”
“Well do you wanna come to Ray’s party tonight then? His parents are away this weekend so he’s having some friends over.”
“Oh…yeah that would be cool! Who else is going?”
“Uhhh… Ray’s friend Bob, Bob’s friends Richard, Ellie and Katie, Katie’s friend Charlotte and Gerard, if I can get him to go!” Mikey laughs.
There’s a little pause.
I take a deep breath. “Is Gerard…okay?”
“Why do you ask?”
“He just seemed a little…strange last night at the movies.”
Mikey sighs. “Don’t worry about him Frank- he’s just being an idiot.”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s just not being honest with himself.”
“Don’t worry Frank, he’ll see sense soon enough. I hope!” Mikey chuckles darkly. “Anyway I’ve gotta go now- I need to wake up Gee and persuade him to come to this party! Can you come and call for us about half seven, so we can walk to Ray’s together?”
“Sure.” I say.
“Cool, see you later Frank.”
“’kay, Bye.”

Gerard’s point of view:

Tiny snowflakes swirl through the air as I stand in a pretty forest with Frank, mistletoe tied the silvery birch tree we’re standing under.
“I love you Gee.” Frank says, taking my hand in his, his big dark eyes full of warmth.
“I love you too Frankie…” I reply, squeezing his hand.
I lean forward to capture Frank’s soft, full lips, red from the cold, with my own…
“What’s wrong Frankie?” I ask as Frank pulls away when I’m just centimetres away from his irresistible lips. “I love you!”
I stroke the smooth ivory skin of his cheek.
My eyes snap open.
I’m stroking the cheek of a wide eyed Mikey, who’s standing over my bed. I drop my hand immediately.
Wait…was I just dreaming about…FRANK??
“Fuck, sorry Mikey.” I mutter. “I was dreaming about –uh- a girl.”
“Nice try.” Mikey smirks.
“What do you mean?” I mumble, yawning.
“I heard you!”
“Heard me?”
“Ooooh! Fwankieee I lurveee yooou!” He mimics.
I can feel my cheeks turning bright pink.
“I-“ I protest.
It is perfectly natural to have dreams about your friends, right?
“Shut up Gee! I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses.”
“They aren't path- I mean, they aren't excuses!” I scowl.
“Whatever. Anyway, the reason I came to wake you up is to tell you you’re coming to Ray’s party with me and Frank tonight. I know you don’t like parties, but this one’s gunna be fun, okay?”
“Not going.” I say stubbornly, not wanting to face another night out with…certain people who make my spine tingle for perfectly NON-GAY reasons.
“Yes you are, Gee.”
“No I’m not.”
“Yes you ARE, otherwise a certain person might find out about a certain dream of yours…” Mikey says slyly.
“Okay, okay, I’ll go!” I grumble.
Fucking Mikey.

sorry this chapter was so short...the next chapter should be interesting...hehehe xD R&R please :D
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