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Chapter Eleven

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Gerard is just a teeny tiny little bit in denial... maybe Rosanna can help

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heeeeeey :P thank you soooo much for the reviews- fanbubblytastic :D here's the next chapter- sorry it's kinda short but i hope the next one will make up for it! pretty pleease R&R i wanna try and get at leat 3 reviews per chapter :) thank yoooou!! xD

Chapter Eleven

Gerard’s point of view:

Okay, so I can come up with a perfectly reasonable explanation for anything slightly weird that happened last night, an explanation that proves I’m totally straight. Which I am.
Yeah, so when I was sitting in the dark of the cinema next to Frank, watching zombies mutate their victims and he leaned over to whisper “You scared?”, his warm breath against my neck… the goose bumps that spread down my spine? It was because of all the blood on the screen. And I’m not a big fan of blood.
The time where we both reached into the bag of popcorn, my fingers touching his smooth, warm ones…the way I got all shivery? It was because it was pretty cold in the cinema and I was scared. Yeah.
And when I felt myself getting ever so very slightly turned on, it was because of the…uh…oh so sexy zombies? No, wait…
“GEE?” Mikey’s yell interrupts my thoughts and for once I’m almost grateful.
“Yeah?” I shout back, sitting up on my bed where I’ve been lounging, listening to AMEN and thinking non- gay thoughts.
“Do you wanna use the laptop or should I switch it off?”
“I leave it on please Mikes- I’ll be down in a sec.” I call, switching off my CD player and making my way downstairs to and into the kitchen. Hopefully Rosanna is online…I could do with asking her advice on a couple of things.
I make myself a mug of coffee and sit down at the laptop on the kitchen table.
Taking a sip of the blessed, black caffeine, I log into my usual chatroom.

Rosanna666: hey Gee, you okay?

Putting the coffee down, I type a quick reply, grateful she’s online.

CoffeeAddict13: yeah guess so. You?

Rosanna666: Yep I’m good thanks :P what’s up?

CoffeeAddict13: I’m going crazy.

Rosanna666: you already were crazy.

CoffeeAddict13: haha I know! But more…

Rosanna666: tell me!!

CoffeeAddict13: well, it’s just- have you ever been with someone and whenever you touch or they whisper something in your ear you gat all…tingly..

Rosanna666: ummm yeah.

CoffeeAddict13: oh thank god! I’m not as insane as I thought I was! :D

Rosanna666: this was with my boyfriend BTW.

Shit. Fucking SHIT!! What the fucking hell is wrong with me?!
I take an unintentionally large gulp of coffee and choke.

CoffeeAddict13: oh

Rosanna666: this was with little frankiekins wasn’t it?

CoffeeAddict13: no

Rosanna666: you’re a shit liar lol

CoffeeAddict13: I’m not lying!!

Rosanna666: yeah right! Look Gee, if you stop lying to yourself, you might actually be a lot happier!

CoffeeAddict13: I am happy.

Rosanna666: lmfao

CoffeeAddict13: I am!!!

Rosanna666: it’s so obvious you like him,Gee!!

CoffeeAddict13 has signed out

“Argggh!” I cry in frustration, slamming the laptop shut.
It’s official; I’m insane. But I’m still NOT GAY.

hope you liked it! R&R xD
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